Live lessons to learn before you are 30

Anorexia signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment/cure

Life is a teacher itself and it will continue to teach as many ready for its lessons. Live lessons to learn before you are 30 can be taken from what ever stage of your life you are in and from experienced people too. Depression can set in when reality sets in without preparation.

Live lessons to learn before you're 30

There will be lots of Responsibilities and the need to be Be responsible

How do you know a person is reasonable and matured? Its in how he embraces responsibilities even when everybody is throwing blames at round. Taking responsibility for everything that takes place In your life in a reasonable amount will not only help you embrace change to forge forward but will help you weigh options effectively and improve. Taking Responsibility signals a person who I willing to be a better version of himself

Take responsibility for your actions, your weight, your failures, your successes, your decisions  etc. progressing to age 30 is no child’s play and this is just one amongst the live Lessons’ to take in preparation.

It may be time for priority checks and resettings

All your years back you may have been giving priorities to the wrong things, people that don’t matter, objects of ridicule, wrong career paths, uncalculated steps to business ideas. Now you’re about to clock 30. If you couldn’t hit the right paint early back, 30 could be just the right push and eye opener to reset your priorities even in the environments you stay air check into, your study timetable etc.

There maybe and should be moments of sober reflections to see how far on the journey you have come.

Many times we don’t all wear same moods and the more we advance in age the more this occurs often. It is in the moments of sober reflections that you see how far you have come and how farther you must go on life’s journey to actualizing your dreams. In this moment, you may not feel the best of yourself as emotions of regrets, blame taking and apportioning and even critical decision making comes into play. Why did i let this partner go, was it the way destiny desired, should i revisit my business idea to know why it failed even though i had passion. What could i have done differently, what career change can better my life and prospects, do i take an extra course, i think i should feel more confident when i drop some weight, etc. This is a normal requirement for a human who not only advanced in age but also wants to advance in life.

There may be moments of revaluation

Moments where you decide to change steps, re strategize when things are not working as expected based on following some of your set principles. Lifestyle changes could also occur. Where am i now, where was i, where am i going to now? Knowing this answers is re evaluation. This is imperative for growth, maturity and success.

There must be moments of goal setting, trashing and re fixing

No matter how apt, perfect and smart a person is with actualizing their dreams, life would always find a way to happen. Things may not always go 100%as planned. There may be moments of pleasant shocks and rude shocks that keep you wondering where you have missed it or what good you must have effortlessly done to merit the other success you eyes wasn’t fixed on. You also in the process will love to learn what and what you did differently in the times you succeeded and failed. You may have dedicated your study time to clubbing, you may have given priority to the wrong partners, you may have played deaf ears to pursing that passion ringing deep in your head and mind for fear of uncertainty. Re setting goals and priorities at this stage is dome great goal and beginning of goal setting. This will help you set new goals to success, redefine steps to your dream’s purpose and trash stale and useless paths, strategies and decisions. Re fixing at this point is never too early or too late too.

You will realize the uncertainty, beauty and emptiness of life

life may begin to dawn at you. You may likely realize things you must do not to plunge into a mid life crisis, you may realize you have been in a dark pace all your life cos life has it bad part, you may realize how beautiful the world can get if you paint it in your pencil colors, you may realize the emptiness of life. What ever phase of life and achievements you are in will decide just how much and what kind of emotion and feelings you get when you think about life.

There will be need to Shoulder Responsibilities

If you haven’t begun to shoulder responsibilities in any form, you must first learn to shoulder your own responsibilities. This doesn’t come easily and so must be considered a live lesson. Before now there are others responsible for you, they shoulders your responsibilities, offers support in any form, moral and financial etc. Your patents, your friends, your lovers etc. They may have been doing that out of love and concern or because you are yet to find your footing in life. Now that you are almost 30 if you have not already begun, at this age of maturity, then this is just the right time for the tables to turn.

This means that asides looking for a way to fend for them or offer support in one way or the other to them, asides paying back the kindness they showed you all your life or just temporarily, moving forward, every decision you make must put them into consideration. You care for them because you Care about them. You care about them and so you wouldn’t want to hurt them.

This again must be done with your happiness in mind. Prioritize yourself first not to be selfish about others and prioritize the ones you Care about not to harm your happiness. At the end of the day, there should be a balance somewhere.

failures Should equip you for strength.

In life, failures are a part of the journey. Show me a man who people fr a success but hasn’t had a single failure in this life and id show you people who got to the tip only because they learned not to dwell in their failures or lie face flat because they realized failures were only part of the process and makes up the success story in full. I have  had mine, I’m still having them, you have your moments too and it will only do you good to pick yourself up and go stronger. Let your failures be your fuel to success. This is one important of the live lessons

Accountability will make all the difference

Adulthood is not just about achievements, about those beautiful qualities to be admired by all or some. Accountability signals integrity, transparency, and think of all those beautiful adjectives. It signals that you are civil and enlightened enough to face the truth at all times. A Rarely mentioned live lessons

Circle of friends and influence make or mar you

At this point In your life you must realize how much your circle of friends matter. You must know just how much they can make it mar you. You must be ready to change circle. Be in a circle of dream chasers, people with positive vibes, people who push you to do the right things, those you can be partners with on a journey to success. Your circle of friends must be great for networking to influence ad connection. No, I don’t mean you should aim so unrealistically high to go make friends with millionaires and celebrities you cannot gain access to, I mean you should begin from where you are to spot people who mean business with life. I also don’t mean you should discard or disregard genuine friends who have been with you through thick and thin all in the guise of changing circle because they are poor. So long as they been hardworking and mean well for you, keep them. get rid of toxic friends or circle who influence your decision to go the wrong directions, friends who see it normal to cheat with multiple partners, become a chain smoker. Drink to stupor etc. Learn to balance it all

If you must behind your journey to the 30’s with all amount of preparedness, learn this lesson. One of the live lessons for the matured.

There will be stages in life which will bring an influx of emotions.

Emotions like anger, frustration, feelings of disappointment, sadness, self loathe, feeling like a failure must be managed and subdued to subside while coping strategies must be found for psychological states like anxiety, depression etc.

You will not be loved by all

No matter what you do, how perfect you thrive to be. You must have it at the back of your mind that not everybody will love you and yes, it is the Is right. One of the live lessons for the brave.

Gratitude is a proof of your view of the world

Gratitude shows contentment. When you develop the mindset of being thankful for the little you have you erase the self pity stemming from ‘I fall amongst the unlucky people’ belief. This is one of the  live lessons for the bold

Mindfulness makes life easier

Taking life as it comes and doing things one at a time is a skill that must be learned. Mindfulness keeps you relaxed, it reduces pressure, it helps you make the right decisions and so many and enormous benefits. This is one of the life lessons for the strong

Only a few things matter in skills and job

That you attended the best school and had the best grades doesn’t guarantee you a job or your dream job after graduation. That you learned the skill doesn’t mean you will get customers or clients and excellent abundantly. What matters is your passion, commitment, consistency and learning the growth process. One day your hustle will pay

Diversification  is a must

No matter how much your job or business brings, you cannot afford to out all your eggs in one basket. That’s a great risk. What if the basket crashes and you looks all the eggs. Life happens with all its uncertainties. To be on the safer side, learn to have multiple streams of income. Don’t expect immediate results, be ready to work for it and be happy in its struggles. Learn on the way

Self love is best love

You have been bullied and mentally or emotionally damaged all your life. you have met people who agree with you that you do not belong or are nothing close to good looks or expectations and here, you cry in self pity. No body loves me, you say. Let me ask you. Do you love yourself? If No, put people in your shoes. You get what you reflect, how can you expect to GE value for what you own and present as valueless before others? Put a value on yourself. There must be something to love about you, Just one thing to capitalize on. Find it and love yourself for it watch others love you. The society is indecisive.

Continuous lessons will make you evolve

Life is full of continue lessons, not the down in your diaries or journals and take note of its lessons. Don’t end halfway.

30 is not the height but beginning

Continuous Mental evaluation or reevaluation will keep you saner

Every time in life, issues and circumstances will arise that will force you to reboot, shut down mentally or emotionally or get exhausted. Learn to embrace the horrors and sort yourself and decisions peacefully after thorough evaluation.

Being Decisive will prevent you from being tossed

Learn to know what you want and go for it. Also know what you want of life and know what you want to do. It will prevent strangers, wore mongers, scammers and all the seems good with no true evidence or path to swindle or cajole you.

Being flexible to change keeps you awake

Change is constant and it will only do you good to change the right way with the right circumstances and refuse to be tossed or stagnant. Adjust accordingly and work to suit your aims and purpose.

Tolerance is great

On your journey to life, you will meet people who will get you so worked up, pissed up or display strange behaviors. Tolerance is experience. This is a lot lesson for the learned

Communication is key

Learn to work on your communication skills. It will help you in business, jobs, personal relationships and all endeavors. Learn to respectfully speak out instead of leaving people on assumptions. This is one of the  live lessons for the exposed.

Money skills and plans are essential

Learn money and people skills. Know when to save and when to invest. No how to relate and manage people. This is one of the life lessons for the determined.

Your Relationship status/ Family decision lies on your hands

Decide if you want to remain single or get married or begin a family. Of course this decisions will be impacted by your past experiences, opinions, mentality and future purposes. Go for what makes you happy on the long run and don’t make decisions you are bound to regret tomorrow. Give it some time

Building relationships is necessary

Building relationships is essential for growth, interaction and cohabitation. No man is an island or a reservoir of himself

Accept Reality, Its the good and bad.

Truth can be scary in whatever way it comes but it cannot be erased. Embrace the truth In all its love and cruelty

Life will not always turn out exactly the way we want it or dream it

Life can take turns, be filled with thorns, obstacles, glitches, frustrations, downs and lows and so many tears. It is part of the essence. That is why it is called life. Know It and know peace

Accepting people for their differences is a universal gift

You will come different races, different categories, different classes, different statuses, different beliefs, different looks, and many other differences. Treat people how you want to be treated

Learning to see people for who they are is understanding

Humans are not perfect. Learn to embrace imperfections and see the flaws as part of what makes them. It will save you from shocks when you see a stranger part of them you never thought existed.

Guarding your health jealously is dedication

Health is wealth. Where there is life, there is hope and of course you want to enjoy your wealth and then you should no you have no option than to live. And to live, you must guard your health jealously and be intentional about what you eat, drink and ways to stay active and slow aging.

Family is everything, yet you may find solace from total strangers

Most times you either get all your help from people you least expect or others. This same non family members may understand you better than your family.

Its Ok not to have everything figured out just yet.

So many people think its over, they assume they are failures and get burned out, when they find themselves at a Cross road and not having their lives figured oh they feel left alone. It may take time and continuous efforts or trials and errors to stumble upon what’s yours or hit the right spot. Just don’t stop or give up yet.

There are societal, social media and peer pressure. Never allow it get to you

pressure if not controlled can lead to desperation. desperation leads to hasty decisions and hasty decisions leads to regrets. Manage pressures.

Forgiveness is peace of mind.

when you hold grudges, you shorten your lifespan through exposing yourself to heart problems and unnecessary leaps to your heart beats, you expose yourself to stress and the likes when you could easily be at peace by letting the grudges off your heart. To err is human and to forgive is divine

Its easy to hold grudges, but it limits you, it steals your reasoning time

You must hold the key to your happiness

Don’t let people’ actions decide what time of the day or hour or month and year you should be happy. You are giving too much power to strangers. Don’t give the key to people who do not know how to open the door. Take charge of your life and decide to be happy at all times even when there is no reason to.

Smile. It makes you look younger

It puts people at ease with you and makes you more warm, welcoming and receptive to strangers and people around you. Smile, you don’t own the world’s problems.

Travel to at least 2 places outside of where you have been all your life

It will help you acknowledge cultures, embrace people of other race and traditions, and accept people for their differences while learning to see things differently.

Not all who praise and smile at you are your friends.

There may be some back stabbers and gossips amongst the dick of friends you most trust and confide I. Learn to be careful with the information and part of your life you divulge and expose to the world. Learn to be at ease with people but please work with caution. That they hail you doesn’t mean they are you true cheerleader.

Life may threaten to steal your smile but never allow it.

There are times your efforts may be thwarts, there at times things seem like they were destined to fail from the start. Smile still

Betrayals are a part of the journey

Betrayals are common this days. Don’t kill yourself or the person. Learn the lesson and move.

Developing shock absorbers is necessary

life comes with shocks. Doing life can throw you off balance until you train yourself to absorb the shocks yo will get while doing life, then you will be your strongest.

Nothing must come as shock to you

Tears and heartbreaks are a part of the journey

They only make you stronger for the journey you were meant to embark on as you may meet situations much worse that will require stamina on your journey to your destination.

Anorexia signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment/cure
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