Smelly urine

Frequent urination

Smelly urine; Why does my urine smell terribly and how to stop it? Answer; Dehydration or other reasons may cause it or no reason at all. Would it be wrong if I say that there are those times in our lives when we are just in awe of the kind of smell oozing from what our body produces!. You must have realized how that urine smell fills the whole place when ever you urinate. A smelly urine can be harmless and no cause for concern but most times it just may be an indication of something more serious.

Smelly urine
Smelly Urine

– Dehydration

This is a very common cause of smelly urine. When you are not taking enough fluids, the urine suddenly changes form beginning from it’s color to become more deeper and concentrated in color and also smells terribly like ammonia. If you worry you fall in this category, drinking more fluids will cause your urine to fall back to it’s normal smell and color. In the case of severe dehydration, symptoms like those below may indicate need for a medical emergency and attention.

  • -Extreme fatigue
  • -Weakness
  • -Confusion.

A urine that is transparent yellow and pale straw in color means you are hydrated.


High blood sugar levels which are a result of diabetes can cause sweet smell from urine. Diabetes is dangerous and must be treated immediately. It is life threatening. See your doctor if you suspect diabetes to reduce complications.

-Urinary tract infections(UTI)

Do you feel the need to urinate frequently accompanied with a burning sensation as you urinate? Then you may be dealing with UTI and needing antibiotics to kill the bacteria in your urine. UTI causes urine to smell so badly and may be responsible for your smelly urine.

-Maple syrup urine disease

This rare condition is incurable and a genetic condition causing urine to smell like maple syrup
People with this disease can’t break down amino acids leucine, iso leucine and valine and can lead to brain damage and death if not treated.

-Bladder fistula

A defect or injury that allows bacteria from intestines to enter the bladder and usually occurs due to surgical and bowel disease such as chrohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease etc.


This is a congenital condition( Genetic condition present at birth) causing inability to break down amino acids called phenylanine causing accumulation of metabolites resulting to musky smells along side symptoms like slow developing social skills, decreased skin pigmentation and intellectual disabilities and can lead to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder( ADHD) and severe mental handicap if left untreated.

-Liver disease

Do you have symptoms like weight loss, dark colored urine, abnormal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, yellow skin or eyes( Jaundice)weakness etc. accompanying a strong urine odor! Then you may need to see your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment of this life threatening condition.

-Eating certain foods like asparagus

People who eat asparagus have complained of their urine producing strong smells due to levels of naturally occurring sulphoric compounds called asparagic acids. This causes sulphur or ammonia smells.

Once asparagus is done passing through your system, the smell should go. Speak to your doctor if the smell persists and causes worry.


An increase in human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) hormones during pregnancy causes strong odors. Dehydration in pregnancy also causes uric acids to build up and cause strong urine smells. Pregnant women should drink more fluids to avoid dehydration.

-Coffee is a diuretic( Makes you pee a lot)

Dehydration along with coffee by products and metabolites can lead to a strong stench and urine smell.

-Yeast infections

When yeast grows out of control in the vagina, the urine may pick up on scents causing strong smell along side itching, redness and thick white discharge.

-Sexually transmitted infections( STIs)

Chlamydia, trichomoniasis and gonorrhea cause urethritis( inflammation of the urethra) causing urine to pick up a smell from vagina irritation.

-Kidney stones

Severe pains, bleeding or other kinds of infection along with strong smelling urine could mean kidney stones. See your doctor immediately.


Taking certain vitamins may change the smell of your urine but nothing to worry about.

How to know the cause if your urine smell

  • *Cytoscopy

A thin camera tube inserted into the bladder to look out for urinary disease.

  • *Urinalysis
    Urine sample test to detect bacteria
  • *Scans or imaging
  • X-rays or ultrasounds may help detect what urinalysis could not.

Urine habits that are healthy

  • -Urinate when you really feel the need to. Forcing urine trains the bladder to hold less.
  • -Urinate 5-7times per day. Drink more fluids for this effect.
  • -Don’t push urine out faster. Take your time.
  • -Sit down while urinating instead of hovering round the toilet.

Do you notice strong urine smells accompanied with other signs? Then see a doctor.

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Frequent urination
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