Itchy ears

Itchy ears

Itchy ears;What causes it and how can i make it stop?.The truth is; There are reasons why the ear itches or gives other symptoms and there are remedies to it. Well, it’s fair to say that at one point in our lives, we all must have had an itchy er either briefly or temporarily and some with more serious degree and intensity pending on the underlying cause.


-Ear wax blockage

The ear wax are there to clean and protect the inner ear from infection. This ear wax comes out openly to the ear, dries out and stays on there.
Pushing cotton swabs, fingers,bobby pins, pen covers, match sticks, other objects people stick in the ear or any foreign substance can irritate the ear canal causing blockage. When ear wax traps bacteria in the ear, it causes infection due to blockage.

-Ear infections

A build up of ear wax can cause blockage. As a result, bacteria and viruses build up causing ear infections which causes itchy ears.

-Food allergies

When you react to certain foods, certain parts of your body show signs of allergic reactions. Foods common with allergies are; Soy, wheat, milk, nuts, fishes, e.g: shell fish etc. Fruits like: Almonds, hazel nuts,sun flower seeds etc.
Asides ear itching there may be serious effects of allergy including those of medical emmergency. e.g: Inability to breathe needing medical attention.

-Dry ears

Cleaning the ear too much can remove ear oils and ear wax the ear produces to clean and keep the ear healthy causing irritation and itchiness. Flaky or dry skin around the ear may just be a sign that the ear isn’t producing enough ear wax.

– Learning aids

People using hearing aids may experience itchy ears if water gets trapped in it. Consult a specialist in this case.

-Acute otitis

This is an external condition occuring when water gets trapped in ear causing multiplication of the bacteria causing infection. This affects mostly swimmers. They may notice other symptoms like difficulty hearing,drainage from ear,pain in ear, inflammation around ear, feeling of blocked ear. Etc.

-Hay fever also known as allergic rhinitis

This occurs when people have allergic reactions to common particles in air. E.g;Dust mite, animal fur, pollen causing itching in ear, eyes and nose, runny eyes, runny nose, congestion, headaches, sneezing. Etc

-Common cold

Congestion caused by common cold can cause itchy ears.

-Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis may give itchy ears along with scaly patches and inflammation in ear.

Remedies for itchy ears

-Olive oil or baby oil drops in the ear can relieve itchy ears caused by skin dryness and hearing aids. See a doctor still.

-A syringe or saline solution can be used by doctor to flush excess ear wax if oil drops do not work.

-Use solution containing half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol on ear to help dry out excess water. Still consult your doctor.

-Antibiotics can be used to clear ear infections.
– Antihistamines can be used to clear ear infections caused by food allergies.
-Mild steroid ear drops can relieve itching when there is no evidence of serious problems.
-Steroid pills can be used to treat itchy ears caused by psoriasis or eczema.

N/B: See a doctor if problem persists, accompanies other symptoms or become worse.

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Itchy ears
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