What causes loss of smell and how to gain it back

What causes loss of smell and remedies

What is the cause of loss of taste and smell; (Anosmia);This may be a touchy topic for some but there are ways to restore balance before it becomes the bane of you. The sense of smell is a very powerful one and helps us relate with our environment. However, there are times we loose it and wonder why the nose as our organ of smell is not functional or less functional.

What is the cause of loss of taste and smell

On a more general note such a person might turn to the doctor to ask; What is the cause of loss of taste and smell?

Nasal infections or severe allergies can cause nasal obstructions.

Complete loss of smell is called anosmia. I know what it feels like not to be able to smell something. I used to have a powerful sense of smell until i had bouts of cattrrh for God knows how long followed by continuous nasal congestion even when the cattrrh was gone and then i could be in a place where everybody is running away from a terrible dead and decomposed rat smell and all i do is turn in surprise and ask why they are running and they all end up turning in surprise reaction with” Don’t tell me you cannot perceive that horrible smell”. And i will smile and boldly reply them. I can’t.

I didn’t need to be told i had lost my sense of smell and i didn’t want it to be in the list of the things that bothered me because they were just too many. But deep down i wondered and asked like you repeatedly, what is the cause of loss of taste and smell and wondered if i could ever regain it back and how!.

Although i was able to regain it back after staying for close to a year with my loss of smell and as i speak to you, in my case i cannot explain how i gained it back, honestly despite knowing i had allergic reactions and several colds and some foods which triggered my sinus infections.
That was a phase. A temporary one as i no longer have to worry about being the odd number in perceptions of good and bad smells. So you could say i had a temporary loss of smell.

But what ever be your case, you must understand that your sense of smell also affects your taste. People with complete loss of smell( Anosmia) may discover that foods taste different, cannot detect food flavours or perceive even powerful smells like gas leaks nor detect when milk is sour. Even the scent of flower becomes non existent.

Anosmia may just be a sign of more serious medical condition. But on other occasions, nasal congestion, nasal blockage or damage to nerve cells can lead to loss of smell.

What causes loss of smell or anosmia?.

-Anosmia can be congenital

Some babies are born without an ability to smell due to underdeveloped sensing system.

-Nasal polyps

Sinuses and small non cancerous growths in the nose can block nasal passages.

-Abuse of hard drugs like cocaine.

A lot of destructive processed and damages can occur with just one doze or overdose of hard drugs. Even decent amounts without addictions can prove dangerous. Steer clever of drugs

-Certain medical conditions can cause anosmia.

Nutritional deficiencies,hormonal disturbances, congenital conditions, alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, parkison disease and a few others can steal the sense of smell.

-Certain medications

like antidepressants, antibiotics, antiinflammatory medications and even heart medications and a host of others can cause it.

-Injury and trauma to the head and nose

can cause loss of smell too.

-Radiation treatment of head and neck cancers

-Exposure to pesticides or solvents

Chemicals at powerful and some can be extremely destructive in a short while when exposed to them


Old age comes with less functionality of organs. Even the sense of smell is reduced.

-Colds and allergies

This contributed to my Los of smells

-Dental issues of some kind.

You know how a disturbance in just one part of the body surprisingly affects the other in what could be a conferred pain

-Hormonal imbalances.

For some reasons, the body hormones fluctuates and we have no control many times. Some processes can be affects.

-Severe upper respiratory infections

Infections of any kind especially in the body’s organs have a great capacity to cause imbalances

-Polyps in the sinus cavity or nasal passages

This is a growth directly inside of the nose and it hinders the ability of smell

– Tobacco and smoke dulls your sense of smell

Anything smoke is toxic and offers nothing good but destruction to the body. Quit smoking.

In addition, temporal loss of smells can be caused by

-Allergies and bacterial infections like hay fever, nasal allergies, influenza and colds.
Like mine, sinus infections could as well be the cause of loss of smell.

How do you diagnose loss of smell?

The questions below will help your doctor determine the cause of your anosmia

-Can you taste foods or detect flavours?

-Have you recently had allergies, cold or flu

-Do you take medications?

-Can you smell only certain foods?

A physical examination of the nose to detect blockage in the nasal passages may also be carried out.

Carry out this tests below to know the causes of your loss of smell

-Nasal endoscopy( Used to examine nasal passages with a camera containing tube
-CT scan
-MRI scan etc.

These tests will also determine if there is an abnormal growth or tumor in the brain that alters your sense of smell.

Symptoms of anosmia

-Inability to smell

-Stuffy nose and congestion lasting for more than 3 weeks

-Weight loss

-Persistent nasal drainage and sneezing

-Watery eyes

-Head aches

Treatments for impaired smell

-Surgery is required for restoration of smell senses caused by polyps or growth

-Antibiotics can speed up healing to restore smell

-Decongestants and antihistamines can help relieve nasal congestions caused by allergies.

-Humidifiers can help relieve mucus and relieve congestions

-Some caused by upper respiratory infections, allergies, common colds and a few other illnesses should go once the illness is treated and clears.

Some impaired smell conditions may be permanent depending on the underlying cause while those caused by viral or bacterial infections may just be temporal. Some people regain their sense of smell with no explanation. I belong in this group.

Many times the body is able to regenerate new cells in the central nervous system. This process helps to renew sense of smell and taste.

N/B; Loss of smell caused by age is untreatable

Every other impairment or smell conditions that are temporary can be treated except anosmia.

To know what category you fall into, book an appointment with your doctor. The ear, nose and throat doctor will be your best bet so you can begin treatment immediately. Consult the two.

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What causes loss of smell and remedies
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