Tips for exercising in the sun: 15 great tips

Tips for exercising in the sun

If you’re like me then the hot weathers are not your friend and will love to know tips for exercising in the sun with less stress and our 15 great tips.

The sun and change in weathers are one of the beautiful gifts nature has blessed us with and we constantly adapt and device days to go around in it safely cos the sun and hot weathers kinda slows some people like me down and have us planning differently and so even activities like exercise becomes affected.

Tips for exercising in the sun

Keep fluids readily available for regular intakes.

Imagine what the world will be like without water! I cannot imagine. There is this feeling we get just sipping on some cold water after a hot hectic session and I can boldly sat that even those who are not friends with regular water intake get this feeling after a huge thirst.

May I quickly chip in that the hot weathers require constant sips of healthy fluids, natural fruit juices, proteins and even water. It cools the body, allows regulation of temperature, flushes toxins and gets the body adapting to function maximally for activity while it keeps hydrated and replenished.

Shower in between

Before you set to exercise, take a shower and afterwards, have a bath for a refreshing time in the heat and sweat off.

Be conscious of exercise time

The hottest time in the summer is between 12pm and 2:30pm.

Try as much as possible to stay away from exercise at this time and plan your exercise session before or after the above mentioned time to avoid overheating of the body.

Be choosy on your sportswear

Cotton materials are great for absorbing sporty sweats. Wear some sporty clothes that are a bit looks when exercising to allow air penetration. You may also try to avoid black colored clothes since black is a conductor of heat and may trap the heat on you causing extreme discomfort.

Wear sunscreen

If you are stepping out of your house to the gym, you may want to slather sunscreen with SPF for skin protection.

Exercise indoors and in shades.

You may want to jog under tree shades. You may find it more convenient to use your backyard treadmill. Do some stretch exercises for warm up at the comfort of your home with slight flow of breezes stealing in occasionally.

Get some extra motivation

In the heat, I always convince myself that sweating excessively burns calories but it still doesn’t take away my zeal to want to exercise yet I find the heat a demotivation.

Try motivate yourself with playful tips like

Playing your favorite music and body shaking tunes that compels you to move your body effortlessly according to tune of song.

Play sensual music that arouses the feeling of wanting to stay or look sexy. Lol

You ding believe there are songs that instantly activate your desire for Sexy perfection? Try search for it or drop your comments below on the comment section. There are songs whose beats, lyrics, tunes and everything that comes with the song including the voice of the singer activates your need to want to look confident, perfect and sexy.

  • Start by slightly stretching the body
  • Substitute rigorous exercise for yoga
  • Substitute other activities for enjoyable yet rigorous dancing
  • Instead of hitting the outdoors directly, hit the waters for a swim

To ward off the heat with a chill

  • Know when to stop

You own your body and know how you feel and never felt. As much as we get our exercise trainers motivating us to push farther than our limits can carry, most times the spirit is willing but the body is weak, dizzy and giving funny signs that should not be overlooked at any time.

  • Listen to how you feel. Pause, take a rest, drink lots of fluids and go have a quick deep soak bath or shower. Get a prescription if possible for reliefs from muscle cramp, headaches, rapid heartbeats, light heads etc.
  • Reduce intake of sodium and energy drinks

While you exercise, you don’t want to add up more calories to the ones you’re trying to cut in the hot weathers.

  • Know when you’re overheating and recognize symptoms of a heat stroke.

  1. Body temperature above 104 degree Celsius or higher
  2. Flushed or Red, dry skin without sweat.
  3. Hallucination, confusion, strange behaviors
  4. Rapid pulse, disorientation, difficulty breathing, seizure etc.

All of these are symptoms and can Lead to coma and death if left untreated.

You may need the emergency services if you suffer from it

Exercise mildly

Its OK if you reduced but not completely cut your rigorous exercise routines in the hot weathers as long as you’re conscious of what you eat.




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Tips for exercising in the sun
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