How to get a lighter skin tone; Remedies beyond the normal

How to have a lighter skin tone

How to get lighter skin tone: Read below.

Have you become darker in complexion?Is your skin loosing it’s light skin tone?Do you want to get a skin tone lighter than what you have there?Have you found your natural skin care routine failing?Do you find Slathering some paste on the body tiring?Do you find Waiting to take it off is even more tiring?.

I know what feeling of gross you get if you fall in this category of persons. Then the post is for you.

How to have lighter skin tone

Not every one is a fan of home remedies. Not every one has the patience to wait for results when looking for solutions on how to get a lighter skin tone.

Home recommended solutions requires patience and consistency when trying to get a lighter skin tone. In that vein the best remedies for people desiring an answer to the question; how to get a lighter skin tone is a very quick solution. Medical and brave remedies for a lighter skin tone can produce direct visible results. And for some of this remedies, they can be an evasive process but anything for beauty is worth the sacrifice. So we go straight to how to lighten skin tone using medical and chemically induced remedies.

The type of medical remedy you chose to use will depend on you and your goals in lightening your skin tone.

-Wondering how to get lighter skin tone;

Try Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the scouring of the uppermost layer of the skin by a medical personnel.

This procedure softens the edges of the skin and leaves the skin feeling beautiful and smooth by removing brown spots.


  • Vitamin A alcohol is used for treating damaged skin.
  • Retinol has been known to trigger cell division and renewal of skin.
  • It also helps to exfoliate the skin and encourages production of collagen.
  • Retinol gives the skin a wrinkle free appearance and lighter skin tone.

Use Albutin

  • Albutin is an extract of bearberry plant.
  • Albutin helps in removing pigmentation. This causes the skin to whiten.
  • It is also used to treat sun burn.
  • It is an effective measure and safer than many harsh chemicals used to lighten the skin.
–  Wondering how to get a lighter skin tone?

Go for Microdermabrasion

The process is used to remove damaged skin cells which leaves the skin healthier and free of age spots.

Use whitening creams

This is the most common method known to many. In fact, it almost becomes the first solution that comes to mind when ever we think of lightening or whitening the skin. There are many creams out there with many promises to whiten and lighten the skin in a jiffy and effectively but only few of them works. Besides what works for one skin may not work for the other. When it finally does, many times it tends to cause skin issues and damages due to ingredients and harmful product composition.

However, there are still a few others out there in the market which gives quick, effective and good results. You just may not be lucky to discover that cream almost immediately. You may just have to keep doing trial and error method until you finally meet the one best suited for your skin. And that is if you ever get the exact desired results.

In all you do, just avoid creams with hydroquinone and mercury. I cannot tell you how much damage this creams can cause and how much my skin has suffered from them. Those two can dry out skin, cause wrinkles, acnes and even stretch marks.

Use Whitening serum

  • Serums are very concentrated and have active ingredients that penetrates deeper layer of the skin to nourish it.
  • Serums restore moisture and elasticity and regulate oil production.
  • Serums are more concentrated than creams.
    Expect to get multiple dozes of ingredients and results from serum than what you get in creams.

So look no further for skin lightening and whitening.

-For more invasive ways on how to get a lighter skin tone:

Go for Chemical peels

This, I put in the last of the recommendations because I cannot go for it. It doesn’t mean there aren’t brave humans who do it because they know what they want and are strong enough to go for it.

  • Chemical peels are solutions like alpha hydroxy acids used on the skin to exfoliate and reduce pigmentation.
  • A chemical peel reveals a radiant, rejuvenated and whitened skin with lots of extra benefits.
  • Chemical peels reveals an even skin tone and wrinkles with a blemish free skin or go for way natural and safer ways to lighten the skin.

N/B; speak to your doctor or skin care professional about your skin care goals.

Work together for the best medical procedure to use.

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How to have a lighter skin tone
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