How to get rid of hypertension; how to get the blood pressure on a normal range

How to lower hypertension

If there was one change in the body that has many times been proven dangerous if overlooked or left in the dark, then it is that of hypertension. It is the dream of all to get rid of hypertension and keep the blood pressure at a normal range.

So the question now will be how to get rid of hypertension!

Hypertension is a silent killer. Blood pressure issues like high blood pressure, low blood pressure and the likes cannot be overlooked.

Many times they kind of go unnoticed and may be brushed off as temporary or mistaken for just another body symptom and this always proves drastic.

For this reason, a person’s blood pressure must be checked regularly.

Africans and African Americans are at great risk of hypertension especially those aged 45-55 years.

Yet, i wouldn’t find it strange that there are people reading this post who haven’t attained that age just yet. It is not alien.

You see due to certain factors including lifestyle factors, high blood pressure has become a thing not only for the old or middle aged.

Even young ones develop hypertension same as pregnant women diagnosed with eclampsia. (A topic for another day)

This has become a major challenge because not everybody has a sphygmanometer at home and even those who have may not know how to use it and those who know how to use it may not make it a point of duty from their busy lives to check the reading regularly.

So in such a scenario how can you get rid of hypertension when you do not even know your blood pressure reading!

High blood pressure is dangerous and can lead to heart failure, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke. All these afore mentioned are the leading causes of death around the world.

How do you know you are hypertensive or have high blood pressure?

During a visit to the health facility, a cuff is placed around the arm and inflated till the blood starts flowing.

At this point, the health personnel will deflate the cuff and pay attention to the opposite side of the elbow and the artery in your arm.

The first sound that she hears which sounds like the heartbeat as the blood flows is the systolic blood pressure.

When the sound of the heart beat stops, she measures the second time which is the diastolic blood pressure.

Tip; A normal blood pressure is 120 for systolic and 80 for diastolic.

Tip; when the systolic pressure is between 120 and 139 and the diastolic between 80 and 89 then it is recorded as pre hypertensive.

Tip; A systolic pressure over 139 and diastolic pressure over 89 may mean high blood pressure.

That your blood pressure is high doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for you.

There are recommended steps to be taken to lower it or get rid of hypertension and as well keep it from rising when it is at a healthy range.

Tip: A single blood pressure reading isn’t enough to confirm one as hypertensive. Many readings must be taken through frequent checks where the patient is observed and checked if the symptoms are exhibited.

How can you prevent high blood pressure?

(1) Maintain a healthy weight.

There is a significant correlation of being overweight to being hypertensive or developing high blood pressure.

If you care to retain your blood pressure at a normal range or want to have it return to normal then consider loosing even a small weight. So how do you loose weight?. Answer is below


Exercise is a lesson that has been given time and again for it’s multiple benefits. Exercise helps relieve stress, build muscle while aiding in weight loss.

The heart is built during exercise which helps to reduce the blood pressure.

Those who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than people who are not active.

So if you look forward to loosing that weight so as to keep the blood pressure checked, make do with exercising regularly because those pounds get the blood pressure shooting.

(3) Take the salt off your meal.

The body just needs 500 milligrams of salt in a day which is little.
Adding salt to your every meal can only lead to a shoot in high blood pressure.

Just one teaspoon of salt for a day is a good one. So looking for a way to get your blood pressure fall or present it from rising then take a cut on the salts.

(4) Swap the junks for a healthy diet.

The importance of feeding on a healthy diet cannot be over emphasized.

A diet rich in whole grains, nuts and fish oils gotten from sardines, mackerels and fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acids will go a long way to keep the heart healthy this keeping the blood pressure in check.

Eat low fat diary products and swap your red meats with poultry meat will also prove beneficial.

Now, do we overlook the king of all diets? No.

A diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits is the ideal diet that keeps the weight in check which goes a long way to keep the blood pressure in check too.

Eat foods low in fats.

(5) make time to relax.

Rest is important to the body and helps the body regain all it lost to function properly by building cells which aids the functionality of the heart and keeps it at a normal range.

An adult needs 12 hours of sleep at least. Naps do wonders to the body too.

(6) Manage your level of stress.

Stress has a lot of triggers. Avoid rush hour, avoid toxic people who give you stress, change your expectation and focus on things you can control to keep stress at bay and the blood pressure normal.

A little stress can cause spikes in the blood pressure.

Stress has a whole lot of negatives to the body. Beginning from how the body functions to how to limiting that glowy skin and the organs of the body even affecting and interrupting normal recurring body processes like the menstrual cycle or period flow for the women .

All of this tend to be affected when a person is stressed.

Apart from the many benefits and good health stress steals from you, if you are looking forward to a fall in blood pressure which amounts to getting rid of hypertension, then it is best you manage your stress levels.

Listen to music, practice yoga, do meditation and anything that gives you calm and peace and watch your blood pressure return to normal.

(6) Quit smoking and drinking.

The last time i checked alcohol does no good thing to the body asides packing the body with calories which causes a spike in the bold pressure.

Nicotine on the other hand constricts the blood vessels causing a sudden spike in blood pressure.

So if you must get your blood pressure at healthy levels, quit that habit of smoking and drinking and viola you have just made a healthy decision that will rid you of hypertension.

(7) Quit eating fried foods and swap with healthier food preparation.

There are many methods of food preparations and some of which are very harmful to the body despite making delicious meals.

Frying involves heated and bleached oils which are not healthy to the heart.

All they do is pack some extra calories to the body and clog the heart.

Frying kills the basic nutrients in foods that should have aided in the heart.

Swap frying foods with steaming and boiling.
You do not need that extra oil when trying to protect your heart and keep the blood pressure checked.

Rather than getting rid of hypertension you will end up aggravating it.

(8) Cut down on junks, processed meals and products high in sodium content.

Sandwiches, pizza, cured meats, bread, rolls and the likes are more likely to have high sodium content lurking in them. Also read labels to be sure the sodium content of packaged or processed foods are less.

(9) Limit caffeine intake.

Caffeine is known to raise blood pressure up to 10mm Hg in people who rarely consume it.

Although it is said that those who consume caffeine regularly may see little or no effect to their blood pressure.

  • – Consume lots of peas, beans, nuts, green leaves and vegetables. To provide the body with the right amount of magnesium which prevents high blood pressure.
  • – consume fish oils found in sardines, mackerels, salmons etc. All of these provides special fats rich in omega 3 fatty acids which reduces high blood pressure.
  • – Consume low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese which are a good way to get calcium to the body.

The right amounts of calcium to the body is at least 1000 milligrams per day for an adult to keep blood pressure checked.

  • – Consume fruits and vegetables rich in potassium to keep the blood pressure checked.
  • -incorporate some ginger and garlic into your meal.
    Cloves have anti- inflammatory properties. The two are known to do wonders in normalizing cholesterol levels which goes a long way to keep the blood pressure normal.

Extra tip; keep having your blood pressure reading checked regularly and talk to your doctor before taking any herbal/ dietary supplement and follow prescribed treatment.

Who is at risk of high blood pressure?

Any body can be at risk of developing high blood pressure yet there are risk factors for developing it and there are those who are the at risk population due to a host of varying factors.

-Family history.

One from a family known to have a history of high blood pressure is at risk of developing hypertension.

  • -Gender; Before age 55, men are more at risk to developing high blood pressure but after age 55, women are more at risk of developing it than men.
  • -Weight; Overweight and obese people are at risk of developing high blood pressure.


Africans and African Americans are at risk of developing High blood pressure.

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How to lower hypertension
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