How to treat an infected wound

How to treat infected wound

A wound that increases in pain and swelling may be a sign of an infected wound and may have you asking how to treat an infected wound.

There are domestic and work place accidents that causes wounds associated with pains in the process.

How to treat infected wounds

But in the process this wound gets exposed to germs and bacteria’s which grows within the damaged skin of the wound which takes away the ability to get an even skin tone and proves dangerous if not treated quickly.

Wound infection severity comes with symptoms such as

  • -fever
  • -nausea
  • -chills.

Extra symptoms are;

  • -Yellow or green wound discharge
  • -Unpleasant odor
  • -Red streaks around the wound
  • – Aches and pains
  • -Warm skin around wound.

If you are sure your wound is infected and do not know where to start from, seek medical attention.

When it isn’t severe, it can be treated at home.

Below is how to treat an infected wound.

  • – Ensure all necessary equipment is clean
  • -Wash the hands with soap and water
    rinse and dry them
  • – Clean the wound by using warm soapy water to clean the skin around the wound.
  • – Use tweezers cleaned with alcohol to remove debris from the wound.
  • -Gently rub the wound with a soft, damp cloth.
  • -Apply thin layer of antiseptic ointment or petroleum jelly to the wound.
  • -Air dry skin and covet with bandage if it’s a big wound. Leave open if it isn’t.

Risk Factors for wound infection

There is a risk of wound getting infected if

  • -It was a bite from an animal or another person.
  • -When wound is exposed to dirt or foreign particles
  • -The wound is large and deep and has ragged ends
  • -Poor blood circulation
  • -Weak immune system. E.g. people living with HIV.
  • -Nutrient and vitamin deficiency
  • – Advance in age
  • – Lack of exercise.
  • -In rare times, incision from medical procedures.

Wound infection complications

Just like other issues arising in the body, when wound infection is ignored, complication may arise which may in turn affect parts of the body.


This occurs when the infection penetrates the blood stream.

This can be life threatening and lead to multiple organ failures.
Sepsis is an auto immune reaction.


This occurs when inner tissues and layers of the skin swell, become red with increased pains accompanied by:

  • -Chills
  • -Nausea
  • -Vomiting
  • -Dizziness

All of this occurs when inner layers and and tissues of the skin becomes infected.

-Necrotizing Fasciitis

Occurs when bacterial infection spreads into the fascial lining tissue that lies beneath the skin.

Necrotizing fasciitis causes severe skin damage that spreads throughout the body.

It is a rare condition and medical emergency.

– Osteomyelitis

When the bone becomes infected by bacteria


Are common symptoms of osteomyelitis

When to visit a doctor

  • – When blood wouldn’t stop spurting despite pleasure applied.
  • -When wound is large, deep with jagged ends.
  • -Refused to heal but increased in pains
  • -symptoms such as fever, redness, pain and discharge occur.
  • -When you sustained wound from contaminated or dirty places or objects.
  • -When you cannot remove debris from the wound by yourself.

Tip; Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent bacteria from being resistant to the drug during bacterial infection.

Tip; Most wounds require glue or tape around it. Some require stitches.

Tip; Contaminated tissue may be removed by a doctor through a process called debridement to prevent spread of infection.

Tip; Tetanus may be needed in the case of a bite.

Tip; when any injury is sustained clean the wound and dress cuts and grazes immediately to prevent infections.

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How to treat infected wound
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