How to clear wrinkles

How to clear wrinkles

How to clear wrinkles must have got you reading this!. There are different remedies for wrinkles.

Wrinkles are folds to the skin that happens to be a very normal process that comes with aging.

This happens when the skin produces less collagen and elastin thus making the skin thinner and less resistant to damage.

Despite age being the major factor in the having of wrinkles, many times it isn’t just age alone.

There are younger people having wrinkles this days due to a lot of factors including lifestyle and interaction with the environment and wonder just how to clear wrinkles popping visibly on their skin surface.

When we are constantly exposed to the environment, toxins can make our skin suddenly wrinkled.

To slow down signs of aging and wrinkles, read below.

On how to clear wrinkles;

(1) Cut down on sugar.

Everyday, emphasis are being made with regards how much sugar consumption affects our health.

Sugar sets the body through a process that breaks the body’s collagen causing you to appear older than usual.

On how to clear wrinkles:

(2) Use healthy methods of food preparations.

Food is important and nourishes the body but the nutrients and method of preparation matters.

Unhealthy methods of cooking breaks down collagen just like sugar accelerating aging in the body.

Opt for steaming, boiling, baking which are better methods of food preparation than grilling and frying. Etc. Which only increases the appearance of wrinkles.

(3) Wear sunscreen with SPF.

Having the sun reflecting directly at your face can worsen fine lines and wrinkles appearance as well as make you prone to skin cancer.

Having said this, when next you plan to step outside or go outdoors, make sure to go with a hat and wear sunscreen with SPF to combat wrinkle.

Wondering how to clear wrinkles:

(4) Quit smoking

From the beginning of times, the body was not meant to inhale smoke

Smoking has done lots of harm than good

Apart from the fact that smoking is harmful to health, it does a whole lot to the physical appearance and the condition of the facial skin.

You do not want to keep hurting that skin with some smoke.

So when next you look for a way to rid yourself of wrinkles then do well to make healthy decisions that impacts your overall health.

Best solution on how to clear wrinkles is;

(5) Quit drinking

Alcohol does a lot of damage to the genes, inflames the liver and infuses the cells

Drinking accelerates the aging process.

To take  extra step o how to clear wrinkles;

(6) Cut down on saturated fats.

Eating foods high in saturated fats like red, fatty meats, burgers, bacons, butter, lard, margarines, palm oils, cakes, biscuits, milk, pastries and pies etc. not only do harm to health but accelerates the aging process.

(7) Eat more fats from fish oils.

Omega 3 fatty acids from fishes like salmon, sardines and mackerels are healthy fats that helps to fight aging and prevent cell damage.

Eat lots of grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables to slow down wrinkles.

For unexpected ways on how to clear wrinkles;(8) Change facial expressions

Repeating facial expressions only contracts the underlying muscles making those lines become permanent.

Avoid squinting many times too.

For healthier ways on how to clear wrinkles;(8) Wear a smile always.

Smiles and laughter can seem just like a normal reaction but there is more to it and the benefits.

Laughing relaxes the facial muscles.

Making smiling a habit can help reduce frown lines and fine lines which makes the appearance of wrinkles and aging spot more visible.

For anticipated methods o how to clear wrinkles;(9) Use extra care on the skin

Too much washing, too much makeup, too much scrubbing and wiping only causes the skin to get more dried, scaly and irritated.

Thus making you prone to opposite results and results.

For easier ways on how to clear wrinkles;

(10) Use facial moisturizers.

You want some moisturizers that can lock up moisture on your skin.

Water in this products can help to give a youthful appearance.

For  safer ways on how to clear wrinkles;

(11) Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water will not only help all of your organs function well and normal but will also help flush toxins out of your body and give your skin a reglow which lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

For natural ways on how to clear wrinkles;

(12) Exercise

Exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system.

When there is proper circulation, the skin regains a youthful appearance that shrinks wrinkles.

Increase your exercise routine.

For  medically recommended means on how to clear wrinkles;

(13) Get adequate sleep

Sleep does wonders to the body and helps build body cells which brings balance to the appearance.

For smoother ways on how to clear wrinkles;

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your sides increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin.

Sleeping face down gives you a furrowed brow.

Sleeping in certain positions makes sleep lines become permanent.

(15)For more edible means on  how to  clear wrinkles;

Eat more tomato and soy.

Soy helps to protect and heal the the sun’s photo aging damage while tomatoes improve the skin structure and firmness.

So when fighting wrinkles, eat more soy, drink more tomato juice and apply some topically to the area of wrinkle.

Take more cocoa for extra steps on how to  clear wrinkles

Cocoa contains high levels of dietary flavanols which protects the skin from sun damage making circulation and hydration improved giving the skin a smoother look.

(17) Join a support group
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How to clear wrinkles
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