The differences between anxiety and depression;15 distinguishing signs

The difference between anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the very big and most experienced mental health conditions that have been stigmatized and rarely talked about in the open yet there are many sufferers out there. It is easy to think that this two mental health conditions go hand in hand for their similarities yet there are so many and so much differences about them. Life has a way, in fact different ways of impacying people and many people react to this varying experiences differently. Anxiety and depression, doesn’t just happen nor are people commonly born with them, yet they occur as unpleasant situations that have gradually and helplessly accumulated and methamorphosed into something much note different. Overtime, a person may realize very different symptoms from what his daily life would ordinarily feel like. For example, somebody with anxiety may experience increased pulse and a fast rating heart, paleness of the skin, flushing of the skin, shaking or trembling and many more while depression may also begin to show Like little everyday symptoms and may begin to gradually progress and quickly spiral to a peak if not quickly detected and treated.

The difference between anxiety and depression is just a blurry line away. These signs can present itself in a confusing manner and to make things worse, this two words tend to be used interchangeably as though they compulsorily go hand in hand. But the onset and clinical signs of these two mental health illnesses must not be confused. Knowing what you suffer from will help you get the right help. Do you feel extra aware of your environment and its differences, have you suddenly felt like there is an unrest almost all the time , have your worries grown excessively and that too explicably and for the most irrelevant stuffs? Have you become too conscious too? Anxiety could be right on your door. Do you notice some change in your recent behaviours, a lack of interest in your most beloved activities, do you feel sad all the time or unreasonably happy one minute and sad the next, do you feel suddenly unmoved and feel like not paying attention to your looks or beauty routines or health? depression. Could be right on your door step.

What are the common differences between anxiety and depression

Anxiety is unpleasant activeness of the mind, depression takes a mind off duty

This point may just seem vague but the reality is that people who experience anxiety may realize that their heart and mind barely settles. It moves from one thought to the other, from one disturbance to another. They are always effortlessly and involuntarily ruminating over both the big and small issues that should not be thought of. But for someone who is depressed, they may just remain in their head yet with a mind so dangerously stable due to being broken and weak. The worry that let them to the point of depression my not thrive in there any longer. This is especially so for both people who may not know they are suffering from depression and the people who are sinking or have sunk deep into depression.

Anxiety is excessive worry, depression is giving up to worry.

There seem to be no better way to describe anxiety than excessive worry that keeps the mind at consciousness and the brain always active. Anxiety keeps its victims worrying am the time while depression may have results from worrying and is a resultant effect of worry and so at that stage even though the person worries deep inside, it may not be so obvious or pronounced to the brain or mind.

Anxiety breeds fear of anything from smallest to the biggest, depression erases fear and drops you down to accepting anything

Anxiety keeps you scared of everything. It keeps you scared of uncertainty, it keeps you scared of the past, it keeps you fearing the future. For depression, it is more of the popular saying that “he who is down needs fears no fall again”. Depressed people feel throden, they feel they have lost it, they feel all is lost and there is probably nothing to save again. In that Care what do you think they will be eager for. It is almost as if the word has happened to them so every form of active fear or keen ness is somewhat inactive kind of.

Anxiety could keep you active, depression may keep you in isolation.

An anxious person may carry about his daily activities like nothing happened, in fact it will want to kick start your moves and press a throttle on it.

Anxiety keeps you on active gear even working with a team of people while depression may have you excessively wanting company or some isolation that worsens your mental state.

Remember, relationships are affected, work suffers and social life suffers when a person goes into isolation unchecked.

Anxiety could keep you lost in thoughts yet aware but depression can steal your awareness to even the things you do

Anxiety is always in the thoughts, in the head, in the mind but depression will make you aware yet probably unaware that things are wrong

Yet you may not be able to pin what is wrong nor would It allow for you to think further. You’re just there.

Anxiety may not affect the appearance but depression can.

When you see a person who used to be clean with shaved beards suddenly looking unkempt with shabby clothes, untrimmed beards, smelly socks, overgrown hair or a most careless appearance that signals a change and course for concern, most times if other symptoms are observed along with it, it could signal that the person is suffering from depression

Anxiety steals your comfort but depression could leave you comfortable in the mess.

Anxiety gets you panicky on what to do next to improve the situation, it keeps you wanting more, want in better till it is settled and another issue crops up almost immediately. It is a continuous and unbreakable cycle in anxiety, but depression leaves you in comfort of the bad state you have embraced. You may sleep in an unswept house as sweeping may become your least priority,you won’t bother to want to fix your mess. A dangerous comfort zone.

Anxiety steals acceptance to situations but depression brings an uncommon acceptance to the helplessness.

How do you know a person is at the verge of depression? There is no zeal to pursue more, there is loss of interest in the things the once set them on fire. They have come to accepting that nothing can be done because nothing good can come out.

Anxiety keeps a person shaking and standing to his feet all the time but depression could leave a person resigned to fate.

Anxiety makes you tremble, It makes you fear. When you fear, you are prompted to take cover, you want to thrive. But depression leaves you thinking its the end of the world and salvation is lost. in all of this, it is not to say that one is better that the other or doesn’t erase the importance that should be given to each mental health condition for overall health of a person.

Anxiety may not affect moods while depression keeps you in low mood;

Anxiousness may cause a person unsettle ness but mat leave the person’s self esteem untouched but that isn’t same for a depressed soul. Depression has a way of beating its victims in all ramifications making them feel totally worthless and devalued. Again, If you are some observant person, you don’t need a therapist to tell you or point out the signs of a person suffering from low self esteem and many times, it is caused by depression.

Anxiety may not cause self harm but depression may ignite thoughts of self harm

An anxious person may continuously look for ways to better life, cope or improve the mental state but it isn’t same with a depressed person. Depression will blurt all lines of living and may cause the person to live in a deep hole, dinking in the dark or stuck in the loop. Soon, if the person isn’t speaking out or finding help, suicide contemplation ideas may sneak in. If still overlooked, self harm tendencies may just be the the deeper issue. If such a person is not kept under watch and given some therapy or orientation, danger looms around.

Anxiety may keep you hopeful but depression keeps you hopeless

An anxious person fears because he wants to get things fixed to keep hopes alive but a depressed person constantly sees no reason to live, doesn’t see how things can get better or how anything can he done to remedy situations. In fact to that person, hopelessness is the reason for depression and the more reason to sink deeper in depression. It happens gradually and unconsciously, eating deeper in its victims but all hope is still not lost.

While anxiety and depression are both mental health issues, there is a whole lot of gap and differences. So while they seem similar, it is best to be able to differentiate them through the signs listed above.. Learn coping strategies on how to overcome fear and anxiety and how to cope with, overcome and bounce back from depression.

Anxiety may be accompanied with panic or panic attacks. Depression may not

it is not uncommon for people with chronic or deep anxiety issues to find themselves constantly in the middle of panics with every slight sound, news or thought. Almost anything can trigger it but depression may not accompany panic

Anxiety may push you to the point of depression if not managed while depression may bring suicide ideas and contemplation of self harm.

when you see a person who has begun contemplating suicide, just know that the person’s mental health and state of depression has worsened not anxiety.

in it all, what ever your signs be, knowing where you fall is your first step to seeking help or therapy. There are also coping strategies you could practice from home.

The difference between anxiety and depression
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