How to reverse aging: 50 powerful tips to get you looking younger again

How to reverse aging( anti-aging) tips

There are anti-aging tips, foods and processes to get you younger than your age. How often do you exfoliate? What type of fats do you eat? How well do you manage your stress levels? What skin care measures do you take, what lotions do you apply? What of your sleep? What do you wear? This and many more questions will be your solution.

Watch your weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for proper anti-aging. Too much weight gain will bloat the skin, too much weight loss will stretch the skin loose. Weight gain or Loss suddenly will make the skin unattractive. Fluctuating weight will confuse the skin from adjusting to good looks thus giving a sad appearance.

Use dermatologist recommended SPF only suitable for your skin

SPF lotions, creams, moisturizers or serums at different and have types that fit different skin type. Source for the right ones fro the right stores for use.

Quit tanning

The benefit of tanning is temporal. Asides that it ages the skin rapidly. Avoid it

Use retinoids for anti-aging remedy

Retinoids are great skin resource that can do wonders for the skin when added to the skin care routine. Include one today to proper reverse of aging

Begin to use supplements beneficial for the skin early enough

This is an often overlooked skin Care tips which can be magical to skin and health maintainance and capable of reversing aging in many digits. Use folic acid,salmon supplements, Bico tablets etc. They are great foe female health and skin

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking does nothing good for the health and skin and makes you age faster. Quit this habits for a better skin

Wear sunscreen with SPF before stepping out

Wearing broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF is great at protecting skin from damaging UV rays of the sun

Use Moisturizers always for an anti-aging care routine

When you bath in the morning and at night, pampering your skin with a moisturizer helps retain youthful appearance of the skin keeping it plum and hydrated

Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight is damaging to the skin. Always step out in cooler hours of the day or walk under shades

Minimize appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by wearing sun shades

Wearing eye glasses aren’t only for fashion, they help prevent eye damage, eye cancer and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Exfoliate regularly

The skin becomes dull when pores clog and dead skin cells come on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating helps clear off dead skin cells from the skin thus revealing a more radiant appearance

Wear hats always

This helps to protect the face from direct, destructive UV rays that damages the skin

Increase water intake

Water helps to flush out toxins or harmful free radicals in the body making skin more bright and glowy

Cut down on stress levels.

Stress dampness the appearance of the skin due to low moods, poor mental health and limit of body system functionality.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep is essential to allow the biggest organ of the body(the skin) the ability to function minimally, retain glow and stay radiant

Even out your skin tone

When your skin tone comes out a different color from your face and the legs, it gives you a less attractive appearance with an uneven tone

Take off makeup before bed

Makeup enhances the appearance but clogs the pores of the face when worn for extended hours leading to breakout, blackheads etc. Take off every make up with clean pad before going to bed

Check labels on makeup

Use water based makeup or skin care brands instead of oil based ones

Allow your face breathe many times without makeup

It is good to feel confident in your skin regardless of how it looks. It helps your skin breathe free

Avoid spicy foods and sugary foods

It lessens your glow by making your skin flush

Anti-aging foods to eat below

Berries( Raspberries, strawberries, black berries, blue berries etc)

They contain antioxidant properties thus reducing bone loss associated with age

Oats and Quinoa

Helps you look younger and lowers appearance of spots on the skin

Beans/Lentils( Legumes)

Prevents skin oxidation, wrinkles and fine lines


Slows muscle loss which helps you feeling and looking younger


Carotenoids in carrots makes skin glow and attractive


Provides skin with essential fatty acids


Great source of zinc to heal skin and prevent breakout


Licopene protects against UV rays and sun damage

Olive oil

minimizes appearance of wrinkles due to monounsaturated fats

Kiwi fruit

Improves skin quality thus fighting wrinkles and fine lines


Great source of vitamin E and antioxidants to protect the skin. A great anti-again substitute

Green tea

Flushes out antioxidants from the skin, keeping skin healthy and young


Drinking lots of water helps the skin flush out toxins and gives skin a youthful appearance

Omega 3 fatty acids

Salmon, tuna, sardines

Are great for youthful appearance and plum skin


Great source of amino acids which helps to retain skin elasticity especially the yolk of egg, thus keeping it young

Green leafy vegetables( perfect anti-aging substitute

Helps your skin appear younger, packed with great vitamins, minerals and water content

Vitamin C from Citrus fruits

Helps fight wrinkles and dry skin and gives skin youthful appearance


Decreases risk of sunburn and aids blood and oxygen flow due to high antioxidant content.

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How to reverse aging( anti-aging) tips
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