How to have flat tummy; 10 ways on how to have a flat tummy quick

At the mere mention of the popular topic; flat tummy, one would assume it is just a problem common with women who have had pregnancies alone. But this is not always the case. The fat around the tummy has always been regarded as stubborn fat and a major problem which poses challenges to people of all ages, men and women, young and old alike, including people of all sizes.

While there are a whole lot of issues that constitutes to how the fat distributes itself in the body and a host of factors like anatomy, physique or body structure. Heredity, body composition, eating habits, poor posture, lack of activity, poor nutrition and lots more can be the reason too. That is not to say all hope is lost with regards to having a flat tummy.

In trying to loose the belly fat, it is advisable to take a holistic approach in getting rid of fat. I always advice weight loss enthusiast to ignore the myth of spot reducing fat from just one or a few parts of the body. As expected, the body type of each individual vary and as such the ways fats is stored in the body varies too .

In such light, you do not expect to loose weight in the tummy at the same time with the next person in your weight loss class all because you started together. You do not also expect to shed fat in same places all because you follow same weight loss routines and plans.

Beginning a weight loss journey in high hopes is a good thing but when you begin to draw unrealistic expectations or begin to draw comparison, I will hamper your progress. Many even rush their body on it without allowing it time to adjust. As you may be thinking right now, the consequence will be something different from the desired results for which you set out in the first place.

So in this stead,it is advisable to follow duly and diligently all of the tried and tested methods to loosing belly fats.

I would love to emphatically state at this point in time that if we must shed off tummy fats always then we must watch out for what we are doing wrong. Afterwards, begin our very first steps by effecting corrections to make things easier and off course, that includes a possibility of a habit or two which may be constituting to the undesirable and bigger tummy or looks you are getting and of course that includes a readiness to stay off those habits the moment you realized it.

Strong will and determination with something like a little bit of patience and persistence in a sweet bitter bowl of consistency will help.

But not to worry, i did it cos i wanted to, others did it and you too can. First begin by writing down all the habits you think may be responsible for your big tummy. Write down that you are determined to make it flat and pin it as a reminder, then follow all the tips on this post.

(1) Drink plenty water to avoid bloating.

The subject of water has been stressed time and over again, yet the importance of water cannot be over emphasized. Water is known to help flush toxins from the body while getting rid of unwanted products in our bodies. And when it comes to weight loss, the journey never got better than gulping large amounts of water first thing in the morning and all through the day and in the middle of serious activities. Water is known to temporarily increase metabolic rates which is a good thing for those who want to speed up their weight loss journey. It prevents bloating too. At least 8 cups of water or more is needed to keep the body hydrated to do it’s job otherwise you would be packing excess fats on your tummy when you are actually meant to cut it. Water also helps you feel fuller before meals and prevents bloating after meals. The benefits of water is enormous. Next time you look to be dedicated on the journey to loosing tummy fat, take this from me; make water your friend.

  • (2) Do not skip breakfast

Research has time and again proven that those who miss their breakfast are prone to a great increase in hunger pangs due to hunger related hormones which suddenly takes surge and tend to push towards binge eating and eating of bulkier or larger size portions replacing all that they missed during the little while of starvation and end up causing more harm than good.

So if you are looking to cutting some fat around the midsection, rather than abstaining from breakfast totally, it is advisable to take your breakfast in moderate portion and stop just immediately or when you have the first feeling of being full.

A study showed that 10 grams increase in daily soluble fiber intake decreased fat gain around the midsection by 3.7% over five years.

Be mindful also to include soluble fiber in your breakfast and meals so as to reduce the risk of fats around your tummy. Soluble fibers are known to slow down the passing of food through the digestive tract, thus decreasing calorie absorption by the body and in return allowing for a trim me waist line. E.g of them at flax seeds, legumes, avocado, sprouts etc.

(3) cut down on portions and eat smalls meals.

For those who must have researched or asked questions about weight loss before, this tip here may not come as a surprise to you even though many times in the past when i was about to take the plunge into watching my weight and keeping beautiful and fit.

I had constantly argued that for those of us who are on the naturally fat or chubby side, many times we get fat even though we do not eat more than the slim ones and thinking that way helped me embrace my fat self in acceptance but after a while i realized that mentality wasn’t the right push or motivation i needed for my goal and the earlier i dropped it from realizing that knowing your self and becoming size conscious without competition was best and of course, what i ate and how large it was mattered on my mission to loose weight and belly fat. Eat smaller bit meals many times as opposed to one or many large portion meals.

If you must snack often, eat more of fruits and vegetables. That being said, you need fats to burn fats so it is good to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500-1000 if you must loose those pounds quickly in a gradual process. Cutting down completely on calories will only end up decreasing how much you burn on a daily basis.

Tip: A mental trick that works for me is giving an illusion that you are eating more. I look for a plate that looks big on the outside but very narrowed within or a small long plate.

Normally, when i set out to loose weight, even though i cannot ignore relishing delicious, appetizing and savory meals, i eat with guilt in my mind and it even becomes more of a mind game when i use this plate i reserved specially for my meals. Looking at this plate feels big and deep down something knows it is a small plate yet i still want to stop eating.

Doing that has helped many times, you may just want to pick a plate and try this trick too.

(4) Eat only when you are hungry

So many reasons contribute to why some people get hungry faster than the others, also our activity during the day play a larger role on how much hunger we feel. We also tend to get hungrier during hot days due to fast metabolic rates.

So i always advice that if you are on a weight loss journey, then it is best you find ways to distract yourself so as to feel less hunger if you must get that flat tummy. So in this way, the only time we eat is when we genuinely get hungry and of course that means ignoring the extra snack in the table but trust me, it is doable and the result is enormous.

(5) Cut down on processed meals

Avoid sugar and carbonated beverages along side quitting processed foods.

If there was anything wrong with taking sweetened drinks then it is the amount of unhealthy sugars packed in it and the bad calorie contents used to preserve or enrich it.

These sugars have a way of storing unwanted fats in undesired places especially around the mid section. If you are struggling with fats around those places then it is best  you totally avoid sugar to avoid diseases and keep that waist line trimmed too.

(6) Drop the late night feeding habits if you must have a flat tummy.

How to have flat tummy infographic

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If there was anything more harmful to the heart and to the body then it is maintaining a sedentary lifestyle.

The body needs food for energy to burn fats for our daily activities so when you eat without getting active, you end up clogging the heart and reducing it’s heart beat rate.

Eating late at night when your body has retired only does the harm of making fats accumulate in your body and worse still pack those extra pounds and fats around the midsection and remember your goal of a flat tummy always.

So, once it is past six pm, stay away from food and if you must fill yourself when hungry, cos there are times the body complains from poor time management where we get busy and leave food out of our reach only to retire home past 6 pm or even eat less earlier on at home only to realize that we cannot cope with the hunger we feel, then i would advice you snack on a fruit or some fruit juice to keep you filled or give that satisfaction for the night.

(7) Add some exercise to your routine.

Exercises especially ones that target around the mid section is best for a flat tummy appearance. Some studies reveal that a mix of cardio exercises like running, walking, biking, etc. And high intensity aerobic exercises for 20-40 minutes per day is recommended .

There is a popular saying that no pain, no gain in life. If all humans learn to go with this mentality always, then they would learn to do anything just to achieve their goal including having a flat tummy.

Frankly speaking despite the fact that the enormous benefits of exercise has been announced time and again, it does not erase the fact that it does not come easy to do.

It takes strength of mind to begin and a determination to keep up after you have begun and so, many people on a weight loss mission will rather seek alternative means to get their goal. You hear them say, exercise is too painful. Smiles here. I can attest to that truth myself. But look at it like another beauty you must give a commitment to reap in your life.

It goes without saying that if you want to reap the benefits to look good then you must be ready to break a sweat and that begins with a mental readiness.

By telling yourself, if others can then i can. You do not need to be an athlete to stick to a daily exercise routine and on the flip side exercises does not have to be that difficult.

For exercises that target the midsection for a flat tummy, learn to add some crunch exercise to your day. Start small by beginning from five to ten repetitions for a learner and increase it’s frequency as you adapt daily. Begin gradually and grow to moderate and then intend exercise.

Push ups are also an excellent way to cut down fat around the mid section and tone that belly.

There are a host of other exercises that strengthens the core and help build muscle mass by cutting down fats helping you to appear leaner.

Tip; To reduce belly fat, incorporate some resistance training and high intensity cardio workout into your training.

(8) Drink unsweetened tea.

For some extra weight loss boost around the tummy, i get vouch on that vigor and mental push i get seeping on some green, dark or brown liquids with no sugar. You can try that too.

(9) Manage stress levels and get enough sleep .

While managing stress is important for the overall well being of a person, stress has also been linked to an unhealthy and unmindful eating habits including eating larger portions, binge eating and eating too frequently.

So that said, looking forward to a flat tummy, then look no further than beginning to manage your stress and it’s emotions.

Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a stress hormone which induces an increase in appetite and leads to belly fat storage. At least 8 hours of sleep everyday is good for your weight loss.

(11) Quit alcohol intake.

Experts say one bottle of 750ml of  wine contains roughly 600 calories. Alcohol stimulates appetite and increases weight retention. It contains lots of calories the are bad for your weight loss ambition.

(12)Never go on a fad diet or intermittent fasting.

Spar from the fact that this trend used in weight loss is harmful to health, it also produces short term results and weight loss. This weight bounces back in no time and may come with long term adverse consequences too.

(13) Limit sodium intake and certain habits that causes bloating and retention.

Continuous sodium intake causes water retention and bloating. Habits like talking while eating, drinking from plastic cups, chewing gums and using straws can trap air in you and circulates gas leading to bloating.

(14) Eat probiotics and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Certain monounsaturated fatty acids are links to reduced risk of obesity. It also prevents accumulation of tummy fats.

Probiotics reduces risk of weight gain and fat accumulation in the mid section by influencing weight gain. Go for supplements with lactobacillius fermentation or lactobacillius gasseri or take foods like yoghurt, pickles, etc. Pro biotic contains healthy bacteria that shifts the balance towards beneficial gut Flora due to different composition of gut bacteria.

(15)Take enough protein especially lean proteins and low diary products .

Proteins are a healthy mix and well needed during weight loss. If you must burn fats and build muscle then you must learn to incorporate lean proteins by taking foods like beans, eggs, milk etc. into your diet still at the right times and in the right proportion. Low diary products like cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk etc. at good for health and weight loss.

Knowing how much hassle this can be to keep up with as a busy person, i help to incorporate some special protein shakes into my diet, which helps to reduce waist size but then i do not compromise on my legumes and protein meals. Most especially your eggs. They are extremely important protein diets In weight loss. Indian nutritionist payal Banka recommends you get enough protein that is at least 50% protein from animal protein if you plan to loose weight.

Final Tip; That said, in all of this methods, the fat around the tummy and midsection can prove stubborn but not when you are more stubborn and mean more business than it is. It is advisable to use all of this methods together for maximum results.
Just so you know, in all; Having a flat tummy is very possible.

Below are my powerful and realistic tips on getting and keeping flat tummy.

16. Quit sugar and processed foods.

Studies have shown a direct link between high intake of sugar and an increased waist line. According to another studies, sugars are linked to children obesity by 60%

When you take sugary or carbonated liquids, you end up cheating yourself because the brain does not record it yo be a meal like it does to solo foods. Though deception causes you to think you ha just one off light drink, ignoring it’s calorie content and add in up to the other fart and calories packed foods you ate earlier.

Processed foods and packaged or bottled drinks or sweets pack on enough calories and carry hidden calorie content harmful to health. It does nothing than pack those extra pounds on you. That’s why they are called junks. The end products of sugars are carbohydrates and carbohydrate, fats. If you want a healthy life and a flat tummy then learn to take natural sugars and fresh fruits instead of packaged sugars and juices.

17. Quit late night eating after 6 pm and practice mindful eating.

Once it is 6 pm, make it a habit to stay sway from food and drinks except water. The body is less active at that time and ready to go to bed making metabolism rate slower. All it does at this time is pack fats on the tummy. I cannot tell you how much my life changed since i disciplined my self on this. It makes the flat tummy journey easier and works like magic when followed strictly along with other solutions or practices. Try it too. To do this, mindful eating comes into play. It means you are conscious of your eating habits, what you eat and at what time you eat them.

18 Quit excess fats and carbohydrates and eat whole grains.

Whole grains like wheat flour and the likes are healthier options for you. Go for healthy fats in foods like avocado, fish oil, olive oil, seed oil, etc. Reduce intake of fatty foods, oils and meats. Do not eat a meal made solely of carbohydrate. Limit carb intake to reduce waist line. Eat in little quantity and garnish with vegetables. Fatty foods and carbohydrates pack on extra fats around the mid section hampering your flat tummy journey.

19. Stay away from in between meals and swap with fruits and vegetables.

when you miss a meal and cannot keep up or go to bed hungry. Eat apple. They contain fibers. Eat spinach, pumpkins and other green leafy vegetables. Eat nuts like walnuts. All of these are filling, good for health and skin and are healthier alternatives.

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