How to overcome anorexia; Symptoms of anorexia nervosa and causes

Anorexia; prevention, signs, symptoms, causes and remedies

Anorexia is a cause for concern. Answers to questions like how to overcome anorexia; causes and symptoms will begin your journey to get help in this anxiety causing issue.

Anorexia is an eating disorder. A disease that springs up unconsciously from our conscious habits.

Every body has a different weight goal. Some to gain weight in particular areas, some in all areas and some to loose weight.

But how far we take our efforts to achieve this goal of ours is where anorexia comes in.

Today our focus will be on anorexia nervosa, which stems from a desire to loose weight and look lean.

This is the most common form of anorexia mainly because the society and media has so depicted the real image of sexy and beautiful to be lean.

People who develop anorexia nervosa begin from nursing fear and worrying about gaining weight.

This fears become anxiety that grows into obsession and desperation. Like they say desperate times demands desperate measures.

Those suffering from anorexia nervosa take desperate measures and can go extents even harmful proceedures to achieve their goals.

These people go for diets with extremely low calories, do extreme exercises and even go beyond.

Anorexia nervosa happens to people of all ages and gender but most common in young adults especially females.

Sufferers of this condition focus on being perfect as their definition of a perfect body image is continous weight loss.

Before you think of how to overcome anorexia it is important you know the symptoms to expect.

Symptoms of anorexia

Sufferers of anorexia put on different and varying strategies to loose weight and maintain their low weight.

When you see a loved one exhibiting habits i will list below then it may be pointing to anorexia nervosa.

I once read a bollywood interview of actress Nia sharma where she stated how much she feared to gain weight that she barely eats, purges herself and did lots of other terrible stuffs whose effects she felt.

Well, she didn’t categorically state that she was anorexic but so many signs and symptoms she mentioned can be found only in anorexic people.

So now that you are on course on how to overcome anorexia, you should know,

The list below are signs of Anorexia

– Pushing food around the corners.

-Taking laxatives before and after meals

-Sticking fingers into the mouth and inbetween the oesophagus

– Vomitting after meals with no efforts or little efforts

– Using diuretics to lower calories

-Purging themselves always

-Exercising excessively

– Taking diet pills

-Binge eating

Symptoms of anorexia

Knowing, it symptoms can give you a clearer image on how to overcome anorexia

-Low blood pressure

-Hair thinning and falling out



-Dry skin


-More than one cycle within a period

-Inability to maintain normal weight

-Yellow blotched skin with unhealthy or soft looking fine hairs on it


The person becomes easily irritated

-Depressed moods

-Withdrawal from social activities.

Other causes of anorexia nervosa.

Asides from obsession and fear of gaining weight or negative body image, other factors below may just be influencing factors.


We live in a difficult world were even the media makes it difficult for an average person to live a normal life without pressures.

Even peer groups, friends and families cannot stop this discussions and makes the fat ones around them subject of discussion.

Toxic people go as far as rubbing it on the face about how a person should look to fit into the perfect standard and size of the society.

Anybody following less of the stipulated rules or less of the portrayed images on magazines or television screen is made to feel less of themselves.

The pure envy is the next famous model and hollywood star who resorts to so many evasive and expensive procedures not told on the media just to keep their looks.

Yet we want to kill ourselves to look like them rather than been made to realize that there is no one standard of beauty.

Everybody cannot look or act the same nor can be the same size.

It is high time people embraced the adage that says “beauty is inside, out”

The earlier you realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some like them big and some small, the earlier it will be for the mental health.


When people begin to get that unhealthy urge to be thin, the brain releases a chemical called serotonin which affects the person and brings about development of anorexia.

Who is prone to anorexia nervosa

-Those people with a history of physical abuse of any kind.

-People with a history of being teased due to their weight

-Those people unhappy with their body image

-People with low self esteem

-People lacking social or family support.

-People with a mental image of picture perfect bodies

-People with psychiatric disorders

-People undergoing behavioral problems like anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger and stress.

-Those persons with inherited genetic disorders including eating disorders

-perfectionists who set unrealistic expectation in the process.

How can anorexia nervosa be diagnosed?

Knowing the answer to this question will help you further on how to overcome anorexia

After noting one or more of the symptoms listed in this post above, a physical exam can be used to detect blood pressure and heart rate by a physician.

If needed, you will be referred to a
Mental health professional for a psychological exam about your feelings and eating habits.

You will be set for series of laboratory tests including blood tests and electrolyte levels.

They will also try to be sure of your organ functionality( e.g kidney, liver) bone density, heart palpitations and irregularities.

How to help anorexic patients!

All the remedies are mentioned below to help those people curious on how to overcome anorexia

Psychological measures to help anorexic patients are

-Let them see reasons why they should focus on their beautiful personality as opposed to looks

-Talk them into dangers of extreme dieting.

-Encourage them to talk to people about their feelings and goals

-Let them know thin people are not any better than they are. Thin is not better.

-Let them know all fingers are not equal and there is a reason God made them that way

– Let them know that no matter what people say, perfection is impossible and doesn’t exist.

-Assure them of your love and support for them

-Leave by example. Be bent on maintaining good health, good eating and living habits rather than pulling all your focus on body size.

-Give them genuine praise and compliments. Tell them anybody who loves them will see their beauty which ever way.

-Tell them they do not need validation from others. Beauty is skin deep and comes from inside.

Beauty is fleeting and fades but a beautiful soul will always live on.

N/B; Watch out for them and follow the process at all times through research and medical help.

Do not let it get worse before you find a solution.


At most, anorexia nervosa can be followed through therapy.

-Individual therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help change unhealthy thoughts, behaviors as well as build self esteem and help them cope with varying and strong emotions.

-Family therapy

Family, friends and loved ones can help to monitor their habits and lifestyle.

They should encourage them calmly to follow a new, healthy part.

-Group therapy

Speaking to a group of people all suffering from same issue (Anorexia nervosa) who are bent on finding a solution will hep.

They all can set up goals and follow each other up for motivation while being supervised by a medical professional.


The truth is that anorexia can be dealt with through personal decision and change of habit.

There is currently no specific medication except medications controlling behaviors that worsen anorexia.

In such a case, antidepressants are given to the patients to help them feel better.


This may not be necessary except in extreme cases like when there is extreme weight loss with extreme consequence like dehydration and others.

Feeding tube and intravenous fluids can be used in such case. Extreme cases of anorexia nervosa requires intensive treatments so comes hospitalization.

Do people with anorexia recover?

The earlier you know the truth, the better for you.

Yes, you can recover from anorexia but not all people are lucky to recover.

Many die of anorexia and some are subjected to a life long treatment for it.

Good news is, you can get help beginning from now as you read this post by talking to your family and then a medical professional.

You can begin your therapy and change of habits immediately so as to restore normal eating and exercise habits.

Can anorexia be prevented?

The major causes of anorexia is not known and so cannot be prevented.

It is best to seek help from a medical professional when you notice some form of obsession with food, dieting, weight loss, exercise and other strange habits and appearance.

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Anorexia; prevention, signs, symptoms, causes and remedies
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