How to get your baby to sleep easily

How to get your baby to sleep

How to get your baby to sleep without being held can be a challenge for most mothers whose babies are used to being carried on the arms. This and many more are challenges mothers face.

There is an adage used all the time where i come from. It says ” A child who says his mother will not sleep will also not sleep”. It is such a funny but true saying.

How do you know that the young woman whom you saw in her pajamas that morning is a new mummy? Probably her busy eyes and looks that decodes sleeplessness.

How to get your baby to sleep without being held

Most babies will not be babies until whoever stays close to them is made to feel their tiring yet joyful impact.
Back to our point. If you are in the category of new mothers whose babies have a hard time sleeping and on the flip side which means even the mum will also have to be awake to tend to the baby. This may have you asking how to get your baby to sleep without being held. You must know that there are a few effective ways to get the baby to sleep so you too can rest.

Below are ways on how to get your baby to sleep without being held.

-Wean that child your way.

Many times in the day and night new born or babies cry and many times even after feeding them to satisfaction all you get is cry and sleeplessness when you expect them to sleep and when you least expect them to sleep that is when they do leaving you to wonder at the little strange effort you used to achieve that aim. This babies may end up sleeping in the day but staying awake all night which means you too will need to stay awake.

Learn to teach your new born especially those up to six months old to adjust to routine without ignoring them. When a baby is six months old, they begin to get used to some routines and habits. At this time they are quite sensible to know the reactions they get in return for every action they put up. This will mean cuddling them to sleep when you sleep, feeding them to rest when you work.

– Teach your baby to lay on their back and play alone on their crib.

Be at close range but leave your baby to feel free to cry and experiment when you know you have fed them and given them a bath.

-Try to train your baby to get less attention.

This may seem like an advice contrary to motherly affection but it isn’t.

Doing this helps both you and your baby learn and adjust to your new differences. Drop your new born on their crib on the back with their pacifier in their hands to play with and soothe themselves while they cry. Soon they will learn to tend to themselves in your absence and soon they will learn to cry less when you are less in sight. Do this but stay close to keep watch so you can pacify them for a few minutes before withdrawing till they become used to this method.

Soon, you will notice that it becomes easier for your baby who must have missed you to sleep. She will appreciate the time you give to her. You will feel irreplaceable as you watch the bonding increase in a contrary method. Sleeping for your baby also means more sleep and rest which is good for you.

– Learn to adjust to your baby’s sleeping time.

If you are they type that has a baby that sleeps during the day and keeps awake at night, then do well to get help around the house from family so you can get rest no matter how little as soon as your baby sleeps and get to work when she isn’t crying but awake. In a nutshell; Drop all works and commitments to take a nap when your child naps.

I know how much burden new mothers get to feel as they see the need to catch up with their baby’s health and responsibility especially when there is no nanny or help. Tending to the baby and other kids while doing household chores and personal hustle can make finding time for bodily exercise difficult and worse more can make sleep feel like a fortune only to end up not sleeping at night due to baby’s inability to sleep. It can wear you out, seem frustrating, tiring and even depressing.

N/B; Dropping other commitments beckoning you in the face doesn’t mean you are lazy. It only means you value your child and your health and want to make sure you are there to do this repeat circle for much longer. You cannot afford to break down.

Abandoning work for a few hours to sleep when your baby does will keep you awake and fully prepared at night when your baby wakes. No matter what you do, some babies cannot do away with this strange habits. So long as they are healthy, it is the responsibility of the new mum to adjust for maximum functionality.

-Induce sleep mode for your baby.
Switching off all the lights in the room where your baby is may scare the child at first but when he knows you are there with him it can induce sleep on him. Feed your baby well, lay him on the crib, give him a pacifier, stay close to hold his arm and have someone switch off the lights with a little dim light or candle somewhere. Your baby may attempt to cry but will adjust in the serenity of the night mode.

How can a new mom find sleep after your baby is asleep ?

  • -Get noise off your environment by turning off radio and television
  • -Replace caffeine with milk and stay away from hunger and extremely heavy meals.
  • -Find time for simple bodily exercises
  • -Use your natural sleep inducer. I.e.; Watch television with less noise, read a book, listen to music. Etc. To help get you sleep.
  • -Communicate with other mothers in same journey always
  • -Most importantly. Get medical advise every time before you act.

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Tip; On a thorough answer of how to get your baby to sleep without being held you must realize that every childbirth is different and whole new, unique experience. All babies are different and each bundle of joy comes with a challenging experience even for mothers with multiple births. Accept and enjoy your new journey. Embrace it without drawing comparison and most of all learn and observe everyday and you may just be the one to teach us through your experiences. Stay strong and congratulations.

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How to get your baby to sleep
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