Nipple pain: Causes, symptoms and remedy

Breast pain, causes and remedy

Nipple pain; What causes it, the symptoms and remedies? Answer; From hormonal changes in menstruation, pregnancy & breastfeeding to infections.

At some point in a woman’s life, experiencing nipple pains a few times is not uncommon. I have experienced it too. There are different causes of nipple pain from hormonal changes to lifestyle factors like what our nipple skin comes in contact with. All of this can cause the nipple which is a very sensitive area to hurt or become sore.

When ever i wore ill fitting bra’s, tight clothes or loose clothes i end up suffering from nipple pain.
Nipple pain is a bit of scary topic for women because even though you must have had an idea of what caused your sore nipple, you may be forced to wonder how such little changes can affect how you feel on there or how our breast or nipple feels.
So the first scary question that basically comes to mind is Could it mean something serious like… Breast, cancer! No. This is the quick answer i give to myself to recover from the quick, long, scary topic. And no it has always been. Breast cancer comes with other symptoms, so relax as we explore causes of sore nipples or nipple pain below.

-Skin conditions

When your skin is irritated or reacting to an environmental allergy, nipple pain is a common sign along with itch or swelling probably. This condition is called dermatitis.

*Contact dermatitis

Occurs when your skin reacts negatively to something it comes in contact with be it the jewelry you wear on that part of the body to the chemicals in the products you use. E.g perfume, soap, detergent, shaving cream, fabric softeners, lotion. Etc.

*Eczema or atopic dermatitis

Eczema occurs due to dry skin. Some is caused by genetics and some as a result of immune system problems.

Quick fix; In this case, treating the eczema will ease the nipple pain.
-Light therapy can be used to treat eczem too
-Steroid creams or over the counter creams can treat dermatitis conditions.
– Anti inflamatory creams and lotions can also help.
-Drugs like antihistmines pills, corticosteroid creams or mosturizerscan be recommended to treat dermatitis allergies. An oath meal bath can also help to ease symptoms.

N/B; Other symptoms that come with nipple pain caused by allergic reaction is redness,rash or chapped skin around the areola or nipple.


When you realize that nipple pain pain becomes intense it could be an infection of the milk duct called mastitis. This happens when bacteria grows inside blocked ducts. Men and women can experience this at any point of their life but is common during breastfeeding especially.

Other symptoms include

-Swollen breast
-Fever of 101f or higher
-Warmth or burning in breast
-Redness or red streaks on breast.

Remedy; Your doctor can recommend antibiotics to treat this infection.

-Breast feeding exposes you to a lot.

Yeast infection called thrush can occur during breastfeeding mostly if you have cracks in nipple or after antibiotic doze. Do you feel shatp, hot, burning or stabbing signs or feelings or some shooting signs along with dry, flaky red skin on breast or nipple.

If you are breastfeeding and you have thrush your baby could get it too. Try to see if you have a white coating on your tongue. It is a sign of thrush.

A yeast infection to the nipple caused by candida albicans, a fungal infection due to damage to surrounding tissues. A historu of fungal infections can cause nipple pain too.

Remedy; Antibiotics can clear the infection and treat nipple pain too.

-Friction from poor fitting clothes

When you run or do a repeat sport like surfing, basketball or repeated motion of any kind. Your shirt or bra can rub against your nipple, irritate your skin around your nipple and many times causing nipple bleed asides soreness and a stinging pain.

It may also be associated witg dry or chapped skin. That doesn’t mean you cannot excercise.

Quick fixes; If you are sensitive to frictions and repeated motions, you can take measures like wearing a surgical tape, waterproof bandages or nipple guards to protect them.

-Apply antibiotic ointment when chaffing

before covering nipple with sterile guaze. It can help.

– Hormonal changes

Certain hormones change and fluctuates at certain times of a woman’s life.

*Menstrual cycle

When your period is about to come, the breast tissue swells as a result of rising estrogen levels causing sore breast and nipples. The pain only lasts shortly before your period comes.


During pregnancy, hormonal changes causes breasts and nipple to swell. This causes nipple ache, soreness or tenderness. A pregnant woman may Leak breast fluid when it’s almost time for delivery. Causing sore breast or nipple.

Remedy; Wearing a well fitting maternity bra may help. Wearing sleeping bra’s overnight may help too.

Speak to your doctor for right pain relievers.

-Breast feeding

This depends on how your baby sucks on the breast which may produce a sharp pain or pain during breastfeeding or a short while which may include nipple crack or bleed.

Remedy; If your baby latching technique brings you pain, try the methods below.

*Squeeze out breast milk and apply round the breast to mosturize it before feeding the baby.
*Using ointments and balms. E.g, lanolin on the nipple may help.
*Allow nipple dry after feeding and change breast pad often.
*Wear a right fitting nursing bra that doesn’t rub against the nipple.
*Take on a comfortable feeding position

-Breast feeding

Breast cancer comes with a painless breast lump and on rare times nipple pain. Yet you must know; that you have nipple pain doesn’t conclude breast cancer for you unless it comes with other symptoms like below.

-Discharge from non breast feeding nipple
-Swollen lymph node under arm
-Nipple that turns inward
-Redness or scaling of skin around nipple area.
N/B; Even men are victims of breast cancer.

Tip; Speak to your doctor in case of any suspicion.

– Paget’s disease

This type of cancer is rare and only affects a few percentage(1-4%) of people with breast cancer and affects just one breast.

Symptoms are

-Flaky,Itching or tingling sensations around nipple
– Flat or inverted, turned in nipple
-Lump in breast
-Yellow or bloody discharge from nipple
-Thickened skin over breast

Men are victims of paget disease too.

Remedy; Chemotherapy and radiation may help.


– Mamogram
A test using xray to detect breast cancer.
A sample of tissue is removed from the breast for examination.
Uses sono waves to check breast changes.

How to prevent sore nipples

-Avoid tight fitting clothes
-Wear moderate sized cloths and not loose clothings.
-Wear right fitting maternity bra during pregnancy, right fitting nursing bra during breast feeding and right fitting sleeping bra for an overnight sleep.
-Excercise regularly to help body get rid of excess fluids.
-Salt during periods can cause fluid retention. Limit salt intake during that time of the cycle.
-Avoid engorged breast by pumping into bottles or feeding regularly.
-Change body feeding position and ensures baby latches the right way.

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Breast pain, causes and remedy
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