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I am Mai Gail, mental health expert, (Founder of the work class diet and the pinnacle sales and marketing strategy and JARAHAB).

Ever had your never ending struggles in health and life that it affected everything about you, including your mental health?

Mai Gail is a health strategist, mental health expert and weight loss consultant and coach who is naturally on the fat side but gained a grasp on the intricacies of weight gain and loss and succeeds to keep her weight easily in check.

This she does for her clients who yearn to shed the stubborn tummy fats, take the inches off the waist and keep the pounds at bay. She has fought stress and anxiety, gotten her fair share of struggle with time management and as one with a perfectionist nature, she learned to cope and overcame some embarrassing and threatening  health issues that would over ride her mental health and didn’t give up only because asides God she found solace in writing.

Writing is a natural therapy for her. This grew to become her first love and passion and when she married it with her strong business acumen, was able to coin the practical pinnacle strategy. From health and beauty changes you intend to make to resolutions you hope to make on your health and beauty ambitions, to your business passion, Mai Gail has had immense and expansive success and paid her dues in health and core specific areas in  business and may just be the right help in your dilemma.

Watch out for her next online writing course and e-book on stress management and time management.

Mai Gail is the founder of JaRaHaB who shares special medically researched health tips along with her numerous embarassing, life threatening and weird health struggles and challenges along side tips on how she constantly constantly copes with worry and anxiety/ panic attacks and her other general struggles. This she shares along side skin, lifestyle and anti-aging tips quoting her beauty challenges too and how she made better of it and is still making. She has had her own share of mental struggles in stress coping and relief and also time management. She has also helped clients become more mentally balanced and achieved while getting their way around excess loads and life burdens and is disposed to helping you too. I learn from you, you learn from me. It’s a win-win for the 2 of us.

A serial writer,  Serial entrepreneur, tech preneur and medical and health professional. A public speaker,course and online content creator, with successful published works and an MPH degree

Mai Gail is a poet and passionate novelist with 10 children’s books Manuscripts ready for Submission and Six fictional book manuscripts of different genres also ready for submission.

According to their order “cold walk to Hollywood, Daughter of Prophecy, Kingdom Lining, Era of the Curse, Prophecy Fulfilling, 33 days to find love and against the odds”. There are many more in the writing process including the “Fiery Christmas Tree”.

Mai Gail is a survivor and a dreamer. Call me your friend. We are family only because we share a similar goal  and keep finding solutions to life strong headed questions and of course health they say is wealth and don’t forget that you are addressed by your looks,  that is why we are in this together. Feel free to share with me and allow me share in your struggles. I am open to working with you to make it work.

Also watch out for my e-books on weight loss basic cookbook, ( Special healthy ways to take off the fat through food preparations) and also watch out for ‘Going through the fat burning furnace with no exercise easily using the ‘ Work class diet.

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