How to age gracefully: 40 great tips

How to age gracefully

Age is a natural phenomenon and aging is nature’s great gift yet we all like to know how to age gracefully: 40 tips listed below will aid you when you want to get rid of those wrinkles but find it natural.

How to age gracefully

You cannot avoid the reality of aging but you can slow it down. Reasons why it is essential to put plans, schedules and healthy habits in place  for graceful aging.

Genes are a big predisposing factor to how rapid we age, how we look and how we age yet there are habits you can still put in place  and begin at what ever stage if your beauty process you are right now and expect to see results, though not quick yet results will be one noticeable overtime. Most especially for people who are not willing to botch, get serum injections or go under the knife.

How aging affects us

The skin

God is beautiful. We may have at one time seen an extremely beautiful drop dead gorgeous skin suddenly turn saggy, wrinkled, dull and less appealing to the eyes. Obvious signs of aging comes with a skin that looses elasticity, may damage or worsen with time.


When it comes to the skin, you can slow aging by applying the tips below

  • Use gentle skin care products
  • Wear sunscreen and moisturizer
  • Quit smoking
  • Wear sunshades
  • Drink plenty water

All of the above preventive measures can prevent skin cancer, damage and slow aging.

The 5 senses

Your sense of hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch etc. changes with age and you will discover them less sharp than they used to be

Your hearing may appear less sharp.

See your ear doctor in case of hearing loss

Using glasses recommended specially by an optometrist or optometrician may very well be useful when vision becomes dull or lack of vision sets in.

Flavors begin to taste different

due to decrease in number of taste buds which causes loss of sense of taste.

Decreased mucus production and loss of nerve ending from the nose;

may cause weakness of sense of smell.

Even if you were once extra sensitive to pain, touch, pressure, vibration etc. you may find yourself;

becoming less sensitive to them or even more sensitive to them.


;The Bones

Osteoporosis may set in with age, though common with women due to thinning of bones and loss of bone or muscle mass. Bones become brittle and loose density. This can cause broken bones, loss of weight and curved posture

Calcium intake can begin early enough through supplements or intake of fruits or other sources of calcium to improve structure with aging.

The Brain

Ever lived with an elderly one before? One if the common signs of aging is forgetfulness, inability to process new information and the likes.

Check with your doctor to be sure it I’d not dementia when confusion and memory problems set in

The Teeth& gums

Aging makes you susceptible to cavities as the tough enamel that protects your teeth from decay begins to wear out. Age can leave you with smaller teeth and a crack in cavities.

The Heart

The heart becomes stiffer with age contributing to high blood pressure due to build up of fatty deposits called plaques which reduces blood flow to heart, hardens and narrows arteries. Arteriosclerosis is a heart condition synonymous to aging

The Digestive system

Constipation, stomach pain and nausea are feelings associated with aging.

Diet rich in fiber and and intake of plenty fluids can help prevent digestive problems

Sexual Functions

Decreased vaginal lubrication for women, reduced sex drive for men, erectile dysfunction and other body dysfunction can come with aging.

Be sure to find out from your doctor if these symptoms are not caused by underlying issues.


On your research on how to age gracefully, you must know;

Habits that help you age gracefully

Keep active

Exercise improves balance, reduces anxiety and depression, improves brain and helps manage disease, heart and bone structure.

Exercising 30 minutes per day for 5 times a week can really help. Exercises like walking, dancing, cycling can make all the difference.

Take balanced diet regularly

Foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fix, olive oil, whole grains and many more can help lower the risk of disease associated with aging.

Cut down on red meats, unhealthy cabs and processed foods.

Practice mindfulness and find new hobbies

Mindfulness helps you accept and live in the moment thus improving focus, reducing memory loss, stress, and improve emotionally health while hobbies reduces the risk of  depression.

Smoking and drinking is bad for health.

Steer clear of it you want to maintain healthy cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and risk of cancer and diabetes as well as functionality of organs.

Lower stress and do things you enjoy

Maintain good sleep

Eight hours of sleep everyday is good for the body and help maintain a healthy life.

Stay around friends and family for improved moods.

Family support can improve mental health and overall body functioning.

Go for check up regularly

To help prevent some conditions associated with aging, avert  damage associated with disease and aging and get treatment and therapy when need be.

  • Drink plenty water to improve brain functionality and energy levels
  • Take all medical prescriptions the right way as written by your doctor
  • Practice good personal and oral hygiene to kept germs at bay
  • Discuss any changes with your doctor especially those you never experienced.

In all that happens, aging is a gift and a blessing to be loved, accepted and embraced whole heartedly with a smile. So, when it worries you and you think of better ways on how to age gracefully, remember no matter what age you are, you can be young at heart forever if you decide. Winks!




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How to age gracefully
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