How to cope with, overcome and bounce back from depression


Depression is really a dark place to be and can be experienced by anybody. Life events like loss, feeling of inadequacy, inferiority complex, ecstacy etc can triggered bouts of depression. Measures like spotting possible symptoms and taking appropriate steps can help any depressed person.

To overcome depression, you need to tackle it from its roots just like in the case of anxiety.

Depression: how to cope with, overcome and bounce back from depression

Signs and symptoms of depression;

Irritable moods:

Are you feeling angry and excessively agitated with just a tick or over nothing? You could check to see if you have other symptoms of depression.

Loss of energy/motivation;

Have you suddenly lost interest in the things you used to love? Have you lost life’s motivation and don’t feel like doing anything any more? You could be depressed.

Sleep changes:

Are you loosing sleep or sleeping excessively, out of your normal sleep patterns? You could be one step away

Appetite changes:

Have you lost appetite and don’t give a damn about the foods you used to love or are suddenly overeating? This is just one of the signs


Do you feel frustrated in life and wouldn’t free yourself with the blames and live free? It may be time to ask for help

What causes depression?

Weight/poor body image:

When you cannot be proud of your looks and your weight keeps adding, if not controlled can be depressing. Obesity causes depression.

Lack of identity:

You cannot find your footing in life, you don’t even know where you belong, cannot tell what life has for you or who you are, then depression can set in.

Low self worth:

When you feel like trash, when you feel worthless, empty and not respected, it can trigger depression

Pregnancy and child birth:

Childbirth with the women can cause post patrum depression. Speak to your doctor or care giver about it.

Peer and society pressure:

The world expects us to have this and that life at a certain age, and here you are, you haven’t even begun and it seems like all your friends made it and you are the only one left behind with no achievement. These comparison can trigger depression

Unmet expectation:

You have high expectations, you make plans, you are sure everything will work out and you give in the best on your part by trying everything in your power to see it come true but in the end everything falls by the way with nothing to hold on to. Depression can set in.

Failure and frustration:

When you have encountered failure multiple times, frustration may follow suit and depression becomes its home.

Hormonal fluctuation:

Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, aging etc. all come with varying and fluctuating hormones that leaves most people depressed.


People using drugs are prone to depression.


Most drugs can leave you ridden with depression. Speak to your doctor to change medication.

Unrealistic time frames and targets:

People will subdue themselves to undue pressure with setting unrealistic time frames and budgets. This makes them feel like failures and sink into depression when reality of hurdles set in.


Too much stress, too much workload, too much imbalance and mental exhaustion can cause depression and mental upset.


Loss of a dear one can shatter hopes and bring the world crashing at your feet. Depression may not be far away if not watched.


You thought you found the right one and then reality sets in, you discover they are not what you think they are. You soon lost them to what ever means. It can lead to depression.


Multiple disappointments in life is common and can be depressing.

Toxic relationships:

Loved ones, friends and family with toxic natures can cause you to be depressed

Set backs:

When life hits you hard multiple times with obstacles, depression can easily set in

Comparing yourself to others:

When you cannot quit comparing your life to that extremely successful person when you do not know their true story, you may be prone to depression

Inadequacy/ inferiority complex:

Most times, no matter how far you have come in life, you get that ‘you’re just not enough’ feeling, you’re not what you want to be’ feeling or you just don’t measure up’ feeling.  Know if this is responsible for your sad state.

Sudden growth and progress in areas of life:

This point seems much like a surprise right?

People get depressed because they feel they don’t quite measure up but in this case it is depression caused by sudden growth. And why the hell would anybody be shocked by growth we all pray for to the point of depression? You ask.

Have you ever wondered or thought to ask why billionaires, successful people and the fulfilled wake up one day and commit suicide? Smiles for your shock. It is this one reason. There is a point in life you get to where you realise all the emptiness in life after you must have gained much more than you bargained. You suddenly want more than the wealth and affluence and begin to feel less, worthless, and loathe yourself because yes, the odd Supr is of life is to keep search in. Keep searching go better things and the Greene pastures that ignites hope and the future and here you suddenly realize you have all of It and shortly. The fun of life and pursuing better things suddenly dawns on you. You begin to miss the essence of life and the result is depression just like the person who feels he has nothing. This happened most especially when the growth spurt in career and wealth happens suddenly without leaving room for adjustments. Think of most Hollywood stars seeking therapy for depression and other big business people.


Most lonely environments can lead to depression or extra noisy and troubled filled environments that steals sleep and peace can lead to depression. The people you surround yourself daily with can also lead to depression.

A person’s nature and personality. Etc.:

Many type of extravagant personalities and introverts may be prone to depression.

       How to bounce back from depression

Take life as it comes:

You only live once. If you can make the best of your life right now that you have the chance, why not? Why over think, will it bring you what you want? No it would only make you worse.

Think of new ideas to scale through:

People don’t sink into depression for nothing. There must be a factor or a combination of factors that triggered it. Are you feeling its over since your business, relationship, marriage or academic failed? Are you tired of trying again from multiple disappointments? Listen, think deeper of another beautiful idea, weigh the pros and cons and start over again. For the many times life throws you down, the many times you must pick yourself up and keep moving.

Learn signs from onset of depression:

How do you know you are depressed?. Your depression might show similar or different signs or onset from another person’s. It will help you quickly drag yourself up before you sink deep into it. They say prevention is better than cure.

Cut down workload:

You are depressed and you cannot find a way to clear your workload, you will worsen symptoms. Ignoring what is on ground and piling more work will do you no justice to your mental health. Your depression may even have been triggered from not giving your brain time to rest, recuperate or think clearly without burdening it

Eat your favorite:

This particularly works on me. I eat more when I am depressed and I make sure it is what I love. It has a way of making me feel life isn’t only about hard and unpleasant stuffs. I love soft life and what better way is there to prove that than to pamper your body with good food.

Go to places that ignite your inner beauty:

There are places that radiates beauty, places that make you feel beautiful, loved and sexy. Find such places and make the best of them.

Sit afar off and observe the crowd from a distance:

This will help you emit negative energy and explore your inner feelings from the sudden variety of experience you get just by observing.

Push yourself to leave your comfort zone:

Don’t stay stuck in tears. Most times those tears may fund it hard to stream down making you even more hardened with depression. Leave where you are, pay some kind visits, attend that church invitation, just anything to step out for a change can make you gradually bounce back.

Sleep your depressing moments away:

Sleep, sleep sleep. Sleep is a blessing and I wonder what life would be without the night or a nap most humans wouldn’t find rest if God didn’t create the night. Sleep is refreshing and gives you room for mental recovery and as you know, that is great for your mental health.

Confide in someone trust worthy:

Speak up. Just stating how you feel alone is healing and takes the burden off your chest making you feel much better. If you told someone reasonable that you trust you may get to hear another perspective and drive home a motivation too. Don’t die in silence. They say a problem shared is a problem half solved. Got it and be out from that depressed state today.

Know that nothing is permanent in life:

All that you faced in life is temporal, the tables might turn tomorrow with you at the laughing end. Don’t give up, don’t quit trying. You would be fine.

Find ways to make yourself happy:

Before now there have been hobbies you probably developed or loved to do. This same things you realized you lost interest over. Most times the only thing to do is take the bull by the horn and decisively activate your bounce back mood gradually by forcefully attempting to do those things you once loved.

Fake the mood till its real;

Most times, the only option you may have is to trick your brain to believing you are happy and enjoying the life you live or things you do by piling through it and saying words like, I am excited, I am happy etc. As of as this trick seems, it works. You may succeed in fooling others but not yourself yet most rimes, even our brain gets lost in the truth. You can try it out, It costs nothing.

Be with family and friends or enjoy the privacy:

When your mind thinks I can no stand people and you know its dangerous to your mental health and harmful to you. Sit out with fun friends and family. When the crowd Is overburdening to you, take your solace in privacy. Listen to your body and push your limits carefully. This trick works for introverts mostly.

While there are ways to overcome depression without medications,

Antidepressants like Amoxapine, doxepin( sinequan) maprotiline, amitriptoline( Elavil) etc can be used under doctor’s prescription, evaluation and monitoring.

Speak to a therapist or mental health expert;

Most times no matter what we do and how we try, the only way out after failed efforts and multiple thresholds of our depressed state, is to consult an experience. Confide in one today.

I am Ray. A simple girl who writes for fun and therapy. Your favourite entrepreneur and health professional who is MPH certified. Passionate health Writer and Mental health advocate who has and is still having her fair share of varying daily, rare and challenging health and lifestyle struggles and shares in her voice how she overcomes them and how you too can cope for good Mental health. A survivor and writer with many books written to be published, a tech enthusiast and a perfectionist who has come to terms with embracing the imperfect life happily against odds through her realist nature. Oh, did i mention that there's something about me and Social entrepreneurship i have been exploring on this part of the world? Oh, anything to get the ball rolling with lots of side passions. I am founder of social enterprise called Ray. And, you know, 'I love you' just the way you are.
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