Sharp pain in upper thigh in the front

Pain in upper thigh in front

Sharp pain in upper thighSharp pain in upper thigh in front? Just like you, i have had times when my upper thigh hurt, burn or ache. Muscle strain, kidney stones, hernia and other reasons may just be responsible. Read on.

Symptoms of upper thigh pain

-Burning sensation
-Difficulty walking etc.

Upper thigh pain in front

Causes of sharp pain in upper thigh in front

1. Muscle strain

This can happen anytime and in any part of the body but common in hamstrings causing sharp pain in upper thigh in front. I have been a victim of muscle strains in the past.

Stiffness, bruises, discoloration, sudden onset of pain, soreness, swelling, muscle spasms, weakness, knot up feeling and limited range of movement can be symptom of muscle strain.

Ice or heat pack and anti inflammatory can help. See a doctor in severe cases of strains and tears that leave you numb or unable to move leg.

-Hip flexor strain

Hip flexor muscle get strained with overuse causing muscle pains and spasms in thighs. It comes suddenly and increases in pain when thigh is moved towards chest when stretching hip muscle. Symptoms include muscle spasms at upper thigh, swelling or bruising in upper thigh area, tenderness to touch at the front of the hip. I have experienced hip flexor strains from intensive workouts too.

-IT band syndrome
When the iliotibial band which runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip becomes thight and inflammed causing pain and swelling around knees and thighs. It is common among runners.

Tip; limit physical activity, use physical therapy and anti inflammation medications to relieve pain. See your doctor for surgery in severe cases.

-Diabetic neuropathy

When this diabetic complication occurs due to uncontrolled high blood sugar levels, the hands, feet and other body parts like the thigh can be sensitive to touch making it numb with pain in extremities. Muscle weakness or wasting, loss of sense of touch, excessive sweating, nausea, indigestion, dizziness, vaginal dryness in women and erectile dysfunction in men, difficulty in coordination while walking, diarrhea or constipation may be common symptoms too.

Tip; Lifestyle changes and measures to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and pain management medications may help.

-Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Pain in upper thigh caused by injury, pressing or repetitive movements with pain worsening when lying in affected side followed by hip muscle weakness and pain which worsens overtime when ever you run, walk or do any weight bearing activity and is common among runners in women.
Tip; Lifestyle changes like weight loss, physical therapy treatment with eyes, steroid injections and anti inflammatory injections may help.

-Meralgia paresthetica( MP)

Occurs due to compression of the nerve that occurs on one side of the body causing numbness, tingling, burning pain etc.
It can result from hypothyroidism, lead poisoning, tight clothing, pregnancy, overweight and obesity or even cell phones in front or back pockets, diabetes related injury, scar from past surgery or injury. To treat it, you must identify underlying cause.
Tip; Exercise to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility, loose weight and wear loose clothing. Prescription medications and surgery may be recommended.

-Blood clot or deep vein thrombosis(DVT)

This aren’t harmful but is a serious condition when deep vein cloths appear more frequently in lower legs and can form in one or both thighs called deep vein thrombosis. Symptoms may include a warm sensation, swelling, tenderness, pain or blush and discoloration. Many times it may not come with any symptom at all.
DVT can result to pulmonary embolism in which blood cloths travel to the lungs. Coughing up blood, tiredness, dizziness, rapid pulse, sudden shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort that worsens when you cough or take deep breath are common symptoms.

Risk factors include surgery, smoking, pregnancy, having a family history of DVT, having a catheter placed in vein, birth control pill use, undergoing hormone therapy or sitting for a long time in plane or car.
Tip; Lifestyle changes like loosing weight, prescription blood thinners, use of compression stockings and surgery may help.

Diagnosis of upper thigh pain
*Physical examination by doctor who will evaluate symptoms and risk factors may help. An electro gram/nerve conduction study( EMG/NCS) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) May help determine if nerves have been damaged.


DVT is the most serious complication of upper thigh pain. If you experience DVT symptoms as listed above, then see your doctor.


-keeping a healthy weight, Become more active and exercising moderately, prescription medications and use of compression stockings may help. Loosing weight are preventive techniques for DVT.

1. Ice packs
2. Resting
3. Hot bath
5. Supportive brace for movement
6. Stretching of pelvis, hip and core and strengthening exercises.
7. Prescription medication
8. Physical therapy
9. Surgery may help.

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Pain in upper thigh in front
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