Saggy skin

How to tone, firm and tighten saggy skin

Saggy skin can make you wish to firm it for great body image. Everybody is different in body structure and composition or skin . Do you worry about the flabs and chicken wings that jiggle as you lift your upper arm or you cannot bare the truth of your saggy skin staring straight at you from the mirror on your face and every other part of the body!. just like dark underarms and other body and skin care issues, this could take a jab on your confidence level. There are few low cost remedies and ways to tighten sagging skin asides face lift, tummy tuck or surgery.
Saggy skin or hanging skin on anybody’s part is associated with loss of fat and reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

When the skin loses it’s ability to snap back in place it starts to sag. All parts of the body can sag but common areas are eyes, chin, throat, jowl, upper arms and stomach.

Saggy skin

Causes of saggy skin

-Weight loss

When you loose weight that has been carried for a long time the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin can become damaged making it harder for your skin to snap back thus leaving the skin hanging. This also happens when significant amount of weight(100 pounds and above) is lost rapidly. Weight loss types like bariatric surgery or procedure results in large amount of sagging, drooping and hanging skin on the body. Loosing weight as you age will also likely sag as compared to loosing it at an early age.


Collagen is produced by fibroblast. This gives a taut and firm skin and helps skin maintain firmness and structure. Elastic gives skin firming ability and helps it bounce back when stretched. But as we age we tend to loose the two important proteins(Collagen and elastin). Thus leaving a less firm skin appearance

Extreme sun exposure, poor skin care, excess alcohol intake, poor nutrition, smoking habits and environmental pollution or exposure. All may worsen the state of Elastin and collagen.

-Medical conditions

On rare occasions, the skin sags due to medical conditions. E.g cutaneous T-cell lymphoma or granulomatous slack skin. With this condition, skin of the elbows and knees gradually slack and does not respond well to treatment.


Women who carried multiple babies like twins or more may see sagging skin around the abdomen than those with one baby. Though age when pregnant matters.

-Elilers syndrome

A rare connective tissue disorder that is inherited. Here, there is a defect in collagen which produces saggy skin especially on the face.


Care to reduce or eliminate saggy skin?
Then factors like what part of the body sags, how much sag has occured etc,can help decide treatment or best option for treatment.

  1.  Exercise ; For minor body sags caused by moderate weight loss in pregnancy can be improved through muscle building exercise that aims to tighten muscles.

Tip; Lifting weights or resistant training to increase muscle mass.

Pilates can be used to strengthen core glutes, legs, arms. Facial exercises along side yoga to reduce sagging facial exercise reduces facial sagging.

-Topical treatments
Skin care treatments containing retinol may help. Over the counter products and prescription medications like retinoid, tretinoin and retin A can boost collagen production.

Tip; Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, drinking lots of water, eating healthy and maintaining healthy weight, wearing sunscreen with SPFs can help reduce saggy appearance.


Oral supplements containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen can reduce age related sagging.


In this case, a thin tube needle is inserted into your skin tissues beneath to tighten loose skin through heat by a dermatologist.

-Micro focused ultrasound( MFI)

Here, heat is sent deep into skin layers to support collagen in this technique. Several sessions are expected before visible improvement that last up to 1 year.

-Laser therapy

Care to firm upper hands and stomach or other body parts? Then consider this procedure to boost collagen production and overall skin. Though it requires multiple sessions for abuse.

-Laser resurfacing

This is a more invasive procedure needing around 2 weeks or longer to recover. Upper layers of the skin are removed and heat is sent into lower layers. It is also called laser peeling and an effective procedure.


To reduce significant sag or loose skin after weight reduction surgery or extreme weight loss, a body contouring surgery is required. This procedure can leave degrees of visible scaring on areas of the upper arms and recovery time can last from 2 weeks to a month.

Types of body contouring surgery
Face lift, neck lift, arm lift( Brachioplast), tummy tuck( Abdominal plasty), lower body lift, upper body lift, medial thigh lift.

Summary; Saggy skin isn’t a problem or medical condition. But if it worries you and steals your confidence then speak to your doctor.

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How to tone, firm and tighten saggy skin
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