How to stay healthy during pregnancy: 10 ways

How to stay healthy during pregnancy

Pregnant?, then just like every other pregnant woman out there, keeping yourself and baby healthy must be on your list of your priorities from the time you expect the baby till it arrives. You may get to panic over baby’s health issues These 10 ways outlined below will guide you on how to stay healthy during pregnancy till childbirth.

How to stay healthy during pregnancy

Eat Healthy Foods

All babies or fetus in the womb need nutrients for healthy growth and development and there are certain foods that can aid in doing just that.


Eat food low in saturated fats

Whole grains, green vegetables and colorful fruits can do the magic.


Eat foods rich in calcium

Calcium aids strong bone growth in both mother and child.


Eat balanced diet.

As a pregnant woman, eating balanced diet should be on the list of priority if you must get all adequate diets and nutrients from all classes of foods. Especially protein, healthy fats like salmon and avocado, and vitamins. You also need minimum energy requirements from basic carbohydrate foods.

  • Eat lean meats and low fat diary products
  • Eat foods high in essential nutrients
  • Take supplements high in folic acid, calcium and iron can aid supplement the ones you could not take in diets.
  • Take prenatal vitamins

The baby’s cord which be becomes the baby’s brain and spinal cord develops within the first months of pregnancy. So it is essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium and iron beginning from when you’re trying to conceive

N:B: Most people feel queasy from taking prenatal vitamins

Tip: chew hard on candy, gum or snack on something light while you take them at night to help relieve symptom

Calcium recommendation: pregnant women are often recommended to get 100mg of calcium daily to meet baby’s high calcium demands and prevent loss of calcium in bones of mothers.

Tip: foods like milk, spinach, yoghurt, pasteurized cheese, broccoli, almonds, soy milk, dried beans etc. are good sources of calcium.


Iron recommendation: iron is recommended in 30mg everyday for Pregnant women. Red blood cells circulate to deliver oxygen to cells and iron is the major oxygen carrying component of red blood cells needed to make hemoglobin.


N:B: iron helps the body make red blood cells that provides oxygen to tissues and organs to help the body function well.


Tips: Salmon, eggs, tofu, dark leaves, green vegetables, red meats, dried fruits, dried beans and peas are rich in iron.


Folic acid

  • About 0.4 mg of folic acid supplements is recommended to women of child bearing age and those trying for a baby.
  • Taking folic acid 3 months before pregnancy prevents neural tube defects such as spins bifida.



The importance of fluids cannot be overemphasized to all humans but it is even more needed in pregnancy along with plenty other fluids to prevent dehydration and constipation.



Just like others, pregnant women need exercise but must be sure to check with their doctor before they begin an exercise program.


Exercise helps keep weight in check, reduce stress, help stat active, prepare women for labor, boost mood, improve circulation,  and improves sleep.


N:B: Pilate’s, walking, yoga and swimming are extremely  beneficial.

Tip: Be sure to walk in cool shaded areas to avoid overheating

  • Listen carefully to the needs of your body to be sure it carries you
  • Make sure to keep balance to avoid risk of falling
  • Drink lots of fluid
  • Stop if you feel uncomfortable or short of breath.
  • Avoid overstretching

Avoid exercise that gives abdominal discomfort or injury due to pressure or impact.

Practice levels to ease delivery and prevent urinary incontinence.



Pregnancy will normally make you feel fired than usual. Knowing how to stay healthy during pregnancy involves even your sleeping routines. Sleep can help relieve such moments.

As your baby gets bigger, it will begin to affect the way you sleep due to discomfort.

Tip: It is recommended that you lie on your side with your knee bent for comfort to allow blood flow to the heart and legs, reduce varicose veins, hemorrhoids and swelling.

Preferably, lie on the left side to help blood flow to the placenta and the baby.

Go for prenatal checkups regularly

To limit risk of low birth weight or pregnancy complications.

Reduce stress

Ask for help when necessary, get enough rest to improve birth outcomes.


Avoid certain foods

What we invest and the habits we indulge in impacts the outcome of our existence. It can become disastrous when a pregnant woman refuses to watch what she eats


Most people advice that you indulge in alcohol in little amounts but I’d advice that you totally stay off it as much as possible if you want to have your fetus develop properly and if you have to deliver a healthy baby. If you truly desire to know how to stay healthy pregnancy then you must be willing to do some sacrifices too.

N:B babies cannot eliminate alcohol so it damages their nervous system.


Stay away from hard drugs during pregnancy

This is almost an obvious knowledge for those looking to know how to stay healthy during pregnancy. For emphasis, drugs use in pregnancy prevent poor growth, birth defects, premature birth, behavior and learning problems as well as cause you to have babies addicted to drugs


  • Stay away from smoking, caffeine and nicotine
  • Steer clear of unpasteurized cheese or fresh cheese.
  • Steer clear of unpasteurized milk, juices and apple cider vinegar
  • Steer clear of raw egg, raw or under cooked meat or fish and processed meats.
  • Steer clear of hot dogs and fresh fishes unless heated to steaming.
  • Avoid raw iced cream and raw cooked Doug
  • Avoid some actions
  • Avoid use of over the counter drugs unless prescribed by the doctor.

Extra tip: make sure to get pregnant while you’re at your healthiest and at the right age to prevent pregnancy complications.



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How to stay healthy during pregnancy
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