How to have a lighter skin tone

How to have a lighter skin tone

We all have different beauty and skin care goals and to some, it is their dream to have a lighter skin tone as well as a glowy skin. You hear questions like, ” how can i have a lighter skin tone”.

While we were born with our beautiful differences in complexions given to us by God, many times it doesn’t remain that way. The skin needs constant care and extra attention all the time.

More so there are a host of factors that hinders a flawless skin appearance. But here on today’s post we are specifically going to focus on how to lighten the skin tone.

Some would like to retain their ebony, dark or chocolate brown skin color and for some they love their skin fairer.

If you fall in the last category you must realize that even a once flawless and fair skin can turn suddenly dark, dull or hyper pigmented. All of these can steal your joy in a moment depending on how much attention you give to it.

There are many ways to achieve a lighter skin but only a few really become effective without lingering consequences.

There are many skin lightening products out there with gigantic claims. Some effective with mild effects, some with harsher consequences. Some are even more dangerous to the skin and some just serves the right purpose.

But in all you do, do not make chemical based products your focus in lightening the skin or you risk damage in the future. Well, some do not care about it so long as they can get visible instant results.

Who am i to decide for another person, but just my humble appeal to you. Do not go for them.
Let us go straight to business.

-Wondering how to get a lighter skin tone?; Drink more water

Well, ever heard this many times that you feel the subject of water is overrated or feel the claims are bogus or monotonous. Or maybe you may ask yourself, is it not the same water i take everyday! Why isn’t it doing a thing!

Well, overfamiliarity they say breeds contempt and trust me, when it comes to seeping on water or gulping large amounts, every single hype is true.

From health to beauty therapies and regimens, you must never ignore the benefits of water or overlook it’s importance on you, your health and body.

Having said all of this, it only comes naturally to put it on the first list of remedies or solution to getting not only brighter skin but fairer skin also.

So if you look forward to flushing those toxins out for a clearer skin, then increase your intake of water and the glasses gulped daily or frequently.

Drink at least 2 liters of water everyday to keep the body hydrated.

– Wondering how to get a lighter skin tone?; Wear sunscreen

Ever heard of a skin not affected by sun or it’s harshness! I doubt.

Even the woman who gains the score of the tittle ” fairest of them all” will eventually begin to feel the effect with visible contrary results when constantly exposed to the sun.

Those rays from the sun are powerful enough to ruin and cause damage to all the hard work you put to get a beautiful skin.

So next time you look forward to being on a journey to achieving a lighter skin tone or preserving it, then look no further.

Wear a sunscreen with SPF, wear sun glasses and a hat for a lighter skin tone.

– Wondering how to get a lighter skin tone?; use Facial steam

I do this when ever I feel I have lost the glow to my face.

I simply bring water to a boil and empty it on a clean bowl, cover my head with a towel to concentrate steam to my face and lower my head to the steam.
I pat my face dry with a clean towel when i am done. It works instant magic and radiation to my face when ever i do it.

You too can.

– Wondering how to get a lighter skin tone?; Exfoliate

The beauty of exfoliation can just never pass when it comes to having a clear, beautiful and flawless skin.

Go for some mild exfoliation product or take my route. Ditch spending some extra bucks and swirl some drops of water into blended cubes of sugar and mix gently till it gets to a thick consistency liquid.

Apply all over dull looking parts of your body. Allow for a while and wash after a few minutes almost before it dries or after it dries up.

Pat with a clean towel and moisturize. Sugar does winders through exfoliation to my skin. I have never been a believer of all home remedies but this i can speak for.

–  Get enough sleep.

For an adult, 12 hours of sleep everyday is essential for that glow. Sleep helps the body function well and build cells too.
So don’t think it is laziness to pamper yourself to some extra sleep when working to get a lighter skin tone.

-Use honey on the skin.

Pure raw honey has so many benefits that it’s praises have been sang by women who testify and vouch for it as one of the top most home remedies.

Honey balances the bacteria on the skin and get those cells healing, thus reducing inflammation.

Honey has been known to cure skin problems like eczema, acne and psoriasis..

Tip; Mix 2 tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of oil. Massage into the skin and leave on.
Add lemon juice to it if you have an oily skin so as to balance skin PH

Wash off or wipe off with a damp towel after few minutes (10 minutes preferably) for fairer complexion.

Tip; Mix raw honey and pure cinnamon for a paste. Perform a test patch on your wrist because cinnamon can be sensitive. You don’t want to end up with a burn.

Apply the paste in desired areas and wash off after a few minutes(10) minutes and wash off with Luke warm water then pat dry.

– Moisturize your skin

You do not want some dry flaky skin to ruin your result while treating your skin to a lighter complexion.

So, for a hydrated, radiant and uniform skin tone, slather some moisturizer to boost skin looks, ensure you use a nice moisturizer daily.

For home remedy mix to lighten skin tone; Effective examples are listed below.

-Use Coconut oil

Coconut contains vitamin F and lauric acid that will help hydrate and protect the skin by locking moisture into it.

It is best to make your own organic and unrefined coconut oil or go for extra virgin olive oil.

This can be applied all over the body and wipe off with a body tissue, for people with normal and dry skin types.

-Use yoghurt and gram flour

Yoghurt is a mild skin lighter. It contains lactic acid.

Yoghurt tightens pores and nourishes the skin while removing dead cells. For a lighter skin, massage into your skin daily. Rinse off with water after 30 minutes.

– Use milk for skin lightening

Milk reduces skin pigmentation because of the lactic acid it possesses.
Cow or goat milk will do.

Warm milk and let cool off, dip a soft clean towel. Squeeze the milk on the towel so it would not drip.

Massage into areas on your skin you want to lighten. Do it repeatedly for visible lightening results.

– Use a natural skin lightening mixture( Blend cucumber slices, sandal wood powder and lemon juice)

Blend your cucumber and add to sandal wool powder and lemon juice.

Slather on your body and wash off after 15 minutes

– Use Egg white and cucumber paste

Egg white is an astringent which shrinks pores, tightens and lightens skin. Cucumber is an  stringent and lightening agent too.

For a lightening paste, mix your egg white with blends cucumber paste. Mix and apply on the body.
Wash off after a few minutes.

– Wondering how to get lighter skin naturally and quickly? : Use potato paste and tomato juice.

Potato’s is a natural skin bleaching agent. It is rich in catecholase enzyme. I can vouch for its quick lightening properties. Tomatoes is a lightening agent that contains lycopene. It causes smooth, lights and glowy skin.

Tip; Blend potato to a paste, squeeze some tomatoes juice into it or blend tomato into juice and mix together. Use when you will enter the bathroom soon. Allow for some time then wish off, bath and moisturize.

This two lightening agent are very mild yet powerful and doesn’t sting or irritate the skin unlike some natural or DIY skin lightening remedies. I highly recommend this, if you wouldn’t mind slather in dome paste I’ve yourself.

– Vitamin c

Vitamin c is the best vitamin for skin as it protects the skin from sun and it’s damaging rays and helps avoid uneven skin tone.

Vitamin c helps to boost collagen thus causing skin repairs preventing scarring and hyper pigmentation.

– Vitamin E

This vitamin is an antioxidant preventing skin damage, hydrates rejuvenates, moisturizes and helps to avoid premature aging.

– Use papaya mashed with banana and honey.

Mash these 2 fruits together and mix with honey.

Slather the paste to the skin, leave for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

– Combine turmeric powder and yoghurt to make a paste.

Slather on skin and take off minutes later.
Turmeric inhibits melanin production to give an even skin tone.

Do not worry about yellow stains to the skin caused by turmeric it will come off.

– Use cooked oath meal

Apply cooked oath meal and apply as face mask.

Wash off after 10- 15 minutes or once it dries off.

N/B; For natural home remedies, patience and consistency is key. But for evasive yet effective ways of lightening the skin, go for medical remedies.

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How to have a lighter skin tone
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