How to get glowy skin ; 11 ways to a flawless skin

How to get glowy skin

They say beauty is skin deep. When we think of  how to get an even skin and further more, a glowy skin, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A flawless, radiant, good looking skin that seem to radiate and breath beauty. Yet, this isn’t the situation at all times.

There are days within months that despite my usual routine, i wake up to the mirror only to have myself not feel like me. Then I begin to think of how to get glowy skin.

Many times when the question of how to get glowy skin is raised the first images that are show cased over the net are pictures of beautiful ladies wearing complete make up on the faces and tanned up skins masking their true skin yet been used to advertise for products or model as ones with glowy skins.

What comes to mind when you dream of how to get glowy skin?

A good looking skin brews and exudes confidence and lights a beautiful spark which goes unnoticeable to wherever it is show cased. For people who manage at some point to get and retain that skin glow it feels just like heaven with a perfect life already.

Oh, i get that feeling! We all love it. Everybody loves to feel beautiful and the fact that you hopped on here to read just shows we are pals on the same life boat.

But hold on there my dear. Before we move to discovering that skin glow or reglow you must first swallow the unwanted pill of realizing that there are a host of reasons why the skin eventually and occasionally loses it’s glow, even the top notch looking skins.

Below is a list of factors that affects the glow of the skin in one way or the other.

Allergens, fossil fuels and environmental pollution

The skin is the biggest organ of the body, more exposed and in the absolute open with no covering or protection to it and so makes it prone to the exposure of both wanted and unwanted elements even the unwanted free radicals from the environment that not only damages the collagen but changes the skin color, tone and texture.

The air surrounding us everyday contains dirt like particles and sulphur dioxide which causes the skin to look dull and less appealing to the eye.

Not to fret though, it is just a way of reacting and interacting with our environment. While we are totally not aware of what happens to us at the times they do and what our skin breathes in there is still a part to play to it and an effort to be shown to preserving our organ: the skin thus limiting the negative impact and reducing aging and wrinkling.

This takes us proper to the factors we can control.

Quit going to bed in makeup or wearing facial masks and packs to bed.

There are a host of beauty and appearance products that women use to get their groove or gain confidence as well as appear beautiful and at the top of their game.

While these products come in handy, the bitter truth however is that they mainly provide temporary gains and anything that extends beyond the short or stipulated time for this products worn only ends up giving negative effects that destroys the skin or provides rather detrimental effects instead of what it was designed for.

One of such consequence asides breakouts, skin irritations and dryness is a dull skin as we know which is the opposite of a glowy skin which we all desire.

So this takes us to to the first tip on how to get glowy skin.  Many skin and makeup products contain parabens. So, if you yearn for a glow, then make sure to take off the masks and makeup before going to bed.

Fix Dehydration

From topics like how to have flat tummy to skin topics, the body needs fluids at all times, not just any fluids. Water is said to wroth wonders in many ways including flushing skin toxins that will ordinarily settle to give a dull and less pleasing look.

So, this goes without saying that a basic and natural less intrusive step that must be taken for that skin to return to it’s glow, should begin with gulping clean glasses of water consistently.

Dead skin cells

The human skin is made in such a way that it is self cleaning and self sustaining as a means to breathe and clear of foreign substances while wearing fresh layers. So it is not uncommon to step out of a long warm bubbly bath only to still find dead skin cells lingering on the skin when it is touched or wiped.

While the process that involves dead skin cells are considered a healthy, natural habit the way it is designed to be, it can come in the way of your glow if the right steps are not taken to checkmate it.

So the very first question that may be popping obvious in your mind will be, what is that right step to take?

Well, this brings us to a very healthy skin care routine.


If you do not exfoliate and are wondering how to get glowy skin then you are missing out. Exfoliation has enormous benefits and here it just comes in handy to answering our very little but important question above.

What do we do with the dead skin cells that come off easily and almost unseen only to sit on there, clog pores and give a dull appearance! Do we just accept our fate and say life goes on! No. The simple answer is that we cannot.

I know you love your skin just like i do love mine and cherish it on this end.

In fact that is where exfoliation comes in.

Exfoliation helps to clean and take off this dead cells that would have sat on there unnoticed except for it’s bad resultant effects which you will begin to see through your suddenly dull skin.

Exfoliation is a skin care routine i have come to love and embrace and i easily run to it when ever i feel less of my skin appearance or feel like it is giving me that silent complaint or unwanted signal.

But then, another question comes up.

How on earth do we exfoliate and do it right? At what intervals and frequency can it be done?.

There are many skin care products for exfoliation on beauty shelves, pharmacy counter or chemist and even closest to us, sitting on our kitchen shelves and the nearest refrigerator for the DIY exfoliation types.

And some people who know about exfoliation have even gone farther comfortable with it to the point of abusing it. You see this people exfoliate everyday and with products having harsh chemical composition.

While it isn’t advisable to exfoliate today and leave it for another year. Exfoliating daily has adverse effects for all skin types and for someone like me who has a very sensitive dry skin type and even for those few out there who have similar skin type or more so, some with oily skins like that of my cousin and some with mixed skin type like that of my younger sibling, exfoliating excessively can do more harm than good. So the question is how do you do it right!.

What ever means of exfoliation you chose either from the beauty products or DIY’s know that they all help differently on how to get glowy skin.

Tip: only go for what is best for your skin type. Check labels and be sure it is specifically made for your skin type.

But if you ask me, what ever your skin be, the moderate times you should exfoliate for that glow is once in a week and at most twice in a week or once in two weeks.

What works for everybody is different and so i am not here to disagree with those in the school of thought that one should exfoliate more than the number of times i have listed above but i can categorically state that too much of even the good thing is bad..

The skin is a very sensitive organ that needs to be treated with absolute carefulness so as not to end up with an irreparable damage to the skin.

Tip if you are still asking how to get glowy skin, go for trust worthy exfoliation products.

While i recommend checking out for the best exfoliation products, i cannot vouch for a number of self acclaimed products out there because only a few are trust worthy and reliable and i have learned the hard way with painful knocks. I do not want you to go through such. I can only recommend just a few tried and tested exfoliation products.

N/B; But just in case you plan to exfoliate without loosing from your pocket or even seek to save a dollar, then you can join me in these effective DIY treatment i use to exfoliate at home.

There are some home remedies that can be used alone or in combination to bring about perfect exfoliation but for me,

I use


we tend to avoid sugars like poison due to health and weight concerns. But no, they aren’t totally as we make it, in fact it can make the less appealing skin beautiful again.

Tip; I just crush one or more cubes of sugar on a clean plate or cosmetic pan . you can place it right on any clean surface convenient for you and use just as little or much sugar you want at your discretion.

Crush it and swirl tiny drops of water in it and stir circularly with the finger till it melts to a thick liquid in consistency. Do not expect the coarse grains to totally melt.

I use my hand or cotton balls to apply it in whatever part of the skin i want to exfoliate.

You can use your soft loofah or skin brush if you want to take off this dead cells gently. I let it dry off and i go wash it. Many times i do not even have the patience to wait till it totally dries off.

Tip; I do this when i am going to bed to leave the skin breathing free and replenish cells that build up through sleep. I  can attest to the fact that this result comes out clear and i gain this radiance almost immediately.

Believe me, it has worked like magic for me with not an extra penny off my pocket. Who knows if it works for you too. No harm in trial they say, besides it is a risk worth taking.

Tip; many people vouch on brown sugars for exfoliation but i can only say what i know. I use white sugar. You can also switch to chemical exfoliators.

By you must be careful to go for not just any exfoliation products out there if you intend to shop for it.


In life, we as humans go through stages that we many times aren’t in control of. Many times this changes take us unaware.

This hormonal changes become most obvious from puberty to menopause to the medications we consume and even how stressed we become.

But in all of this, the skin bears it’s brunt and is many times more obvious in it’s complaint.

While we may have just little control on how age, medication and others affect our skin appearance, there is one we can strive to control.

Worrying too much or not allowing the body recover quickly or even subjecting the body many times unintentionally to stress can have a negative impact on the skin when there is a spike in the stress hormones.

That goes without saying that if you want that glow, then step into your life and manage that stress.

  • Sleep more

Apart from the fact that sleep helps to rejuvenate and revitalize us we must understand that there are a whole new and different processes that takes place when we sleep. There is a build up of body cells that provides the organs, even the skin enough support to breathe.

We live in a world were affording complete sleep is fast becoming a luxury because of commitments, daily struggles, mental health issues and even our commitments to goals and targets even more to make ends meet or become greater.

In all of this, never compromise your sleep for anything. The body needs rest to function properly and as for an adult, anything less than 12 hours of sleep must be adjusted if you need to get that pretty skin feeling loved to it’s glow. Else you end up with a tired looking, dull skin.


The skin needs pampering. While the sun provides vitamins, direct and constant exposure to the sun can be damaging to the skin to the point of stealing it’s glow.

You cannot control the weather nor can you limit your daily activities or let your life become affected all because you do not want to be exposed to the sun.

And of course, that’s where caution comes in.
Next time you think of stepping into sun rays of the scourging heat,

Tip; wear some color asides black
Tip; wear some hat
Tip; wear some cotton or similar material
Tip; wear some sunscreen with SPF

Wondering how to get glowy skin despite failed efforts? :

Check your Skin care routine.

You must be asking how to get glowy skin through your sin care routine seeing that every body has a routine for the skin! It is alarming to see the rate at which same products meant to protect and nurture the skin can become a beast. I have had lots of terrible skin issues including stretch marks from using products without checking labels.

Though i had parents who never gave up on spending their last penny to see that i have my proper skin despite the fact that they were not rich nor was i a kid.

We tend to put so many products on our skin for their reviews rather than selecting them for their labels and real life proofs which i know is a bit difficult and requires patience.

Many times this product labels do not list all of what the product contains, the ones that contains them use less known names to list the harmful ones and when they list all the products they claim it does wonders and is mild to the skin only to end up with an opposite reaction.

But that isn’t to say we will give up finding the right products to pamper our delicate skins.

Tip; when next you look out to shop for your moisturizer, scrub, mask, cleansers or even makeups, go for water based products and products less harsher chemical composition.

Bonus; make up products.

Many make up products have the habit of featuring models with flawless skins who undertake other beauty, cosmetic and medical procedures to attain and retain their looks only to advertise products they do not use and even when they use it and react to it, they have just enough money to fix it

Do you have just enough money to save and splurge on some procedure?

Even if you do, do you have the patience to heal from it’s pain or discomforts? Can you risk it and take the pains with it’s associated complications to the detriment of your life and skin?

If your answer is no, then you agree with me that beauty is fleeting but can be preserved in a much easier process

Tip 2; chose your makeup product carefully and wisely.

  1. N/B; if all fails, speak to a skin care expert or reach out to us through our contact form. We love to share in your struggles.

-Send us a message with your FB name in it to get an invite to our health and anti aging support group.

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How to get glowy skin
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