Motion sickness; Causes and remedies

Motion sickness

Motion sickness: Why do i have fever and vomit during travel? Answer; Nausea, sweating and dizziness etc are all signs of motion sickness and occurs when a person who gets them travel through any means that takes them on motion be it air plane, train, bus, ship or just any route.

Before i begun classes in medical college i wasn’t for once aware of the inconvenience that most people encountered while they travelled until one of my cousins returned from one of her trips and refused to be silent about her sickening experiences which included throwing up constantly and lots of other symptoms all through her travel and narrated how this happens to her all through her journey. I listened to her and wondered what could be the cause of that but quickly dismissed it with the claim that she hated travel all her life. It was after one of my friend’s narrated his experience to me and it was similar to my cousin’s that i was propelled to do some research on it. This was further elaborated in classes.

Motion sickness can range from vomiting, dizziness, sweating, pale skin etc.

To sum my story above. On my final year in school we were to go on a course trip with students from other departments and it was a bus trip. My new friend whom we got acquainted was from another department sat right by me as the bus moved and almost few minutes into the journey i realized he began to sweat and looked u comfortable. Soon he looked at me. “I am sorry he said”. For what i asked. It happens all the time i travel, he replied and before i realized he had spilled some vomit on the bus floor. Luckily we bought some snacks we ate before the journey began and it was put in a plastic bag for us so the plastic bags came in handy as all he did was vomit on them. He was my friend, i was right by him and needed to be supportive even though the contents continually splashed on me and so yuck was out of the question as it was a full bus and adjusting sits was out of the question. Soon i got used to the many different sickly signs signs he showed asides vomiting. I made him know he’d be fine and we talked for a short while on how to lesson the motion sickness.

People who have motion sickness most times check on their doctor’s to get supplements, medications or vitamins to help them temporarily as they travel or long term.

What causes motion sickness or why do you have fever or vomit during travel?

Motion sickness is said to be caused by when your inner ear senses something different from what your eyes sees.

*A little fix; Driving a car or sitting in front may help to create connection between your eyes and inner ears.

How do you ease motion sickness?

-Change positions to help minimize symptoms.

For people who have motion sickness everybody seems to have a position that presented less symptoms and made them feel a little better. Learn what makes you feel better. Is it lying down or leaning backwards or standing etc. but as you know, this isn’t possible with some medium of travel like a packed bus or boat and when it isn’t some private travel vehicle. You are bound to face restrictions and impossibilities but of course when you are determined you can plan ahead of each travel. This may mean cancelling out emergency trips.

-Distract yourself with focus

Keep your eyes on the horizon. This is a distraction tactic used by focusing on a stationery object in the distance.

-Distract yourself with music or discussion.

Keep yourself busy by switching the music on your head or ear phone on. Better still, engage in a serious discussion and get engrossed with the person next seat. It may help lesson psychological symptoms like nausea, sweating etc.

-Drink on fluids often.

Sip on lots of cold water, milk, apple or ginger drinks. Stay away from caffeinated drinks or soda’s that may cause hydration or make symptoms worse. E.g. chew mint.

– Get air

Get the windows open to get air blowing on your face to relieve symptoms.

-Nibble on light foods or snacks

Salty crackers, apples or light salty snacks may help. Cereals, bananas, bread and grains may help too.

-Stay away from books

Looking at devices or reading may worsen symptoms. Swap to audio books or have a nap to distract yourself.


  • -Dizziness
  • -Sweating
  • -Vomiting
  • -Increase in saliva production
  • -Loss of appetite
  • -Pale skin
  • -Headaches
  • -Shallow breathing
  • -Feeling extremely tired
  • -Pallor
  • -Drooling
  • -Drowsiness
  • -Feeling of discomfort
  • -Yawning
  • -Unease.

Medication remedies

-Sniffing essential oil bottle containing peppermint, ginger or lavender may help reduce feeling of nausea.

-Licorice root lozenges

May help ward off nausea too

-Chamomile herb tea

May reduce or relax stomach muscles and soothe stomach wall.

-Use Over the counter medications

Dimenhydrinaye(Dramamine) Meclizine(Antivert) or diphen hydramine ( Benadryl)30 or 60 minutes before travel and after every 6 hours during journey may help. Drowsiness is expected while taking these drugs. Though Meclizine has lesser effects.

  • -Promethazinedrug is a prescription drug that reduces signals from your brain that causes you to vomit. For adults, 25 milligrams twice a day with the first doze taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before travel. Children between 2- 17 years may take 12.5 milligrams twice a day.
  • -Scopolanine is also a prescription drug that comes in skin patch or pill and applied behind the ear to provide relief for up to 3 days. It comes with side effects like a dry mouth.
    Speak to your doctor before use, especially if you have health issues.

Long term solutions

  • -Herbs, ginger, peppermints supplement at least twice a day may help.

-Bio feed therapy

This is a medical procedure that uses your thoughts to control physical responses to stimuli like motion. It can be done by a certified therapist.

-Acupressure band like sea ban may take 2-5 minutes after wearing them to stimulate your nei-kuan point continuously.

-Take vitamin B-6( Pyridoxine)

It is used in anxiety patients and pregnant women to treat vomiting and nausea. Maximum dosage is 100milligrams per day.

-Take -5HTP+Magnesium

Supplements 5-Hydroxytrytophan( 5-HTP) and magnesium may help raise serotonin levels as linked to motion sickness. Results may be visible after 2-3weeks.

N/B: Make an appointment with your doctor if you travel frequently and cannot adjust so as to begin the best option treatment like bio feed back therapy or over the counter drug.

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Motion sickness
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