Remedies for wrinkles

Remedies for wrinkles

The subject of wrinkles is one that bothers on every beauty conscious person. Remedies for wrinkles could  just stem from positive changes done.

Remedies for wrinkles

I mean, who would not pay to remain young forever? it is everybody’s dream to know how to clear wrinkles that ruin the appearance.

There are a few effective procedures and treatments that can serve as a treatment for wrinkles and we are here for it.

The first in the list of remedies for wrinkle we give for the brave is

(1) Chemical peels

This involves a variety of chemicals used to reveal a much younger looking skin by burning away the top layer of the skin.

The next in the list of remedies for wrinkle we suggest for the risk taker is

(2) Dermabrassion

This is another procedure used to remove the top layer of the skin through a vacuum solution device.

This process causes fine lines and wrinkles to disappear leaving the new textured skin to the surface.

The next remedy for wrinkle for one willing to spend some extra is


This method of Botox treatment seems to be the nearest and most common treatment used by the most self aware people. Even celebrities and public figures use this method of beauty frequently.

If you follow celebrities frequently you must have seen or heard confessions of how much they love their new skin.

Many times after paying for a Botox they love to keep it a secret they do not want out in the open.

Many times even with the obvious changes, they still come out to deny having Botox.

But come on, it’s nothing to be ashamed off.

Everybody wants to stay beautiful forever and it is something to be proud of if you decide to go that far to look much younger.

Botox relaxes the muscles underneath the skin, allowing the skin on top to appear crease free and smooth.

Another worthy in the list of remedies for wrinkle is

(4) Wrinkle fillers

In this process, the person who performs this procedure fills your wrinkles with collagen, hyaluronic acid and other synthetic compounds which gives the places round the thin skin of the wrinkles a much plump and finer appearance.

For some light remedies for wrinkle, go for

(5) Laser/ Light resurfacing

In this process, energy from a light source removes the top layer of the skin causing a less noticeable skin wounding.

This allows the skin produce more collagen to give the skin a wrinkle free and smooth appearance. This could be one of the easier remedies for your wrinkle

(6) Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA)

is one great and effective treatment in the list of remedies for wrinkles

You must be aware that so many skin care products and body lotions contain AHA’s. AHA’s could be great remedies for wrinkles popping at the surface

AHA,s are natural fruity acids that lifts away the top layer of dead cells and help stimulate collagen production.

The use of AHA,s reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face especially around the eyes.

(7) Idebenone

Idebenone is a super powerful antioxidant that reduces skin roughness and dryness by increasing hydration which decreases wrinkles and fine lines by repairing sun damaged skin.

(8)Retinoids(Retin A)

can do some magic to your skin when considered in the list of remedies for wrinkles

Retin A reduces fine lines and wrinkled while repairing sun damaged skin.

Retin A is a form of natural form of vitamin A found in many over the counter drugs and products.

(9) Vitamin C

can not be overlooked as a better wrinkle healer in the list of remedies for wrinkles

Vitamin C increases collagen production which helps in smoothing fine lines.

Vitamin c protects against sun damage.

Vitamin c has many times proven effective in correcting pigmentation issues and treating inflammatory skin conditions.

(10) Pentapeptides

can be great one in list of remedies for wrinkles

Pentapeptides increase collagen production of even the sun damaged skin when applied topically to the skin. It  diminishes fine lines and can be one of the fine remedies for wrinkles.

(11) Banana mask

can be an effective one in the list of remedies for wrinkles

  • Mash Banana with into a smooth paste and apply topically on the skin or site of wrinkle.
  • Allow to sit for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Banana is known to boost skin health.

Apply egg whites to the wrinkle for smoother appearance

Mash and apply avocado to the affected spot.

Avocado contain some healthy fats that plumps thin skin helping to iron out wrinkles on the skin.

Use Essential oils

amongst your remedies for wrinkles

N/B; Make sure you do some patch test on the skin to see how sensitive your skin reacts to essential oils.

If your skin burns or stings after applying a little to the wrist, do not use on face.

Use olive oil to prevent future wrinkles

Moisturize always, avoid direct sunlight and repetitive facial expressions.

Eat yoghurts

for a healthier alternative in the list of remedies for wrinkles

Yoghurt is a probiotic which is effective in reducing appearance of wrinkles and boosting overall skin health. I always advice those looking for natural remedies for wrinkles to begin with reachable processes like a change in food and skin care routine.

When all is lost, resort to face lift surgery

as one evasive procedure in the list of remedies for wrinkles

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Remedies for wrinkles
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