How to motivate yourself: 30 actionable tips

How to motivate yourself to work

Nature and commitments places work responsibility on every human yet you may struggle on how to motivate yourself to work..knowing what to do to keep going is necessary and one of life lessons.

How to motivate yourself to work

Wave off negativity from your mind

The human mind is powerful and can anything that is let in. Its normal to have doubts about the task before you, its common to feel lazy and burned out but the rare thing to do at that time is to wave off the I quit attitude and put on the I can do attitude. Verbalizing this even with an air of joke will amaze you how much seriousness is activated into the mind instantly to take action.

Be your biggest cheerleader

If people don’t support you won’t you support yourself, if people fail you would you fail yourself too? Its easier to expect the magical formula from others and how you want them to react towards you, but how much are you willing to be there for you even when the whole world runs from you, even when your endeavour fails you. It is a conscious decision that must be made by you. Chose to be strong and keep moving in it all. The best awaits those who don’t give up half way.

 Decide to keep searching for the gold till you find it.

You want a partner but have a history of terrible failed relationships fills with hurts, betrayals, toxicity and a lot of destructive tendencies, don’t give up just yet. You can find prince charming and the beauty at what ever age. There is always light at the end of tunnel. Keep going

Know that to some success comes in the morning and some in the evening.

That you started the journey on the same time with your friend doesn’t mean you will get there together and at the same time nor does it guarantee you’d have same or Similar experiences. Lesson: some people may figure it out early but it doesn’t mean they can retain it for ever. Some people may find it late and keep it or loose it. So long as the clock keeps rotating, the tables can flip at anytime. Its not time to give up yet.

Find deliberate and healthy distractions

Most times am you need for yourself I a healthy break away from your object of pain and penury. Decide to take a break away from your phone yet learning a be skill. Decide to take a break from business for a moment of self and sober reflection. Just do anything apart from what keeps you DA and contemplating but make sure it adds value to you

Know your failures and Successes in the past and replicate or improve on past successes

No matter how bad things get and we hate to admit this simple truth is, no matter how small, every human out there has had one or two successes to be proud of in the midst of the many failures. Go back to those faint beautiful littlememories, don’t let the beating, multiple stabs and failures of life erase the life lessons you should learn from your experiences. There must be something to repeat. There must be some way to improve on that thing.

Know when to exercise caution and when to be patient

Patience is a virtue and caution is wisdom. When you are discouraged, it should help you to be sensitive enough to be careful or wait just a little longer to get that thing you so desire. This two attributes pay handsomely.


when you go this way and it fails you, don’t give up just yet friend, why not try the alternative part or path. Yours may just lie there..Hello friend,this is just one way on how to motivate yourself

Know that what works for A might not work for B

That path you want to follow, that person you want to crush on, have you weighed it pros and con’s and considered its possibility unique to you and your person? Yes, its good to have an air of positivity but you must know that we are designed so differently and what works for A might not work for Mrs B. Know your part, study your paths to successes and failures only peculiar to you and learn from your experiences. This is one powerful lesson on how to motivate yourself to .work.

Failures are a part of life but success is the spice of life

You want the perfect life and are not prepared to encounter failures? You’re setting yourself up for rude shocks. Failures should mold you,build you and serve as your constant reminders on why you should keep working, searching and not give up till you find the things you seek in life. Ever thought of how boring life would be without those major struggles? If everybody had things and everything they wished and ever asked for then there will be no need to celebrate successes. We your failures as your road maps and wait for successes to spice up your life. If you go with this lesson, you have found one meaningful way on how to motivate yourself.

Chose a a path

First, you need to know what you want to work. Choosing where you want to work will leave you feeling like you have the power in your hands. This is the first step on how to motivate yourself to work.

Yet, even for the times we have our dream jobs and work, we still new some extra push but the chances to decline the job for lack of motivation are slim

Have a target

Dreaming without a target is like building castles in the air. When you we targets for yourself, you set yourself up for work and high performance. You become your own motivation to press harder to work to achieve your aims and goals. You must tell yourself on this day and time I want to get this number or desired effect as my achievement. That alone will be a big push on how to motivate yourself.

Set goals

Targets are different from goals. You set targets to be able to achieve your goals. There are categories of people who work for working sake and not some aim. If you work in the gt, loosing weight or becoming flexible and fit can be a goal. At work, an appraisal, salary increase or promotion even a work leave is a goal

A trophy, an award, a promotion an increase in salary, a vacation or paid work  leave etc

Prepare for uncertainty

When you set out to work always without preparing your mind against uncertainties, you set yourself up for shocks and discouragement because even in the process of doing your favorite chores, you may meet shocks along the way.

Think of all you stand to gain

When you know how much your job will keep your family fed, how much your chores will impact your partner, how much your body transformation will make you proud, then you just got the motivation to keep you up on your feet and going.

Think of all you stand to loose

When you realize you may drop from your position in class if you do not work hard by studying, when you know you will bounce back to worse weight if you neglect exercise and eating habits, when you think of all you have amassed due to that skill, that should just be enough to push you through unless you want some bad life. I doubt any body wants a bad life.

Find partners or co’s

When you have partners and co founded, co authors, co workers, some support group or person,some friend with you on the journey, they will always find time to check up on you when you slack, they pick you up when you’re down and may help you deal with garbages. You too can be a support to them in the times they are least motivated.

Have a mentor or secret admirer

Do not just have a mentor or pick someone you admire, pick them because you wish to gain a whole lot from their life. Take life lessons, try know their prices, apply some of their success principles and let the fact that you want to be like the or greater than them be a push to work

Read books and stories

Reading stories of people who have been there before you will only let you understand that yes, there are days when you don’t find motivation to work, yet you got to work.

Follow the right principles

When you self discipline yourself, even without a guard, you impose some restrictions on yourself and follow principles you must align to execute your plans and achieve your goal.. Following the right principles are effective tools to Del motivation

Let your next immediate, prospective achievement be a push

Tell yourself, I need just one more time to be there and I need to do It because I need to gain just this one thing alone from it and next time again, still say same to yourself and keep getting pushed.

Surround yourself with positive and hard working people

You cannot be a mediocre amongst hard working people. You can not be the different one and not feel it. You may not be able to face yourself. Successful people are just the right push for the right doze of success

Change your circle

You have friend who only laugh when you tell them you’re quitting or not doing again? You need to set yourself up only with people who frown or feel bad when you joke with your work. People who motivate and friendly push you to your dreams

Think of how good you feel when you get things done

How do you feel each time you get work done especially the difficult one? An achiever right? Hit it once more to conquer it

Think of how good it feels to be commended

Do you want to be proud when your name is mentioned, do you want to smell of results you will be proud of? Then do the needful and get to work.

Be responsible for your life and see yourself to owe yourself some hard work

When you take responsibility for your successes and failures, you will be responsible for your work.

Think of the people you are responsible to and how you wouldn’t want to fail them

Your family depend on you for the money you make from that job, your students new to learn that skill, you want to man your gym instructor proud, your parents will feel like champions if you pass that exams, right? Then its enough push. Get to work

learn to cherish the experience and transferrable skill you gain from your work

You don’t feel like work in because you no longer enjoy your experiences and environment? Then think of that skill you need to learn, which you may be needing when you finally change environment.

See yourself as an independent person who wouldn’t ask for help but take pride in getting things done because no body will do it for you.

When you have the mentality of independence, it will help you press forward always.

Develop a work for me and for life mentality

What ever you chose to do in life, you do for yourself. If you chose to remain in the hurts of the past, you do it for yourself, if you decide to push with all your strength to find a way out you do for yourself its not enough to want out of your sad and stagnant state until you are bold enough to push and take actions grow every day with the promise to yourself that you cannot fail yourself even if life fails you. If you take your job and work as your life, there is absolutely nothing to sway you, not even the moments of dullness and quitting, you eventually pick yourself soon. This is one powerful way on how to motivate yourself.

Tell yourself to work now and enjoy later

When you feel the zeal to work is lacking due to the environment and the  people you share the environment with. Then. good motivation will be to motivate yourself with the long term benefits of your work which you stand to gain in the future.. This is one powerful way on how to motivate yourself

Accept that most days and times wouldn’t be great yet you need to keep moving.

When you adapt to the mentality of I need to keep moving no matter what, you become quite your personal push as you build mental strength.. You will need this mental push always on your sojourn on how to motivate yourself

Develop the attitude of healthy competition.

When you your competition, you wouldn’t want to be slow in your dealing. Healthy competition is beneficial for push to goals through work.

Divide your work into chunks and sections instead of a whole

Its always easier on the eye and mind and feels like teasing when we somehow find ways to reduce work load. Many times, looking at uphill tasks to be done can drain you of motivation and a belief in your competence and capacity. In this scenario, you can chose to start little with baby steps taking It a day at a time in smalls portions with targets set for each portions. It makes big works seem little as opposed to loosing interest upon thinking of how you would begin the work when seen as a whole.

Know what you want from your work and life and be creative with it.

When you find ways to be creative in your work and life you will enjoy it and always look forward to it because it excites you. Find ways to be creative in your work life or your love life and your personal life.

Only work where you have passion

Passion is fuel for motivation which is essential for work. There are many ways on how to motivate yourself to work yet only a few are effective.

How to motivate yourself to work
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