How to get rid of butt hairs the right way easily

how to get rid of butt acne

Ingrown hair on my butt. How do i get rid of butt hair the right way easily? Ingrown butt hair is natural and there are ways out if taking it off is just the the next thing on your mind. Butt hairs are not alien. Many people have them. Some obvious, some less.

Having hair on the body is very normal. Asides attraction hair serves a purpose in whatever part of the body it grows on but as for the ingrown hair on the butt, I do not think we have come to realize what it is there for.

I guess, just like you, that is why just the mere thought of it makes me uncomfortable and get me always thinking of taking it off. Oh! How can I forget that the one reading this is probably more bothered than I am about it and is bent on using magical wands to make them disappear. Lol, calm down dear. We all have been through that common weird route.

How to get rid of butt hair the right way

Worry not. There is a solution and freak not because it is a natural process. Puberty gets the hair growing on every part of the body necessary from the legs, pubic areas, face, underarm and even your worry area( The butt) winks. Lol. Though genetics and hormone play a large part in how much grows down there.

How do you get rid of butt hair the right way and easily?

-Shaving the butt hair

N/B; Anytime you shave or wax, you risk an infection entering the shaved areas but again that should not stop you from giving it a try with a new blade.

Shaving is better done in the shower.

  • -Clean the butt area with mild soap and water
  • -Put your legs up or raise it to the wall
  • -Now you have access to that thin, small area
  • -Begin with gentle strokes to avoid cuts and shave in the direction the hair grows
  • -Use shaving cream afterwards for best results.


N/B; Make sure to exfoliate before waxing to remove dead cells and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering open pores when waxing.

  • If you want to wax by yourself,
  • – Trim your hair with a scissors or bikini trimmer,
  • -Apply natural wax over the butt area
  • -Apply the waxing cloth
  • -Wait for the wax to harden
  • – Swiftly pull off wax strip.
  • -Moisturize after wax.

Tip; The wax should not be too hot or too cold. You do not want to risk burns or skin damage. Follow instructions carefully. Every wax is different.

Generally when it comes to waxing of the butt hair, I’d advice that you get it done by a professional. Waxing removes all the hair from the needed area and lasts longer than the shaving method

Tip; Use cortisone cream or benzyl peroxide cream if you have skin irritation.

  • -Laser hair removal
    Speak to a dermatologist or gynecologist before doing hair removal through this method. Laser hair removal is used to remove hair throughout the body including the butt area.
    Tip; lasers can burn your skin especially if you have a darker skin

Tip; To minimize risk of after effects get a laser treatment done by an experienced and certified professional with knowledge of all skin types.

Tip; Lasers can be painful. Take pain relievers like acetaminophen. Swelling, blistering, scarring and redness is common with this method .

N/B ; Use sugar to wax or use depilatory creams to get hair off. Some depilatory creams are not recommended for butts due to allergic reactions.

After lasers, depilatory creams are the less irritating because they do not pull the hair.

– Epilators

Use epilators to pull out hairs. Epilators are a bunch of mini tweezers used mechanically to pluck out many hairs at once.

Tip; Use of epilators are painful but nit extremely painful.


This involves use of electric current through a small needle into the hair follicles to cause them to stop growing and fall our. Sessions can range from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how large the area where hair is being removed.

N/B; Pain and redness is common after electrolysis. This method can bring pain and discomfort than other methods of hair removal but is worth it.

Tip; Pain relievers should be taken before electrolysis to relieve pain.

What ever method you chose to use for getting rid of your butt hair, it is best you know the risk and prepare for it. Medically it is advised to keep the hair where they grow but for beauty and personal preferences, taking the hair off, you risk

  • – Folliculitis
  • -Ingrown hair
  • -Infection
  • -Cuts
  • -Itching
  • -Razor burn and rash.

Tip; Make sure to apply mild soap and warm water before hair removal and aloe Vera after hair removal to prevent bumps, irritation and other risks involved.

Tip; If you use depilatory cream that itches, it means your skin is sensitive to it. Rinse or wash off with cold water.

Final note; you can chose to trim your hair with bikini trimmer or scissors rather than shave it totally. In all you do, it is best you speak to a health care professional or dermatologist if you have concerns and want to get rid of your butt hair.

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how to get rid of butt acne
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