What not to eat when burning belly fats;50 foods that burns your tummy fats

What not to eat when burning belly fats


What not to eat when burning belly fats; belly fats can be troubling and image dampening. Knowing what not to eat when burning belly fats would help decide your food choices. Mushrooms, cherries, eggs, chillies, etc boost metabolism and contain fiber to limit excess intake of calories.


Every food ingested serves three purposes. Food eaten is either converted into useful resource( metabolized), excreted or stored when we take in more than we expend. So this principle simply translates that no matter what fat free food we eat, if we eat in excess of what we burn, then fat is stored and of course, your lifestyle and where you store fats which literally boils down to your anatomy is a big determinant of how much your tummy receives this fats stored. That’s why most people walk with tummies bigger than they want.

What not to eat when burning belly fats

This category of foods below contains excess carbohydrates, fats, starches and bad carbs which stores as sugar. They are bad for your mid sections and fitness journey to a flat tummy because they are high cholesterol foods.

Bread, sugars, pasta, pizza, excess salt, canned and processed foods, red meats, fried foods, yam etc pop corn with butter, potatoes chips, pork sausage,  cheese, vanilla shakes, iced cream, French fries, cheese pizza, soda beverages and soft drinks, fried foods, beer, sweetened juices, heavy foods at night, late night eatings etc


Knowing foods to eat that will aid in burning belly fat is a dream come through


What to eat to burn belly fats


Low calorie content. Linked to trimming waist lines, burning belly fats and loaded with vitamins, copper, iron, phosphorus and minerals.


When taken sparsely aids in burning belly fats due to great vitamin, calcium and mineral contents


Helps limit calorie intake, great for the heart, great fiber and protein content


Great source of fiber content for keeping you feeling fuller, making you take in less calorie content


Great belly fat barrier. Great source of monounsaturated fats that aids in weight loss and prevents belly storage around midsection and waist


Great source of fiber to keep you feeling full, highly proteinous and filled with amino acids


Improves insulin sensitivity, aids weight loss, burns belly fats and great for weight loss.

Chillies and red ball peppers

Helps to boost metabolism which equals weight loss especially around the mid section


Great source of Vitamin and fiber to keep you feeling full

Coconut oil.

Great weight loss alternative. Promotes feeling of fullness and reduces appetite. Eat sparsely.

Nut butters

From peanut butters to other nut butters, when eaten in moderate quantities without extra additives aids weight loss


Contains omega 3 fatty acids which aids weight loss and boosts metabolism

Chia seeds

Great source of fiber, protein, omega 3 fatty acids. Great for feeling full, fastens metabolism and burns belly fats.

Grape fruit.

Great for general weight loss. Reduces insulin levels, increases metabolism and aids weight loss of the belly and waist line

Dark chocolate.

Boost moods, decreases hunger and appetite. Aids weight loss and reduces fat storage. Eat dark chocolates but sparsely and avoid milky chocolates


Great source of plant based proteins. Highly filling due to fiber content. Great for overall weight loss.

Tart cherries

Aids weight loss, burns belly fats and has additional proven benefits of helping those struggling with insomnia or sleeping problems


Great belly fat burner. Helps you eat less due to high fiber content and amino acids

Sunflower seeds

Great protein and fiber content to keep you feeling full. Which means eating less and aiding weight loss


Keeps you feeling fuller and eating fewer calories. Pumpkin is a a delicious belly fat burning alternative any day.


Great source of protein content and complex carbohydrates and great source of fiber to keep you feeling full. Also boost metabolism. Great fat burner

Soy products

Reduces appetite, increases fat burning and aids loss of belly fats


Great source of catechin content, aids weight loss with antioxidant properties

Bell/Chilli( Cayenne pepper)

Contains great fat burning properties and makes it easy to eat less as you keep sipping on water or fluids to calm the hotness.

Peas( Split peas, green peas)

Peas are great source of fiber keeping you feeling full and eating less. Great at boosting metabolism, great source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Great belly fat burner

Yoghurt/fermented foods like kefir, kombuchia

Great at aiding weight loss overall. Which means a flatter tummy. Natural, fermented Yoghurt is healthy probiotic which keeps the gut healthy.

Apple cider vinegar

Contains prebiotics. Great for gut bacteria and aids weight loss. Eat unsweetened in small quantities


Greatly filling due to fiber content increases muscle mass and boost metabolism. Great snacking alternative. Incorporate apples into your day

Green tea/Black tea/ oolong tea

Contains great fat burning properties due to presence of catechins. Aids fat burning in waist and belly

Kiwi fruits

Plant based fiber and great source of prebiotic, keeps you feeling full, aids functionality and aids faster metabolism


Contains curcumin, fights inflammation and promotes weight loss especially around the waist


Great fat burning properties and keeps you feeling fuller when squirt in water

Leafy greens

Great water and fiber content. Highly nutritious, minimizes fat storage especially around belly areas.

Lean meat

Skinned poultry, chicken breast, chicken heart etc and some parts of beef etc. Aids fat metabolism and general weight loss

Beans and legumes

One of the best weight loss proven foods also effective for burning belly fats are the those in the protein family and one of such is beans. Beans is not a fatty food, when used as substitute for other carbohydrates and eaten in moderate portions can be your fat burning magic

Flavorful herbs and spices

Great at limiting extra calories and burning belly fats

Extra tips 

  • Quit alcohol intake.
  • Reduce stress
  • Quit sugary foods
  • Get enough sleep
  • Track food intake
  • Quit late night eating.
  • Add some effective tummy exercises like crunches to your routine
  • Take it easy on yourself and be patient with results.

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What not to eat when burning belly fats
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