How to be successful: The 6 basic rules of the game

How to be successful in life

It’s one thing to dream of success and another thing to smash those goals to success but you must know how to be successful/in life. The rules of the game differs from person to person but the basics cannot be ignored. You cannot jump start your way to success no matter how much you know the rules on how to be successful. Even those born with silver spoons and massive wealth to achieve will at one point feel like failures if they do not live up to the game, fight to fit into the shoe or struggle to retain the name, the wealth or find their own identity which speaks so loudly even though different from the original.

At this point you may want to know how to be successful in life

Whether you dream to be successful in college, to be successful in business, in school, in your dream career and in life, you will be on your way to smashing those goals if you work by certain principles i will be outlining below.

Word is your mentor, the person you admire secretly, the one whose fan you are or even your role model may just be applying this rules meticulously and in the secret. To be a star like the star you crush on, begin now to work on the tips below.

How to be successful in life: 6 Basic Rules

Learn, Observe, Research, be deliberate, Experience, Know

Chose to Learn:

The world keeps rushing on, human beings keep evolving in life’s changing processes and so its normal when we find most of our wishes still stuck where they are while most of Our dreams, desires and purposes in life change. Most times when life plummets us we realize that our passion lies elsewhere. Learning will never go out of style. If you want to keep growing, never stop learning, whether through skill acquisitions or in the classrooms, or acquiring degrees, learning some new skill,taking up a new challenge or even learning from your daily and annual experiences.. “The day you stop learning is the day you die”.

Learn your failures, learn why you had them so you take a different route, change course or face a different challenge. Learn from your family arguments,.learn to disagree to agree, learn to unlearn some ideologies, learn to accept and respect others opinions even if it doesn’t align with yours. Learn positive reinforcement, learn to be a better version of you by quitting negative traits like procrastination, negative comparisons and quitting. Learn to unlearn by being flexible to changes. To succeed, you need to evolve in life to theories, technologies etc. Learn to embrace new ways of doing things if the old ways keep you stuck in same position. Learn to set targets it will help you get serious, set time frames it will get you working harder to meet deadlines, set goals as it will help you work smarter. Pursue your dreams passionately like your life depends on it. Learn to live purposefully as if you will be held accountable every minute for your actions. Avoid negligence and slacking behind schedules. Learn to follow your passions and ideas and ignore what people will say about your idea. It is your idea, it is not theirs.. So it is expected that others will not see your idea the way you do because it is your idea and not theirs.

Learn to believe in your ideas and  know when to diversify. Find ways to bootstrap and grow from there. Learn to dive head to experience it afore hand. Learn to pick up yourself when you fail. Learn to keep moving even in the gloomy days. Learn from people who started small, learn from stories of people who failed. Learn to grow above your fears. Those fears will limit you. Learn to grow past your disappointments, they will always come. Learn to avoid self pity, failures and rejections are inevitable. Learn to put up the I can do attitude. That alone when armed along with efforts can take you places.

Learn to grow deeper in love, learn to see people for their flaws, learn to brace up in challenges, learn to accept the good, the bad the ugly. Learn to grow stronger than your pain, learn to pick yourself up when life throws you down, learn to channel your energy positively instead of bottling up for revenge, learn to set goals and follow them up, learn to be lenient on yourself, learn your flaws and embrace them, learn to coexist with others, learn to adapt in any situation and environment, learn to never say never, learn from the experiences of your mentors and learn to keep learning.

Know when to observe:

For so many people, the only time they observe is unknowingly when these issues are shoved right in their face and not of their own free volition. If you must smash those goals you read on how to be successful, you must grow to success you must be deliberate about observing. Many times the best thing to do and the best results and answers comes from those who have had massive observations and coupled up different strategies from what they observed different people do, weigh their pros and cons and enjoy the benefit of those before them making the mistake in their stead. You feel someone is doing better and you dream to be like him or her and you walk up to the person ready to take lessons but the person wouldn’t be truthful to you ;observe. You want to be like that star you think have a complete life and you do not have access to him or her, observe. Observe why structures work the way they do, why your boss acts the way he does. Observe why your colleague appears to be at the top even when you think you deserve better. Observe why you are stagnant and probably not progressing. Observe why the same person who earns similar salary as you could purchase that house and luxury car while you are stick on giving excused. Find out that secret formula you are not applying.

Make an effort everyday and in most occasions to take a back sit and observe rather than be hands on. It will enable you see things in the lenses of others, it will give you a bigger clearer picture of different narratives without having to be in the drivers seat, it will save you the headache of the pain of making a mistake, it will save you from regrets. No matter where you are and what time, observing doesn’t make you weak or less hands on

You could be giving the best answers just by observing even better than the person st the hot seat of the  experiment. But then know when to observe.


Observation is similar to research but research is deeper. Beginning from when you typed how to be successful in life on the search bar or stumbled on this post somehow or got your attention drawn to it as you google, your research has begun. If you must succeed, your urge for research must grow bigger, you must research on how to be rich, you must research on how to be successful, how to smash your goals for success, research on the best tertiary institutions, research on how to be happy and fulfilled, research on millionaire businesses and even research how to research. To be successful, your yearning for research must increased.. Research on how to save daily or monthly from your income. Research how to invest in stocks and real estate, research how to grow from zero to hero. Research on the best alternatives to your plans. Research on the pros and cons of your ides. Research on how to move from that point you are in business to being a unicorn. Truly, a person who researches will never be short of ideas.

You must be deliberate;

Be deliberate about your wishes, about your decisions, about your dreams, goals, successes and be deliberate about setting goals, be deliberate about meeting your time goals. For instance in 3 months i want to find a relationship and get serious. I would love to join the millionaires club by 30. When you are deliberate, it helps you not just to save your to do list but consciously follow them deliberately and with all meticulousness. Be deliberate not to get stuck on one success. Never be contented with your growth process. Be deliberate to push farther from your comfort zone to achieve more. As you go, you will realize that being deliberate about your psst successes will help you keep successes as goals. When you are done with one item, be deliberate to move to winning the next jackpot. Always move to the next item. Time frames are energizing, motivating and achieving when followed. It presses on you for success. Be deliberate about changing route, about quitting that bad habit, about making a positive impression, about never giving up and about growing from the stage you are in.

Do not fear risking it for the Experience:.

Many times, observing is just not enough. Being deliberate is also not the end. You must be discreet enough to know and decide when to take the plunge. In this case you must not fear taking the risk, you must not fear failure but you must weigh the pros and cons to be sure you are taking calculative risk and that no matter what happens you will owe yourself no regrets knowing you obeyed the inner voice in you to follow your passion, goals and dreams just cos you want your wishes to come to reality. You stand to lose nothing. You must have learned one or two things even from your failures but know. This leads us to the last point. Risk it for love, decide when to risk it for that investment plan, do not fear to risk it with taking an MBA, decide when to risk it in your business.


Know when to strategize, know when to take a break, know when to divert, know when to quit, know when to journal your failures and successes, know what company to keep for motivations,networking and success power. know the seasons when that business is likely to hit the peak. Know seasons of fluctuations and when it will thrive. Know the times the admission form or exams for your dream course will be out, know when to be awake to clear all your papers with A’s, know when to say No. Know what friends to keep, know what is deceptive, know the right steps to follow, know all that you need to know and know the right friends who mean well for you, know trustworthy families you can confide in, know when to cut off toxic people, know when to be consistent, know when to move on, know when life happens and there’s nothing you can do about it, know when to learn from your experiences, know enough not to kill yourself over understanding certain mysteries., know when to take corrections and apply them, know when to take up responsibilities and know what you should know. Knowing how to be successful is not some rule from mars and can be applied with diligence and dedication by just any determined person.. Know how to manage your finances and when to spend. Know how to be thrifty. Know when to cut your spending on bills. Know when and what to invest on.. Know when to count your losses and move on. Know when and what to know

Be happy with yourself in whatever form, stage, step, achievement or occurrence in life.

This are your basic rules for success and the game. Now that you know how to be successful in life, go and be successful my dear friend.

In addition, extra tips on how to be successful according to wikihow

Live purposefully

By being intentional with your actions and life’s pursuit. Live as if you may not get a change again. Every minute is precious

Identify your passions

And follow them to the last. Never give up on them

Stick to commitments

And stop with the wandering eye and procrastination

Follow up on opportunities

And have a keen eye for new opportunities. You may never get them if you miss them

And manage your finances.

Every successful person out there must have some frugal part of them that helps for saving up for the rainy days or some investment or you’d go bankrupt.

Lastly, Believe in yourself cos you’d be needing more of yourself on the journey to success.

How to be successful in life
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