How to overcome fears and anxiety: 1000 ways to

How to overcome fears and anxiety

When habits get in the way, you may ask how to overcome anxiety and fears. Knowing the cause and training your brain differently may just be the beginning of a solution for you.

OK, Fears!! We have all been here at some point in our lives. We nurse fears in different degrees, at different phases of our existence but it might begin to be a thing or call for concern when these fears are consistent or get in the way of life, of doing things or daily activities.

Fear clouds your sense of reasoning, steals your i can do attitude and make every goal an obstacle or challenge or mountain that cannot be surmounted, a giant that cannot be beaten and even make you look and feel small amongst supposed equals in your life.

Anxiety on the other hand involves extra fears and worries about almost every thing including the most trivial issues.

Both fear and anxiety makes you sick, leaves you in a debilitating state, steals your self confidence, cause you to nurse doubts and makes your life less enjoyable. And off course you know, anything that leaves you in this state is a problem and the solution lies in your hands for a quick change.

All my life i have suffered from fears and anxiety and have found my own ways and coping strategies.

Know your fears, acknowledge your anxiety and make plans for a change

Coming on here to read signals that you acknowledge your fears and that is the first step done.

Find out if you have specific fears.

There are people whose fears are specific.

Practice mindfulness

Living in the present has helped me manage my panic and anxiety attacks. If you are like me who loves to plan ahead of time then you may tend to over think everything thus increasing your panic, worries and anxiety.

Take life as it comes. Make short term plans and don’t beat yourself over failed plans.

This isn’t so easy to do if you have lived in fears all your life but i did it and i believe you can. Just be deliberate about it. This is one simple way on how to overcome fears and anxiety gradually

Train your brain differently

Train your brain to adapt, accept differences, learn tolerance, build communication, normalize rejections, adapt to new phases, expect changes, understand people and appreciate little help. If you truly are looking for how to overcome fears and anxiety, use this effective tactic

Learn breathing as a technique to focus

When your fears overtake you, relax and breathe in deeply and out. When you’re in panic situations, stand still and breathe deeply, when you’re loosing concentration, just focus on your breathing

Control what you hear and see

Stay away from people whose lifestyle steal your sanity. Those extra competitive people, it is not jealousy but self control. Well, this might seem impossible but if you find a way to know what triggers this hormones, it could be your best bet on how to overcome fears and anxiety.

Pace yourself, learn self control and body grasp

Avoid the rush in reactions. I remember how i feel when i hear deep screams in the middle of my night sleep:the panic. It could almost make me jump into the hot oil unknowingly. What about the times when your flight of fight hormones came into overdrive and the extra worries. We’ll, this to might seem like an after effect remedy on how to overcome fears and anxiety, but soon, you will discover how much grasp of itI you are getting.

Learn to hold still, sit still until you get yourself. Know what your possible triggers are and keep them away( Alarm, phone, bells) etc.

I once lived in a family house with other people youths serving the nation and bell was the tool to keep  from sleep, alert us of latest activities and give notifications.

I must confess, despite knowing this rules and expecting it daily, i never got used to it. I suffered. All through my stay in the same house my panic attack only worsened and controlling but was not possible..

I am still learning to keep phones away and In silence when its bed time.

keep all possible triggers away.

Make friends with people who encourage you to overcome your fears

People you can talk to about your fears. There are friends who laugh st you, mock you for not being able to undertake a given task or mimic you when you get shaky and jittery

Avoid such friends who make jest of your sweaty arms, they make your fears and anxiety worse.

Visualize success and take a step at a time

When you become extra calculative of your failures, it hinders your ability to make future progress. Put your fears behind you today, make plans, set realistic goals, make budgets &miscellaneous. Begin slowly and think positively about future success

Get help, get therapy, a coach

Are your concerns about your anxiety increasing? Are your fears beclouding you and you feel it has eaten deep that you can not work out your life clearly without it’s complications? Get you a coach, therapist or mental health doctor or professional.

Build positivity all round

Its good to weigh pros and cons before each action but if it leads you to be skeptical all the time then you must learn to see the good and the bad and believe in the good even when there id no reason to. It helps bring one to a calm.

Train yourself to see failure as a part of the journey

my life became all the more better when i realized i wasn’t in the struggle all alone. Some how, all humans will experience failure. Knowing that circumstances will always not be in our control and as such  worrying over what i cannot control or solve makes situations worse and doesn’t in away hamper recurring failures. I learnt to leave failures in the hands of helplessness and not cry over spilt milk

Differentiate fear of risk and caution from unnecessary fears

It is good to fear your every action, plan calculative, take informed risks and decisions but know when your fears are limiting you and when they are helping you exercise caution.

Be a risk taker after weighing pros and cons. Don’t dive in, take a step in and weigh your new steps in the learning process

Speak to yourself and reflection, mirror what you want to be and practice roll play independently

Act your reality( try a make believe with your life) mirroring has so helped me all my life, it feels like hallucination but speaking to yourself minimally is a healthy habit that relaxes the brain and mind. When i feel and fear i cannot stand before the mirror, i tell myself that i can and begin to search for opportunities to express my faith and can do attitude. The fears don’t disappear instantly but you wouldn’t realize when they are gone

Plan ahead of time instead of getting stuck at a point in fear.

I have always loved planning who gets off balance by spontaneity and as such made my life easier. It made me feel in control. It limits fears, panics and anxiety that comes with sudden changes and rush hours. Planning ahead of time is one best was on how to overcome fears and anxiety.

Stay where you are in panic conditions

Faster heart beats, sweaty palms? Stay calm and breathe deep. Do you find prople running and you didn’t know why? Wait till a minute, catch your breath and decide if to join them after observing in seconds

Face your fears

I fear the heights but my fears began to fade when i decided to abandon the roads for some air travels. If you hate rats and fear snake movies, feed your ego by telling pekple you are not afraid of it and try to save your face by proving it to them and you may just discovered that you feared nothing all along.

Train yourself to accept worse situations that i do not claim your life

Things will always not be in your control. When you lose a dear one to cancer and know it is hereditary and run the risk of being the next family member, it hurts but make it a part of you to try prolong or delay its inception and embrace the dark side of life by accepting this reality. It hurts but you must come to a point you go with the mentality’ anything, even the worst can happen, i don’t care’. Saying this alone brings automatic strength from within. And your fears listen too. This is one great tip on how to overcome fears and anxiety

Avoid perfectionism

Lol, this is coming from a perfectionist. Perfectionism is a bane in the life of anybody. It makes life hellish and makes relationship building difficult,causes negative mental changes.

Over the years i had been able to drop my perfectionist attitude. E.g, I quit worrying about meeting the house tidy and same way i left it when i step outdoors.

This was a habit that stole my peace and happiness in the past along with other habits

Avoid unrealistic aids like alcoholism and get good sleep instead

Most people are in the bad habits of turning to alcohol and drugs just to feel they belong when worry arises. Asides worsening cholesterol levels, it steals good sleep, worsens health and causes you to avoid facing reality

Quit procrastination

As a practical person, this is one of the things i hate. I realised doing things as they come helps in many ways to save feature fears and headaches

Practice head and forehead massage

I do this all the time to ease tension, muscles and blood circulation when i am pained,angry, helpless, having sudden headaches, increasing frowns, panicking and get into other unhealthy habits. A forehead massage is so relaxing and calming. This might seem a little to artificial and simple yet might just be the only remedy of the moment on how to overcome fears and anxiety.

Celebrate your little changes, state and feature plans already

You don’t own all of life’s problem.. Relax. Telling yourself: to relax by speaking out might just send a quick signal to the brain and viola, you are on your way to teaching others on how to overcome fears and anxiety.

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How to overcome fears and anxiety
I am Ray. A simple girl who writes for fun and therapy. Your favourite entrepreneur and health professional who is MPH certified. Passionate health Writer and Mental health advocate who has and is still having her fair share of varying daily, rare and challenging health and lifestyle struggles and shares in her voice how she overcomes them and how you too can cope for good Mental health. A survivor and writer with many books written to be published, a tech enthusiast and a perfectionist who has come to terms with embracing the imperfect life happily against odds through her realist nature. Oh, did i mention that there's something about me and Social entrepreneurship i have been exploring on this part of the world? Oh, anything to get the ball rolling with lots of side passions. I am founder of social enterprise called Ray. And, you know, 'I love you' just the way you are.
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