How to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally for a youthful appearance: 50 ways

How to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally

The desire for a beautiful skin is not age specific. 50 great tips are listed below on how to get healthy, glowing skin for a youthful appearance.

Dull and wrinkly skin is not age specific and can happen to just any body for a host of reasons. Most times this issues are not mainly due to lack of efforts or lack of proper skin hygeine from the owners of the skin but may just be a result of doing things the wrong way even using the right strategies in wrong ways.

You see, knowing how to keep your skin healthy and glowing for youthful appearance all year round will require several factors coming into play including the things we do for formality or take for granted, e.g: our diets.

Read the tips below on how to keep the skin healthy and glowing naturally

Make sure make up tools are cleaned all the time

To avoid bacteria breeding on the skin, clean make up tools frequently. Bacteria steals the glow of the skin.

Use Retinoids or a retinol alternative

Retinoids can repair skin damaged by the sun, protect from cancer, promotes skin cell turn over and prevent dull looking skin

Use vitamin C

Its simple. Vitamin C works on all skin types, protects against environmental damages, promotes elastin and collagen production, brightens tone and makes skin glow as ir balances pigmentation.

Caution: use in moderate amounts.

Use skin products like facial mask

Well, this is not a necessity for skin care if you ask me but if you are a person who doesn’t want to leave skin perfection to chance then you need a facial mask to complete your skin care journey. Using facial mask regularly can cause skin to glow. Use for facial masks which contain Vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid in it.

Check water temperature

Extremely cold and extremely hot water can upset the skin of the face and leave dirt to it.


Invest in moisturizers that contain peptitdes, electrolytes and ceramides to hydrate the skin to its natural glow. This will help strengthen skin barrier and heal dry, flaky skin.

Get physically active

Exercise is very beneficial for health but even more healthy for the skin. It helps pump blood to your heart which provides the organs with oxygen and needed haemoglobin for red blood cells. This helps the provide a toned look for the skin, keeping it radiant and thus preventing and limiting saggy skin and keeping the weight in check which also affects the skin.

The benefits are enormous to other bodily benefits such as improved sleep, great body image etc.

If you want your skin to naturally activate its glow and gravitate towards youthfulness then get those boots on for an outdoor exercise of 30 minutes. Even simple exercises like finding time to walk 30 minutes everyday, getting active around the house with chores or doing some simple yoga exercises can go a long way to provide skin and health benefits like when you could hit the tread mill. Never ignore your intensive home exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home. Try planks, bench dips, lunges and squats etc. These are my favourites.

Do cardio exercises and strength training exercises

It is great for the heart and skin, helps improve muscle mass, control weight, improve flexibility of the body and skin.

Check that your phone and phone casing is constantly clean

Bacteria’s that accumulate from phones that we use and touch regularly can ruin your skin. This we ignore and take for granted many times.

Be wary of direct sunlight

Because i recommend the outdoors is just no valid push enough to go exercising or walking directly under the sun in hot hours of the day with no protection to the skin whatsoever.

If you must leave the house, make plans to avoid going directly under the sun in the hottest hours of the clock specifically from 12pm -2:30pm.

If you must exercise outdoor at that time, do it under the shades of trees or listen to your body. You may be tempted to ask, but what if i have something important to do or something serious comes up in those hours, am i supposed to abandon it all in the quest for a beautiful skin?

Use Hats

A person particular about his or her skin will certainly need to guard the face more. And what better ways to guard the skin of the face than engaging the head freely. Yes, wear a hat if you must step out in the sun.

Wear sunglasses

Accompany your hat with some beautiful, well fitting sun glasses. Not only because you want to keep up to fashion even at weird hours but because it will save you from a whole lot. But then, if you ask me, what better way is there to make a first and good impression than to be presentable all the time.

So, don’t think twice with making your own fashion statement, go in glasses that fits and modifies your facial features or beautifies the structure of your face. Every person has a different shape and different fittings.

The sunglasses prevents rays from directly refracting on your eyes thus preventing wrinkles and damaged skin around the eyes. Of course you know what a damaged skin around the eyes can do to your overall appearance.

Avoid the temptation of over washing the face

Surprised? Don’t be. Its as a result of the fact that:

Mostly, tap waters are harsh and washes of natural oils of the face.

At most wash it only in the morning and at night. Over washing irritates the skin, dried it off, makes it scaly, flaky and let skin infections and dermatitic conditions to breed on it. E.g Eczema.

Avoid touching your face if possible.

Use a clean cloth, napkin, towel or tissue if you must do so. Touching the delicate skin of the face directly, irritates the skin of the face. The hands are prone to carrying too many germs that breeds on the skin it comes in contact with.. You must take this skin serious from when you begin to know how to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally.

Choose clothing wisely

Do not wear clothes meant for summer on winter and that of winter on spring and vis a vis. Wear lighter, free clothes in hot weathers, avoid black clothes in the heat. Black is a heat conductor and wear thick, heavy clothes in the cold. Extreme temperatures damages the skin and youthful appearance

Avoid use of strong soaps for bathing

They are potentially damaging, could burn or scald the skin and expose you to stretch marks, eczema and uneven skin which blurs the beautiful appearance of your skin and gives opposing results.

Use mild skin care products

While on the mission to get good, vibrant , youthful, glowing skin, some people make the mistake of aiming for expensive products hoping they are the best regardless of which side effects it has on the skin.

When trying for a youthful appearance, your priority should not be the price but the labels contained in the products. You don’t want to aim for products harsh on your skin

That it worked for some persons doesnt meannit will for you. Always speak to a skin care expert for professional recommendation.

Quit smoking and drinking

It does nothing good to your health, Burden’s the organs of your body and steals your glow.

Manage stress

Managing stress is one powerful way on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally. Stress is most imminent in the life of all humans and may come in different forms. Stress is detrimental to health and your skin’s health. Find ways to manage it always.

Drink enough fluids

It is important to stay hydrated if you must keep the skin healthy and looking great. Water intake must be increased to meet the daily needs and requirements of the body it is important to drink water to flush out toxins from the body, get organs functioning properly and reyain tge youthful appearance of your skin.

In cases where water isn’t in your reach, use other healthy fluids to supplement. Healthy protein shakes or smoothies from natural fruits can do well. Better still, get a water bottle, fill it with water and take it everywhere with you.. You cannot overlook the benefits of something as simple as fluids if you must know how to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally.

Eat fruits and vegetables

No, we keep preaching fruits and vegetables because it is not overrated. Fruits and vegetables are antioxidants. E.g of such are berries, spinach etc We are what we eat. There are food habits to look younger.

Go for colorful fruits and dark green,leafy vegetables. Wash fruits and vegetables before consumption. They will keep your skin cells regenerating and bring a fresh glow to your skin.

Eat balanced diet

Don’t eat some food and avoid the other totally all because you are watching your weight unless of course you have a health issue and a doctors recommendation on how to get all the right nutrients provided alternatively. Don’t go eating carbohydrates or starchy foods from morning till night, ignoring proteins and the rest or don’t begin eating beans and protein all the time, neglecting healthy fats. You need all of this nutrients and adequate diet to pull a good look.

Caution: Eat in moderate quantities

Get adequate sleep

Slerpvreduces fine lines and minimizes wrinkles effectively. It also helosvyour body snd organs funcyion activeky and kerp your mind and brain in the best of stste. And as you know, tge skin is the largest orgsn of thr body.

7-8hours of uninterrupted slerp everyday is needed to achieve skin care gosls

Keep healthy relationships

When you have supportive friends and families who keep you happy, the skin naturally glows and radiates from the peace of mind. Kick toxic people out of your life

Be happy and contented

Take one step at a time. Human beings can never be totally free of problems. Appreciate how far you have come on the journey, take the pressure of and be happy. It helps retain your skin glow

Practice facial massage

To relax tensed muscle and improve blood circulation

Apply skin care products right after batg

To avoid drying of the skin and loosing moisture needed for prodicts to penetrate the skin


The benefits of exfoliation are overwhelming. From smoothening skin to taking off dead skin cells and increasing absorption of skin care products, it also brightens complexion

And for that you don’t need to break the bank or go for some harsh products. Simple home made exfoliators straight from your kitchen’s shelf can do wonders. I have a perfect sugar and mixed herb exfoliators i prepare and gave used over the years and can vouch on it being one who doesn’t wear makeup. It improves my confidence to flaunt my face effortlessly and comfortably.

Don’t pick skin, pop pimples or keep touching your eczema

The reason why this point comes very important on the menu of how to keep the skin healthy and glowing naturally.

It will further irritate your skin more

Reduce intake of diary products, quit intake of sugar and processed foods, limit spicy foods

To avoid imbalances and inflammatory processes that cause skin flushing and lead to break outs.

Nourish your collagen

From using collagen supplements to simple but effective skin care products like glycerin that helps to lock moisture on to the skin, hydrates and improves elasticity of the skin. You can never go wrong. I have my own glycerin that i use and its perfect

Eat healthy fats.

Fats in salmon, avocado’s, nuts and flax seeds can restore skin barrier and protect from environmental damage that affects skin thoroughly

Use sunscreen with SPF

According to mayo clinic, use broad spectrum SPF of at least 15, use evenly and apply at least every two hours for protection.

Be patient for results

Don’t use this product in one day only to end and begin use of another recommended by your friend and quit the next day to search for another because you want instant results. Products that work almost instantly may be a cause to raise eyebrows and may come with long term adverse consequences. Be mindful, careful of your choice and be patient for results.

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How to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally
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