How to smash your goals for success

How to set goals for succesd

How to set goals?; Success is a desirable trait for all. Show me a person who wants success and i’d show you a human being. We were all created to crave growth, progress, bigger steps, greater needs, acceptability, dreams and above all to achieve our needs and desires. We all love to be successful but how! Success comes with a timeframe and live lessons to learn and also comes with a price.

Why you should be successful: Push on how to set goals

For your satisfaction

There Is something that comes with being successful that aligns completely with happiness, fulfilment and utter satisfaction that we can no derive elsewhere. Reasons we must keep pushing against the odds


Success in what ever sphere of life automatically breeds respect from the human race far and wide. People no longer want to know what you are trying to do to get there, they are not concerned about the obstacles you face and how you are trying to trash them but will be quick to call you a failure in the slightest opportunity they have without knowing your secret plans or efforts but boom, once you have made it automatically, you become exempted from so many rules and case studies in the society. Even a grand mother can call you madam or sir even when you’re away younger when they perceive you are doing better than they are. Its not magic. Success speaks for itself.


It is the dream of every parent that a certain age, their child stretches from under the wings of their arms to stand to their two feet on their own, un guided, able to make their own decisions and be proud of those decisions. Independence shows you’re adult enough, it shows you are responsible. If you decide to stay with your parents because you are underaged or up to age when you have your life put together, it doesn’t make you any less successful but a successful person is independent enough to set timeframe, to make healthy decisions about their lives, to set extra goals and smash it and above all, express their independence by not seeking some type of assistance, validation or approval from friends, the society or irrelevant people around them. When you’re far from success, anybody can treat you like trash cos you were dependent on them and at their mercy for your next meal, cash or other needs. But you must know, that at one point or the other even successful people will have to depend on others for something, even the smallest. Humans are meant to coexist ad no man is an island.

Role model

It is so common this days ti have the youths and young ones being hungry for a life coach, bring desirous of picking a star as a mentor. No body wants to know how this people made it or got to the top. But one thing is for sure, success in any field of life or endeavour automatically makes you a role model to someone out there, it makes you someone’s crush with a secret admirer somewhere, it puts you in the faces of people, on the spot light, in the limelight and in a position to proffer solution or offer an advice.

How do you measure success?

If you ask me, Success should mainly be measured by one’s ability to meet his or her purpose in life regardless of what others think even in the negatives which i strongly advice. E.g: there are people who make up their minds to be terrible and the most feared criminal in the world. Whether they wake up one day and decide to be that or they suddenly develop a mental illness or an addiction that somehow propels or catapults them into continuously pursing same lifestyle that fuels the growth of such bad name or not. There is a certain follow up that may get them to earning that title in no distant time if they are not nabbed, arrested, captured or apprehended.
In it all, crime is a stain to the community. Healthy humans must and should always make up their minds and chose a reasonable purpose to pursue and be bent on achieving success in it.
Success can also be relative to the point you’re in. If your dream is to smash 7 A’s in your exam and attend the best school in the world and you manage to achieve that, then you can at that point be deemed successful.


There are so many ways to gauge a successful person but the most obvious of all is a person’s financial capability and so it comes first on this list.

Career progression

You as a customer service representative or receptionist or in other career have decided that you want to rise to the top of your career ladder, that you will fight to get to the highest echelon in your industry as CEO, Chairman, COO or any executive position, then that is your purpose in life at that time and It is very possible. Once you begin to progress, it is very accountable to deem you are already successful in life. Same with one who yearns to settle down and start a family some day.

Wealth and asset

Change is constant in life. We have heard of people who were up there in life, had the best things, the most money, the most luxurious propertied, ate the best foods, slept in the best beds and houses, traveled the world , and had the best relationships then suddenly probably out of careless, wrong decisions or just may be life happens and they go bankrupt and miserly poor to square one but have been saved and managed to bounce back due to the choices they made in time past by investing in stocks, forex, crypto, real estate or had shares in other companies. These is enough to bring that same person bouncing back gradually or quickly to life. Wealth and assets can be a measure for success.

How much people and impact made in the society.

There are people in life i respect so much. A selfless group. People who dream or strive to make an impact or leave a positive impart on the lives of people and the society where ever they find themselves. There are people living an average life who have built and groomed millionaires and billionaires. People who others will always fall back to and see as mentors, life coaches, consultants etc. No matter how poor they are, if you bring the number of successful people who have been under their tutelage all lined up, then it is safe to say you are looking at a very successful person.

Change made.

The world keeps crying for a positive change and there you find yourself in a position to bring that change. You know it will not be easy, there are people who will want to assassinate you, there are underground obstacles yet because you are determined to bring about that change, you go against the odds and boom, that change happens and even those who were against you wonder how that happened and cannot overlook the joys of the change you have brought, tell me that isn’t success!
It depends( School attended and grade acquired)
Based on orientation and beliefs. There are a category of people who feel people who attended certain schools and made certain class of degree in schools are already successful or maybe temporarily successful. Yes, success is success.


There is no success without visible results. What ever your aim or purpose in life is,only your results can speak for you.

How to set goals and smash them for success

Most times success comes like a dream, when we least expect, with the least effort, in the most uncommon ways or in simple measures. Life and success can be unpredictable yet there are positive reinforcements that gives power into our hands by reversing the odds in our favour or making those dreams and goals come through and true for success.

Take excerpts

There will always be people she’s of is who have made similar or word mistakes than we have made. These people are perfect examples and beautiful car studies of research. Going to read their biographies, asking questions on how they made it, following them up for mentorship tips or mainly by going back through your observation about their lives can go a long way to motivate, guide and build our stretching capacity wit eye open in lessons on the right next step to take


You have goals and you cannot plan towards them? Then i am afraid, its magic or expecting a miracle to happen. You must make plans on what goals you want to pursue, why you want to go for them, what you want from them and how you intend to go for them. Thinking of how to set goals? Plan!

Make changes

You have been using some particular route or measure in doing things and it is not producing results, instead of giving up on those dreams it is time to change the way you pursue them. It wouldn’t hurt to learn new skills to pursue that dream.

Be passionate

Passion is fuel. It drives you when motivation is beaten. You already have decided you want to go for that thing, it is time to find the soft spot of that thing. Something about that thing that fascinates you so much or that you cannot do without. That should be your strong force or guiding power.

Set timeframe

Goals without time frames are almost not realistic and can be deemed not serious. You have set goals, it is when you set time frame that you get further propelled to work harder and faster or procrastination, failures and other commitments will come in between. Thinking of how to set goals without time frames is a forever daydream that might get you no where.

Take realistic and baby steps.

Setting unrealistic expectations is setting yourself up for disappointments and frustrations. It will demoralize you. Any habit that makes you feel less of yourself is not good for meeting goals. Arrange to start from scratch with baby steps. Be gentle on yourself and know you’re only human working to achieve your superhuman goals.

Expect obstacles

No matter how much you plan, how much you change, how much passion you have, how careful you are with your steps, you will face obstacles. Expecting them only eases the journey to achieving your goals by preparing you mentally to fight or brace up. You must be conscious of this as you really up on how to set goals

Be consistent

Consistency is the tool born by passion. How many people want to repeat the same thing even when results are not visible? But it is consistency that pays. It is consistency that shows your grit, that brings your spice of luck and expresses your determination.

Check back to the drawing board

This is to help you re evaluate successes you have made and what changes occurred during the process, failures you have had and what helped you overcome them, how much you have aligns with your goals, visions, mission and progress on your way to success

Celebrate baby steps

You wanted to loose 100 pounds in 30 days but lost just one pound in 28 days, tell yourself at least i lost one. That one should be enough motivation to know what you did wring the other time to come back better and stronger for much bigger results the next time. Celebrating little wins is a big mindset for motivation.

Never give up

No matter what happens in the quest of smashing those goals or achieving results, never give up. Even when you have the results, don’t quit. Aim for bigger things each step of the way. Keep going higher and make yourself and the society proud of your success. Now you know how to set goals, by it will never be complete without your unique story. Clear your path an tell your story.

How to set goals for succesd
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