Vitiligo; Risk factors, symptoms, treatment and types


Is your skin color fading with white patches? Then it could be vitiligo symptoms. An auto immune condition that can affect every race and can be managed.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that develops and shows as white patches on the skin. It can begin small and spread overtime. When this happens the skin looses melanin which gives skin its color and consequently the person looses color since melanocytes( pigment forming cells) gets destroyed

Some say vitiligo is an auto immune condition where a person’s body defence attacks its own cells instead of attacking invading germs. Once you loose pigment, it almost never returns. Sufferers can look for ways to overcome or how to cope with depression, in case it gets to that point.

Who is at risk of Vitiligo?

It affects every race but prone and noticeable in dark skinned people


If a person in your family history suffered from the condition, family members in future time are likely to have it too

Auto immune condition

Events like stress, trauma or people who get in contact with chemicals

Vitiligo symptoms.

It begins like small white patches that spread with time with most areas being affected most.


  • Areas exposed to sun
  • Tissues that line mouth and nose
  • Body fold areas like armpit
  • Around moles.
  • Around eyelids and hair
  • And places of past injuries

Types of vitiligo


Characterized by white patches all over body


These type stays in a single spot and never spreads


This type covers only certain parts like face, leg, hands etc and occurs at a younger age


Heavy discoloration followed by lighter discoloration and regular skin color


In this case 80% of the skin looses its color. It is very rare


  • Wood lamp test where skin is seen through UV light
  • Skin biopsy for laboratory examination


No cure known to treat Vitiligo symptoms may be affected by age, yet there are things you can do to improve the skin.

Corticosteroid creams

Prescribed by doctors can try to give the skin back its color but may take long. Corticosteroid pills or injections may be recommended once you begin to see changes with corticosteroid cream use

Photo therapy or light therapy

Involves using UV light to stop progression of Vitiligo used along with other treatments


A substance used to return the skin to it’s color after prolonged use but may come with side effects like dry skin, itching, swelling and redness.

Supplements that aids photo therapy

May be recommended. E.g Folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B12, Alpha-Lipoic acid etc

  • Using makeups to cover little parts covered by vitiligo
  • Using tanning products
  • Using sunscreen with SPF every 2 hours.
  • Surgery to even out skin tone

Cellular suspension transplant:

When tissues of healthy skin is put in a solution and moved to white patched skins

Skin grafting:

Doctor transfers healthy portion of skin to discolored areas if vitiligo is small

Blister grafting:

Blisters are created using suction on the healthy skin moving them to the discolored parts.


People with vitiligo or vitiligo symptoms are at risk of

  • Hearing loss
  • Eye issues
  • Sunburn
  • Depression
  • Poor body image
  • Stress. Etc

N/B:  According to mayo clinic, see the doctor once your hairline, creases and body parts begin to loose color. There is no cure. You are not alone. Seek the comfort of family and friends.

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