Thyphoid in pregnancy: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Typhoid in pregnancy

Pregnant women fall sick like others but the symptoms may be mixed. Treatments of typhoid in pregnancy may be different and caution needs to be be taken. Typhoid diagnosis may confuse a pregnant woman.

Pregnant women are humans and as such experience sickness just like every one else, but these symptoms of typhoid in pregnancy may appear differently and treatments may com differently. So its good we know how typhoid fever occurs in pregnancy.

Typhoid fever is also known as enteric fever is a bacteria or infection caused by Salmonella typhi. It gets to the person’s body when food or water contaminated with faeces of an infected person is taken or when water of food taken has been contaminated by the handler who must have refused to wash hands after toilet use.

When this happens, it can multiply and spread from intestines to the blood stream and affects many other organs.

Means of transmission of typhoid in pregnancy

1. Eating food and drinking water contaminated with faeces of infected person

2. Poor water quality in areas where faeces are disposed indiscriminately without water

3. Raw food and vegetable consumption

4. Oral sex with a carrier of Salmonella typhi

5. Hand to mouth transmission after use of contaminated toilet without wash of hands after use

6. Eating undercooked meat

7. Eating cold food


1. Refrigerate foods

2. Never eat undercooked foods or meat

3. Eat hot foods instead

Symptoms of typhoid in pregnancy

1. Increasing fever

2. Slow heart rate

3. Confusion

4. Constipation or diarrhea

5. Headache

6. Weakness

7. Exhaustion

8. Loss of appetite

9. Nausea

10. Rash or rose colored rash

11. Enlarged spleen or liver may occur

Symptoms may get worse with time if left untreated leading to

Internal bleeding or hemorrhage

Perforated bowels when infections spread to the body

N/B; Recovery in complications takes time. Reason it is advisable to treat early.

Typhoid in pregnancy diagnosis

1. Blood culture or blood test to test the bacteria in your blood

2. Testing faeces or urine of a sick person to confirm presence of the bacteria

3. Widal test to diagnose typhoid

4. Haemoglobin test to see associated illness

5. Rare a bone marrow test

How does typhoid appear in pregnant women?

It begins with regular symptoms like every other person. The symptoms listed above and accompanied with cough. Once its bacteria is detected, treatment must begin as internal bleeding is common with pregnant women.

Effect of typhoid on baby

1. Can increase risk of infection and miscarriage

2. Risk of low birth weight, premature birth etc

Treatments of typhoid in pregnancy

Just like every other person, antibiotic is the right and recommended treatments. Once treatment with antibiotic course begins, symptoms will begin to be mild. To track down bacteria according to ncbi

Antibiotic injections can also be given as well as bed rest in a hospital when recommended

There are typhoid vaccines: immunization by mouth is not considered safe for pregnant women

N/B: only follow doctor’s prescription and let your doctor know you are pregnant in case your pregnancy is not visible so the right drugs will be prescribed.

How many times can you get typhoid?

Just like malaria signs and symptoms, it could be recurring, yet your body tries to build immunity to lower severity and duration of illness once you get infected the first times and treat it. Yet it is not to say you will not come up with the disease when you have crossed paths with its bacteria.

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Typhoid in pregnancy
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