White head pimple; Causes and treatments.

How to get rid of white heads pimples

White head pimple; causes and remedies for clearing them is just another popular topic. There are few effective remedies to clear them. White heads are enlarged hair follicles that develops when dead skin cells, oils and dirt clog your pores keeping them closed within. White head pimple is basic acne lesion and can also be called closed comedones.

Remedies for clearing white head pimple.

  • Use facial steam.

Like you know there is rarely a beauty or skin care process not needing efforts to maintain or sustain results. Despite being on my toes in health and skin care regimens and making time for them while I go about my busy life, I am occasionally a victim of beauty upsets and as a result I realize at times that I have white heads.

All I do from the start is using facial steam and for white heads, it helps reduce them if not clear them a great deal.

Pour hot boiling water on a bowl, cover a towel on your head to concentrate the steam on your face and neck as you bend your face over directly to the bowl. Wipe with a clean towel afterwards.

  • -Get your hands off the face
    Well, I guess this should have come first seeing it is a preventive measure but I think it fits here better because touching or popping the face regularly after you must have developed them will not only irritate the face and worsen white heads but concentrates more bacteria. So, as you seek remedies, use this preventive remedy to rid white heads too. These simple preventive measures as this also helps to fight off germs and infections even in the lady areas
  • -Apple cider vinegar (ACV)
    I have a dry skin and try as much as possible to stay away from anything acidic despite areas on my face and body producing wrong oils causing whiteheads, i never touch apple cider vinegar on my skin. But those with an oily or normal skin can use this acidic astringent to dry and shrink out pores thus reducing skin inflammation due to anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties it contains.

Mix one or two tablespoon of ACV on small ounce of water. Use a cotton wool, cotton pad or bud or even a clean towel to apply on affected area.

  • -Vitamin A or retinoid creams.

As per my personal routine or practice i advice using vitamin A or any product containing vitamin A when you wouldn’t step out in the sun or wear sunblock or sun screen when you are stepping out. To prevent redness and itching caused by sensitivity to the sun I use it when going to bed. While vitamin A is good and effective, i do not recommend making it a permanent skin care routine so as not to excessively feed the skin to irritation. Vitamin A contains anti-oxidant properties that aids the skin and prevents oil build ups and it’s effect like whiteheads.

Retinoid creams contain stronger form of vitamin A. Make sure to find retinoid products with mild formulation and concentration of vitamin A. Use before going to bed to avoid skin sensitivity too.

  • -Salicylic acid.
    Go for anti-acne products with salicylic acids. Salicylic acid dries the skin and soaks up excess oils. Face and body products containing salicylic acid helps to get rid of dead cells and decrease oil production.

N/B; I must warn you. Ever since I realized I have a dry skin type and reacting to products containing salicylic acids I never tried touching it on my skin again. When I first used it on my face it stung so badly but then I ignored it thinking it was part of the good effect, I also thought of how expensive the product was and pitied my many bucks. Lol, the result was disastrous. Many breakouts, uncontrollable black heads, whiteheads, white and scaly skin, embarrassing skin peeling I could not fathom. That was a phase.

Use it if you have normal or oily skin type and use gently and in small quantity till your skin adapts and adjust. Quit once it begins to sting badly.

  • -Alpha hydroxyl acid(AHA)

Products containing AHA helps exfoliate and shed off dead skin preventing pores trapped with dirt. Check to be sure the product containing AHA you are buying has just little concentration of it. It may just be too powerful for some people regardless of skin type. Test on skin before wide use.

  • -Benzoyl peroxide.
    It can be found on many facial products because of it’s strong anti-bacterial properties and ability to dry off excess oil while reducing inflammation. Try gently and in little amount on face to see if skin adapts or reacts. It can lead to dryness and irritation too. Use while going to bed and cover your pillow before lying. Benzoyl peroxide bleaches anything it comes in contact with. Wash your hands afterward.
  • -Exfoliate the skin gently to get rid of white head pimple.
    My all powerful tool for exfoliation is the simple household white sugar with little water swirled over it and stirred to a thick consistency to apply on area needing exfoliation. It has been magical even on getting rid of whiteheads and i can vouch on it. Everybody is different. What works for me may work for you and may not. You may just give it a try or better still get a mild exfoliating product with gentle formulation from beauty shops.

Other products I haven’t used on it but seen people vouch on it are;

-Witch hazel
Aloe Vera
Tea tree oil etc.

Extra tips

  • * Avoid the use of hair products on the skin outside of your hair
    *Avoid your hair touching your face or your bare back
    *Wash your make up products off the face before going to bed.
    *Do not scrub or cleanse your skin aggressively.
    *Avoid areas with increased air pollution
    *Quit touching the face.
    *Avoid harsh skin substances or products containing irritants like fragrance and dyes.

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How to get rid of white heads pimples
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