Sleep paralysis; Causes and signs

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis; Causes and signs of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a strange occurrence when you are about to sleep or almost waking up.

It is very scary. It has happened to me more than once. I see you pop your eye balls. Lol. I cannot stop thinking and thanking God for being alive to share my experiences. Ya, knew I was alive but felt dead or trapped. While others snore, to others it is something as scary as this.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis isn’t harmful and doesn’t happen all the time.

Have you had a nap one day only to discover you had slept for long and made an attempt to move or open your eyes but cannot! You discover you are awake in the mind and brain but cannot move. You find yourself struggling to open your eyes. It can last for a while and i tell you from experience that it can spare the hell out of you. It scared me to the point i begun getting scared of having naps at a stretch even though i didn’t know what caused it.


  • -You are awake but cannot open your eyes, sleep or move
  • -You feel frightened
  • -You feel something is pressing you down
  • – Like something is your room.


The major causes of this isn’t totally known but many times it is linked with

  • -A family history of sleep paralysis
  • -Disrupted sleeping patterns probably due to jet lags or long shifts.
  • -Post traumatic stress disorder( people who have been through stressful situations).
  • -Panic disorder; Those who deal with panic attacks and disorders are prone to it.
  • -General anxiety disorder
    Those dealing with anxiety situations can experience it.
  • -Use of certain medications E.g ADHD
  • -Narcolepsy
    A condition that suddenly causes one to fall asleep
  • -Sleeping on the back
  • -Changing sleep schedule
  • -Lack of sleep
  • -Mental conditions like bipolar disorder, stress disorder, substance abuse etc.

Types of sleep paralysis

  • -Hypnagogic/Predormital sleep paralysis

This is when sleep paralysis happens while you are falling asleep.

  • -Hypnopompic/post dormital sleep paralysis

This type occurs when you are waking up. This is the type that happened with me.
During sleep the body alternates between rapid eye movement and non rapid eye movement. When this type occurs, you must have moved to non rapid eye movement where the body restores itself but in this type you may notice you cannot move or sleep due to muscle relaxation or simply when your muscles are turned off.

Who can notice sleep paralysis?

4 out of 10 people may experience it. Any body of any age and gender can experience it but is mostly noticed in the teen years.


Even when it is recurring, there is usually no need to treat sleep paralysis.

The doctor may ask you to describe your health history of sleep disorders including any known sleep disorders.

  • – The doctor may conduct an overnight sleep studies or nap to make sure you do not have another sleep disorder.
  • -Ask you to keep a sleep diary and describe symptoms.


  • -Get enough sleep at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • -Use antidepressant medications to regulate sleep cycles.
  • -Treat narcolepsy or anxiety issues
  • -Treat mental disorders that contributes to it.

Coping with sleep paralysis

Well, it doesn’t occur all the time. Give yourself enough rest, treat all underlying ailments and fear not. It is normal even though it is accompanied by intense fear and hallucinations.

Seek medical help

  • -When sleep paralysis happens regularly
  • -When you have anxiety about going to sleep.
  • -Tired all the time due to lack of sleep.

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Sleep paralysis
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