How to grow long healthy hair

How to grow long healthy hair

The hair is extremely beauty enhancing and in fact, long hair is considered the beauty of a woman. Growing long hair is every one’s dream but how long does it take for hair to grow and can it be grown long shortly?

N/B; Oh well, at two to three weeks, your hair adds up and should give a visible difference at around two months. You should see the difference in inches.

Ever seen a beautiful woman with long hair! Then you must have realized how naturally enhancing the hair is to her beauty. The hair is always a bonus.

Even men who learned the tricks to styling and maintaining the hair either long or short end up desirable, appealing and termed good looking.

It is the joy of many persons to have long, thick, healthy strands of hair.

That being said, it becomes extremely worrisome for men who become bald. These same men can give anything to have good hair planted on their hairs.

I know how unhappy men and women feel when they comb their hairs only to find hair on the comb or even wake up to continuous hair line breakage or problem with the edges.

Many times even the many hair care products and solutions we tend to spend money on bring next to nothing or just little changes to the hair beating down our raised expectations.

But then right here on earth so many researches, observation, practice and fail and even experiences has made it almost possible for all problems to have a solution uncovered somewhere or mostly that people do not know about. Many times these are things we overlook not knowing how much they can change our lives.

I remember the times I was impatient and asked; how long does it take to grow long hair and if it’s possible to grow long hair within short time.

It is worthy of note that many times all we just need is to tweak some certain aspect of our hair care regimen.

And I can feel it here that you cannot wait to begin your journey to growing long stands of healthy hair
Read on.

N/B; Each year on, hair grows about six inches every year. How to grow long, silk, healthy hair

How long does it take to grow long, healthy hair and how do you grow it rightly?;

(1) Trim from Time to time;

you cannot push back your eyeballs which popped unexpectedly!. I know. Almost everybody who walks up to you for a longer hair and gets this advice will give you the are you kidding me look.

But trimming the hair at the top regularly is very effective in hair growth.

Split ends causes the hair to loose length and volume. The only way to get rid of this split ends are to trim them.

Trimming the ends make hair appear to grow quickly.

So next time you look forward to growing that hair quickly then use a scissors.

How long does it  take to grow long,  healthy hair and how do you grow it quickly?;

(2)Massage the scalp and comb regularly to stimulate hair follicles.

Has your hair stopped growing? Do you know that stimulating that scalp can improve hair growth and thickness.

Massaging the scalp stimulates hair follicles thus restoring thickness and length for hair growth.

Tip; use your hands to massage your scalp gently and deeply regularly.

Tip; Give your hair some quick regular strokes of brushing beginning from the scalp using a bristle brush after moisturizing with hair oils and masks.

How long does it take to grow long, healthy hair and  how do you do it the right way?;

(3) Eat proteins

This in fact is the first recommendation I’d give.

What we eat everyday goes a really long way.

Thus making the saying ” You are what you eat” even more relevant.

Foods high in protein and protein sources are good for the hair.

Eat fish, meats, nuts, beans and whole grains and diet high in protein to prevent hair from shedding.

Eat fish oils from sardines, mackerels, salmons for omega 3 fatty acids.
Consume minerals like zinc and iron.

How long does it take  to grow long, healthy hair and how do you do it rightly?;

(4) Deep condition hair frequently.

Deep conditioning the hair regularly can do a lot of justice to the hair by detangling hair strands and preventing damage.

Using the right hair condition and mask in the hair can stimulate blood circulation and encourage stronger, longer strands of hair.

How long does it take to grow long,  healthy hair and how  do you  get it easily?;

(5) Take vitamin supplements

Vitamin B and C supplements and Can give you a healthier hair when your meal is short of them.

(6) Minimize the use of shampoo frequently.

Minimize the use of shampoo daily. This allows the hair to breathe.
Just like the face, too much washing of the hair strips the hair of oils that should penetrate it.

And when you chose to use a shampoo, use shampoo that promises volume and thickness of hair.

How long does it take to grow long, healthy hair and what step do you take rightly?;

(7)Avoid the heat

Heat is not good for the hair and only ends up breaking it.

Too much heat can lead to split ends and damages.

If you must apply heat to the hair, make sure to minimize it or better still avoid it altogether.

How long does it take to get long, healthy hair and what step do you need to take?;

(8)Avoid combing wet hair

Water stretches the hair capacity so brushing it at that time feels like pressure to it.

These pressure causes it to break.
Best thing to do is to comb it before wetting or shampooing it then pat dry with a towel to get the water almost completely off it.

Also make sure to comb with a wide tooth comb in a gentle manner.

Final note; In what ever method you chose to use, look for formulas with vitamin B5, vitamin E, zinc, iron and iron to increase keratin production which is the building block of hair.

Tip; Make sure to go for a shampoo with salicylic acid and peptides.

(9) Join a support group.

Send us a message through our contact on the site to join our health and appearance support group

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How to grow long healthy hair
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