Why am i always hot?

Why am I always hot

Why am I always hot? The simple answer is that the foods and drinks you take can make you that way. Stress and anxiety as well as age may also be the reason you are hot. It may also be caused by an underlying health condition too that is if the pain isn’t obvious like In examples of breast pain

God is great. He created every body different with different skins and body’s temperature. My younger sibling was the one whose skin I admired for it’s constantly chill nature while i on the other hand would usually refer to myself as a typical mammal( A warm blooded animal) but truth be told. I never liked the fact that my skin felt hot all the time and drew unwanted attention at me with people who mistakenly touched me asking if I was fine. I will share below possible reasons you’re hot.


– Stress and anxiety
This has been the main reason for my feeling hot all the time. I have been a victim if not patient of stress and anxiety from small from when I could realize I was different as a teen and worried over everything even the most irrelevant issue that would ordinarily be sorted out without a lift of the finger. I would think of how to bath before I did and in the process of that I fear uncertainty, i wanted everything to fall in place and perfect. I feared mistakes even though I knew they were inevitable, I wanted a way to multitask and do everything perfectly too, I stressed about my family and it’s issues, I worried about relationships. What is it my life didn’t get anxiety about! But then i realized how stress and anxiety made me hot and even sick all the time. It was psychological and i was my only therapy. So I decided to take it gradually and then I was able to take a hold of my life.

Sorry to bug you with the long story. Just want you to know stress and anxiety may just be the reason you are hot and want you to know you can get over it if you truly want to.

Stress and anxiety comes with symptoms like a hot body, excessive sweating, panic or fear that can be difficult to control, stuttering, blushing, trembling, clammy hands, headaches etc.

If you are at the point of coping with stress and anxiety then you can send me a message or comment below.


The thyroid is the butterfly shaped organ in your neck and produces thyroid hormones responsible for metabolism. When my stress and anxiety got the worse of me and produced mixed symptoms i was forced to go for a thyroid function test which saw readings show a healthy thyroid even though i exhibited symptoms of hypothyroidism. All of that was ruled out in my case.

So you know, hyperthyroidism can cause noticeable physical changes like rapid or irregular heart rate and loss of weight, excessive sweating, slight hands tremor, fatigue, increased appetite, changes to hair, trouble sleeping, nervousness, anxiety, heart palpitations and hotness.

Are you getting a few of those symptoms above along with a hot skin? Then go for a thyroid function test.

-Foods and drinks

Spicy foods, alcoholic beverages and certain foods can raise your body temperature making you hot, sweaty and flushed along with a raising heart rate. Hot peppers in foods contains capsaicin, a natural chemical that causes you to sweat by raising your body temperature. I love spicy foods but i had to limit it for health and comfort reasons.


Medications like hormonal medications, antibiotics, drugs containing zinc and antidepressants, high blood pressure drugs and pain relievers can cause excessive sweating and hotness. Speak to your health care provider.


People with this condition have an inability to sweat when their bodies require it to cool their temperature. In reaction they get extremely hot all the time along with muscle cramps, dizziness, flushing and an inability to cool down. Speak to your health care provider on symptoms you get.


As you age the body may be having difficulty adjusting to temperatures from 65 years or older making you hot.

-Multiple sclerosis( MS)

Those who have multiple sclerosis(MS) are sensitive to heat and hotness and feel the brunt with slight raise in body temperature, workouts, hot bath and may worsen it though the symptom may not be noticeable once you cool down.


A pain disorder that comes with fatigue, trouble concentrating or thinking and body pain lasting for more than three weeks along with excess heat, sweating and flushing which results from changes in the regulation of body temperature by autonomic nervous system.


People with type 1 and type 11 diabetes are more sensible to heat than other people especially in those with complications like blood vessel damage and nerve issues due to poor glucose control along with excessive hotness. They might feel dehydrated, dizzy, have poor wound healing, increased thirst and urination. See your health care provider to help you manage prescriptions.


Most times in pregnancy, there are decreased hormone levels causing changes in the way the body regulates temperature leading to overheating and hot flashes.

– Primary ovarian insufficiency or premature ovarian failure.

When your ovaries stop working well before age 40 and comes with symptoms like decreased sexual desire, irregular periods or missed periods, trouble getting pregnant, vaginal dryness, trouble concentrating or even hot flashes you may be having POF


During mid-late 40s, your hormone levels fluctuate as it begins to transition to menopause causing symptoms like missed periods or irregular periods, unusually light or heavy periods, periods longer or shorter than normal along with hot flashes.


The year before and after your last period can come with hot flashes due to changing hormone levels. You may experience hot flashes on arm, back and chest. Common are cold chills after hot flashes, heavy sweating, flushing or redness in face and neck with sudden feeling of intense heat especially in upper body.

– Post menstrual syndrome

Hormonal falls that occur after ovulation and before menstruation of a women can cause decrease in estrogen which makes you have hot flashes in the week before your period. This hot flashes can begin in your midsection to your face and neck and may accompany depression, anxiety, cramps and bloating.

Heart related conditions

People with heart related conditions like heat stroke, sun burns caused by damage of skin by sun, heat exhaustion involving water and salt loss through sweat. Symptoms like muscle weakness or cramps, heavy sweat, cold, clammy skin, tiredness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness etc.
Drink more fluids, stop all activity and cool down until you get better. See your doctor to treat heat exhaustion so as not to lead to the life threatening condition called heat strokes.

When to see a doctor

All excessive heat and sweating cases are not same. If you have been this way all your life then worry not. But a recent change in the way you sweat or get hot flashes along with

  • *Dizziness or fainting
  • *unexplained weight loss
  • *Regular, unexpected night sweat
  • *Severe pain or chest pain
  • *Fast heart rate?
  • Then see your doctor.

N/B: Synthetic fibers, dark colored clothes and tight clothes can trap heat, prevent air circulations and lead to excessive heat and sweating.

How to relieve hot skin

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods
  2. -Replace electrolytes lost in sweat by drinking plenty fluids
  3. -Wear light weight, loose fitting clothing
  4. -Take cool showers
  5. -Stay in air conditioned places.

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Why am I always hot
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