Natural hair mask

Natural hair mask

Natural hair mask is one basic and effective yet overlooked need that can take the human hair in lengths and fullness. Avocado, onions,..are Do it yourself measures and DIY straight from the kitchen. The hair is the covering on the head, the crown of a woman and a fashion statement. Long, healthy hair, enhances and beautifies the appearance of any woman or person. The hair draws your attention to the features on a person or a woman’s face which means that you can quickly pass an assumption or be quick to judge a person’s personality and beauty by how healthy, beautiful, shabby, well taken off, the hair is. The looks of the hair, shows how much attention is devoted to the person’s appearance.
For this reason, women or men who are particular about their appearance do not joke with their hair nor want to hear stories when their hair begins to fall off, has dandruff or break. You hear them ranting, running here and there for solutions and may be depressed when the thought of going bald crosses their mind.

Types of hair

Your hair type is primarily based on your hair’s curl pattern.

Hair classification  according to one of four curl patterns:

Type 1 Straight hair
Type 2 Wavy hair
Type 3 Curly hair
Type 4 Coily hair

These types are further divided into subcategories based on the tightness or looseness of the curls and coils. Your hair curl pattern may be altered with heat or chemicals, hormones or medications yet it does not erase your basic curl pattern in your DNA.

You could have type 4C at your crown and 4A at your temples. Your hair could be straight at the root and wavy at the ends. The key is to understand what each type needs so you can style it well and keep it healthy.

Africans have an Afro hair type with just slight variations on forms and texture.

Their hair type may vary from 4a, 4b and 4c with

Texture of different hairs

The texture ranges from.

Straight( Coarse).:

This type of hair is hard to touch and curl. You may just be able to tell the how hard the hair is just by looking at it, yet there are exceptions. Most soft hair types are mistaken for hard and vise versa


This type of hair is the typical Afro hair by description. It grows round the head in a fuller volume no matter its length.

Straight( fine):

This type of hair is also be found around. It is very shiny, soft, hard to hold as it easily shoots from the plait, oily and can be hard to damage

What we would be needing for the natural hair mask

We would be needing just two or three ingredients for this hair mask or hair pack. Some are optional.
From the ancient time and even before the advent of science, medicine has been in existence though in a non refined means. Our forefathers have always found easier, natural ways to treat their health, skin and hair issues traditionally. While this combination may have been applied unknowingly in time past, it is comforting to notice that women of this generation can comfortably find chemical free solutions to thrive in beauty by just shopping plants from the market, looking round their kitchen shelves and even storing in the  and that too very cost effectively. There is nothing as sweet ad non damaging products at your beck and call to boost your confidence.

Avocado: Basic ingredient for the hair mask

Avocado is medically researched as a fruit or vegetable high in calories, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Overall, it is a healthy source of potassium which is a nutrient critical for proper bodily function and better functionality of the nervous system. Potassium is also great at regulating blood pressure.
The biotin ( B complex vitamin)content in Avocado helps for healthy hair growth
Potassium, magnesium, minerals and other nutrients help to prevent hair breakage and gives the hair a smooth, shiny appearance.

Onions: Second basic ingredient for hair mask

Onion is a great source of sulfur which is a great source of support to hair.
It prevents hair loss
Helps production of hair collagen which equals hair growth, minimizes hair thining and breakage
Helps growth of long and thick strands of hair
N:B Onion juice should be applied minimally to the scalp as it can trigger an itchy scalp and excessive scratching which may weaken hair from scalp if done intensely.

Neem seeds:( optional)

Neem as a herb contains antifungal, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which encourages hair growth. It works against dandruff too. You could add it to your natural hair mask

Honey:( optional)

Honey is a moisturizer to those dry hair strands. It contains humectants properties and emollient properties which locks great moisture on to your hair giving it a shine.
Looking at all of the ingredients for our hair mask above, you can greatly see what benefit you will be doing feeding your hair one or all of the nutrients packed in this plant and animal products through single use or a combination of them.
All of the above ingredients are edible and pampering. I mean why apply to your scalp what you cannot apply to your skin or what you cannot ingest.
N:B They are all very safe to use and should be used minimally. Too much of anything ruins results. Say once every week or when ever you would wash your hair.

How to prepare your natural hair mask or pack

Step 1:

Get fresh and soft avocados, scoop from its flesh with your spoon and mash them in a plate : Our head sizes differ and our hair volume and texture differ too. Get enough mashed paste st your discretion for as much as will go round your hair

Step 2:

Get a bulb or two of onions and blend or pound them using a clean pestle and mortar or blender.


Make your onions turn brown in frying oil before blending: Frying in oil in minimal flame till it is deep brown:(optional). Its not compulsory that you fry your onions to be used for your natural hair. In fact i prefer it non fried but some other people vouch on frying it in low heat and oil.

Step 3:

Boil your neem seeds till soft and grind or crush them to paste

Step 4:

Get your fresh, undiluted, natural honey

Step 5:

Mix your mashed avocado and blended onion which may be thick or in liquid consistency pending on the type of blender used and setting.

Step 6:

Blend this two with your clean hands together in a bowl. Apply directly to your hair when you are about to wash the hair or will soon have a bath and makes sure it goes round as you gently massage your scalp. : That process is known to trigger hair growth or growth of hair follicles when done lovingly.

Step 7:

When you are done applying round, cover hair or head with a transparent napkin and allow to rest for 30 minutes to one hour.
Step 8: wash off, use a clean towel to wipe and comb softly. Then enjoy your goodness.
Once this procedure is done regularly at least anytime you want to wash your hair every week, you are sure to see changes, consistent hair growth, build strong
and shiny strands of hair

N:B: If you must use neem seeds for your natural hair mask in step 7 above, add it to your mashed avocados and blended onions and mix before application. Add a spoonful or 2 of honey to the above mixture if you must add to it before washing and towel drying.
Note; You may decide to wash with just water if it satisfies you or you use any natural, non harsh soap. Soaps without color, or harsh chemicals.
That’s it! Your hair is good to go.

Natural hair mask
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