Toddler or baby cough; Symptoms and remedies for quick recovery

Toddler cough

Toddler cough can be a scary experience probably because these young ones can barely express exactly how they feel. How then can you help quick recovery of your young one from this cough?

Toddler cough

It is quite a normal process for human beings to get sick and it is even more expected for their immune systems to fight recovery no matter how slow it takes. But many times we just cannot help but wish for a quick bounce back especially in babies or toddlers when we watch the frightening experience in their fragility.

Not to fear. Every time babies are exposed to germs and have their symptoms managed, it ends up building and developing their immune system.

Regular toddler cough can last 2 weeks. In such a situation, it is better to offer measures that helps to soothe the child, keep the child relaxed, hydrated and getting enough sleep.

N/B; Never attempt to use over the counter drugs to ease toddler cough or symptoms to avoid serious side effects like dizziness, hyperactivity or restlessness.

So when you realize it is just a regular cough, you could use the remedies below. Do not hesitate to seek medical appointment when you realize the cough is extreme or your child is showing serious symptoms like chest pain, tugging in the ear, cough that lasts more than 10 days, increased fever for more than 3 days, muscle pulling in or around the neck or ribcage when breathing hard or even labored breathing.

Remedies that could ease symptoms

Increase fluid intake for your toddler

Giving your child warm liquids like chicken soup, milk, apple juice etc. can be soothing for the sore throat.

N/B; The above should not be used for a baby less than 6 months, only give breast milk or formula.

Increasing fluids intake can help to thin out mucus lessening stuffy nose. Oral rehydration solutions like popsicles can also help.


This remedy should not be used on a child less than a year of age.

Mix honey in warm water and give to the child. Honey tastes good and is good for relieving cough and sore throats. When honey is mixed with water it does double benefit of hydrating and soothing the body.

-Add moisture with humidifier

This helps to ease coughing and congestion. Buying a cold air humidifier will not only prove safe for your body but also effective as a warm air humidifier.

A cold air humidifier add moisture to the air to prevent your child’s airway from drying out. It also loosens mucus.

-Use saline fluids

  • Saline drips are safe and helps to soften mucus to help remove it. Just follow instructions on the bottle when administering nasal saline. Use mostly in the middle of the night.

Visit your pediatrician or make an appointment if your child shows serious symptoms like those mentioned above. The doctors will observe the child’s breathing or use an x-ray for diagnosis.

An emergency room may be recommended

  • -If breathing becomes difficult for your child or becomes rapid.
  • -If child is dehydrated
  • -Seems very ill
  • -Develops a blue tinge on lips, skin or nails which shows lack of oxygen.

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Toddler cough
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