Natural Remedies to grow long, thick, silk shiny healthy hair

How to get glowy skin

How long does it take to hair to grow back or grow long hair?, Answer; Long, thick, silk, shiny strong hair is goals but how long it takes to grow long hair using home remedies will depend on a host of factors.

  1. Hair takes two to three weeks to grow back and at most two months. Yet oh hair growth process paces differently from the next person, so patience is needs on this journey. Also, avoid comparison.

But the good news is that there are solutions at home that can prove effective with patience and consistency.

When going for natural hair remedies or wonders do well to go for products that stimulate full hair growth from the follicles.

The simple answer to the question; how long does it take to grow long hair isn’t definite. Everybody is different but the average hair is said yo grow at one and a half inches per month and six inches per year.

Majority of these hair remedies are essential oils that come in concentrated form and must be diluted before applying to the scalp to stimulate rapid hair growth from the follicles healthily.

How long does It take to grow long hair?; To answer this

– Try Rosemary oil.

This oil has been praised for a long time back.
Rosemary works in a way that stimulates the scalp allowing for blood circulation in it. This works wonders on bald hair and thinning edges.

Tip; Dilute rosemary oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil before massaging into the scalp after mixing few drops with your shampoo or conditioner.

(2) How long does it take to grow long hair?; The swift answer to  this is;

Jamaican black castor oil

The common problem of the hair is thinning edges and damages.

This problem stems from a variety of mistakes made during hair care routines or regimen.
Applying Jamaican castor oil as a regular routine can help thicken the edges and reverse the damage done to the hair.

Tips; Massage Jamaican castor oil into the scalp and comb all round for effective results.

(3) How long does it take to grow long hair?; Answer this yourself by trying home remedies like

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has become a staple regularly mentioned as a remedy for many beauty related problems. This is because of it’s effectiveness.

Aloe Vera is very effective in treating hair loss. Aloe Vera is soothing in nature and conditions the hair.

Do you care to unblock the hair follicles blocked by excess oil produced by sebum!, then get some aloe Vera from your yard. Break it and get the gel on to your scalp to let the scalp breathe.

Excessive sebum slows hair growth.

Tip; Massage aloe Vera gel into your scalp with your finger tip.

(4) How long does it take to grow long hair?; You be the judge by improving your diet.

Consume fish oil supplement

Omega fatty acids on hair oils help to improve hair density and length thus preventing hair loss.

So when trying to repair the hair, shop for fish oil supplement or omega supplement and follow the recommended dosage and instructions and be rest assured to get hair benefits and overall health benefits.

(5) How long does it take to grow long hair?; You can share the miracle cure after trying

Onion juice

Significant hair loss( Alopecia areata)
Can be a very disturbing issue for both men and women.

Looking for a natural remedy with testimonials from lots of people!, then try onion juice.

Onion juice promotes hair growth and blood circulation which promotes blood flow to the cuticle for significant hair growth and volume.

Tip; Squeeze out onion juice from blended onions. Massage onion juice into your scalp and wash off after 20 minutes before shampooing.

(6) How long does it take to grow long hair?: Take some extra steps to get your answer by using

Lavender oil

Looking to treat those dandruff on your hair that prevents hair growth, then look for an oil with antibacterial properties to keep the pores open.

Go for lavender oil and reap it’s benefits and sweet smell.

Tip; Mix lavender oil with carrier oils like jojoba oil or olive oil.
To avoid burns or itch, mix these two and add little drops to your shampoo or conditioner before use.

(7) How long does it take to grow long hair?: You can answer that if you use

peppermint oil

Who doesn’t love the soothing effect of peppermints even when taken orally!

Peppermint oil stimulates the hair follicles and allows blood and oxygen circulation into the scalp.

Tip; Mix little drops of peppermint oil into your shampoo before use

(8)Sage oil

Sage oil controls excessive oils produced by sebum in the scalp allowing blood circulation into the hair follicles for hair growth.

Tip; Mix sage oil and coconut oil and massage the scalp before shampooing.

– How long does it take to grow long hair?: You can make the popular hair treatment more popular by using

Coconut oil

I advice you apply this fatty acid into your hair just before washing. Let’s say a night before going to bed and wash off the next morning before shampooing.

Coconut oil is said to reduce protein loss in the hair and improve overall hair health and shine.

(9) How long does it take to grow long hair?: You can answer that by going all the way. Start by using

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can give your hair a soft look and shine. It helps to combat build up of dirt that affects hair growth.

Tip; Mix apple cider vinegar with water and massage into the scalp after shampooing. Condition the hair after that and leave it.

(10)How long does it take to grow long hair?; Flip remedies for an easy to reach

Egg whites

Eggs can increase blood and oxygen circulation into the scalp.

Tip; Apply egg white into your hair and rinse off after 20 minutes with cold water before shampooing.

N/B; Of all these remedies above, the results and evidences differ from person to person. Feel free to experiment them, improvise and also discover a new mix of remedies.
Rather than focusing on how long it takes to grow long hair you should begin the process now.

It is also worthy to note that consistency is the key after following the right instructions.

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How to get glowy skin
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