How to ease stress

How to ease stress

Stress is imminent and almost inevitable. As human beings there is a whole lot to think about and to do that many times running around to meet up with plans or sitting to catch a breathe.

More so, Doing some mental calculations and even trying to keep up with the pressure of the society and some set expectations becomes overwhelming that it feels like we had magical wands that make things work with just a wish.

How to ease stress

Everybody at one point or the other in life goes through stress reoccurring.

Even those who have the most perfectly planned and organized lives with everything falling in place for them still become victims of stressors and high blood pressure 

Stress if not handled can push one to the limit and poor mental health.

How then do we relieve our selves of stress.

(1) Reduce stress triggers

Even for the most prudent and meticulous persons time management can be an issue.

From being on traffic in the rush hour to catching up with urgent meetings, death of a loved one, sickness and health issues or even some form of emergencies or bad news.

All of those above are stress triggers.

While we cannot do a thing to control so many of these occurrences we can at least try to avoid how much effect it can have on us by taking charge.

Leave the house on time, pace yourself, reserve time to take care of yourself and also set your priorities right.

All of the above are ways to see that you manage stress through controlling stress triggers.

(2) Set realistic goals and expectations.

It is ok to accept that humans are not super people who have everything under their control nor can we have everything work for us just the way it is intended.

The earlier you know and accept what you can control, the better it will be for you.

Leave those outside of your control and see yourself relieving stress and its tendencies.

(3) Exercise

Exercise is stressful no doubt yet there is something about it that eases stress.

Exercise has numerous benefits to the body and the benefits range from improving rest and sleep quality to lowering cortisol.

Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone. When we exercise, endorphins are released which serves as natural pain killers which helps to improve the mood and keep positive attitude.

(4) Listen to soothing music.

Music they say is food to the soul.

Without being told, anybody who switches on the phone or tunes to a song either intentionally or unintentionally or even by mistake must have known how much soothing effect music has to the body and moods.

I once ran into a write up. Call it a quote where someone said

” music is sweet to the ear in happy moods but we feel the beats and understand the lyrics more when we feel down”.

It goes without saying that music has a soul and a voice to speak and appeal to every situation.

Different singers of different genres have all sang songs that resonates to just every situation under the planet.

Music is healing, comforting and soothing.

It can be relieving too. Only go for songs that make you feel good, energetic, sexy, the best of yourself and gets you grooving and watch stress while away.


Yoga dates back to a long time where people tap into more appealing and easy on the eyes ways of exercising through different ways including some stretches.

Yoga has been known to cure bad moods, anxiety and depression.

Yoga is said to lessen stress related hormones( cortisol) and the heart rate too.

The benefits of yoga are enormous and one of such ways is easing stress.

So, do well to enroll and take some yoga classes.

(6) Be mindful at all times.

Mindfulness isn’t a practice that comes naturally.

Just like the name, it comes from being mindful of your state and making wholesome decisions to be in control or take a particular route.

Try to leave in your present moment and try to be conscious of all that happens around you in a positive note.

Make a habit of taking note of all that happens around you

Take note if things that make you sad and happy.

Make a habit not to mourn the bad forever.

Make conscious decisions of letting go of the people who brew negative energy in your life.

Mindfulness is making hard decisions for the good of you and your mental health..

Learn to say no.
Saying no is not selfishness but being conscious of the things that bring you anxiety, sleepless nights and gets you tired after racking your brains and not reaching a solution.

Mindfulness is a practice that eases self esteem and boost confidence.

Mindfulness makes you feel in control even when things are falling apart.

It helps ward off negative thinking and fights anxiety and depression

So next time when thinking about easing stress, practice mindfulness.

(7) Meditation

Meditation is a very good practice used to ease stress.

Meditation has been proven to work and ease the mind to relaxation.

When you feel out of the world and burdened, just sit quietly, close your eyes and leave your dreams with ease through meditation.

(8) breathe in, breathe out.

If there is one ugly effect of stress then it is the fact that if not controlled can steal your peace and mental health from you.

Stress can get you out of control.

Stress can get you easily irritated

Stress can cause you to transfer aggression

Stress can make you become nagging and overbearing person.

Stress can change a nice person to a beast.

You just cannot watch yourself become a monster overnight.

Just note that when ever you feel like quitting or even making a decision you may likely regret later, you can always breathe in and breathe out.

(9) Make time for ease.

As humans we get so pre occupied with our plans for the day even before the day begins.

Make out time to sit idly with friends, family and loved ones with no feeling of guilt.

Life doesn’t have to be that difficult.
Make time for jokes

Make time for some dance competition

Join some fun competition or anything that gets your mind off your source of stress.

The effect of this cannot be underrated when it comes to easing stress.

(10) Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Laughing irons out wrinkles

Laughing makes you look younger.

Laughter is good for the health of the heart.

Laugh even in the dark tunnel, laugh when all hope is gone

Laugh when you hate your self, laugh when the future seems bleak.

Many times challenges pop up that makes you feel like a failure with lots of unanswered questions.

In the midst of the heat it only takes a strong person to laugh.

When you feel stressed and do not feel like wearing a smile, that is just the right time to smile nd laugh.

No, you are not mad. You are only taking control of your life.

By wearing a smile when you should be wearing a long face or frown goes a long way to relieve stress and tension, helping to relax your muscles.

When your mood gets better, your health is on it’s way to becoming better.

(11) Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine has a way of triggering anxiety.

Anxiety contributes to stress.

So do away with the stress by reducing your caffeine intake.

(12) Make writing your thing.

Oh, I love to write. Yet the good thing is that you do not need to be an aspiring writer to enjoy writing.

Write down the things that happened during the day both the good and the bad

Write some motivational words and quotes you composed that speaks to you.

Writing about anything including your realistic expectations will only help to ease stress.

(13) Carry out Aromatherapy and decompress.

Soaking yourself in some warm liquids with some soothing, sweet smelling essential oils and candles can soothe nerves and ease stress.

(14)Learn to take everything in good fate

Life will always be life. Full of surprises including ups and downs which upsets or take us unaware.

We are humans but it doesn’t have to get to us all the time, not if we learn to love,accept and appreciate ourselves for what we have and are.

(15) Sleep

Many times the body just needs some rest from the hassles.

Having nap or even 12 hours of sleep straight on can do lots of magic and wonders to the body and relieving stress.

(16) Join a support group; To join our health and appearance support group, send us a message through our contact us form.

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How to ease stress
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