Why do I have hair breakage; 10 things you could be doing wrong and how to regain your hair balance.

Why do i have hair breakage

Hair is the beauty of every woman and most men. Most habits and regimens, neglects etc. May cause hair breakage. To grow this hair and prevent further hair breakage, you must be able to get to the root of your hair breakage to know the causes of this nightmare. Do you eat wrong, excessively care for the hair without caution or treat the hair with just little amount of attention? It could be the reason for your hair breakage.

Causes of hair breakage.

According to ncbi. Hair fragility can lead to hair breakage. Our lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors to hair breakage.

There are many and varying reasons why your once strong and beautiful hair begins to break.


Stress has big potentials to destroy a completely normal and sane human, disrupt body functions and processes, steal glow, beauty and even something as least expected as the hair. Have your stress levels spiked of recent? It could be one reason why your hair is breaking.


The saying, ‘you are what you eat’ will forever remain and be relevant as food translates to every part of our entire wellbeing. From your bodily health to the health of your organs and the health of your hair, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and other nutrients is necessary for healthy hair growth. Prioritize balanced diet at all times. Anything or food intake contrary to that may cause hair weakness, thinning and hair breakage.

Using wet towels on the head

Water could be putting too much strain on the hair. After washing, dry with the towel and take off. Using for prolonged periods could be breaking your hair as opposed to protecting them when you wrap them round.

Elastic bands or head ties

This should not come as a surprise. Growing up we were told that rubber on the skin sucks the blood, while I have not done some research to confirm those childhood rumours, I can from my own experience tell you the difference I feel when the pressure of elastic touches my skin especially areas with hair. Avoid elastic bands and head ties mostly if you are prone to hair breakage.


This is an autoimmune condition that can only be managed..it happens when the body begins to attack itself. Lupus presents many symptoms and one of them is hair breakage.


This is a health condition which particularly affects the hair causing sudden loss of hair

Thyroid problems

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are problems arising from the inability of the body to regulate thyroid glands. Hair breakage can be common with people suffering from this


Stress is a big issue to every person. Stress affects the entire human body, its functions and overall performance. Even your hair begins to get stressed when stress gets out of control.

Child birth

Child birth causes so much changes, hormone changes and comes with stress that causes even the hair the break


When the hair is not taken care of or given preference, it can break

Hair care routine/ Regimen.

Your hair care regimen may cause hair breakage if you use harsh products on your hair, if you overdo your hair routines or if you do not check labels to see if it is right for your hair type but jump on to using it.

How to prevent and fix hair breakage

Knowing what damaging habit or category you fall into will help you retrace your steps. Quitting one or a combination of them will help to restore your broken edges and hair soon.

Your hair brush:

Use wide haired toothbrush that doesn’t pull the hair strands. Avoid toothed combs. Go for combs that don’t pull strands or hang on it. This measure is important as a care tip on how to grow long, healthy hair

Do not over comb hair when wet:

The hair stretches beyond limits than it is able to accommodate when it is repeatedly combed with water in it.

Do not over comb hair when dry

When your hair is exposed to air, pending on texture and type it becomes harder, combing it without naturally softening it will make it break from stress.

Avoid heat and   blow drying

Heat ruins the natural hair, your hair could be breaking due to heat extensively applied to it. Resort to alternative means of softening and straitening your hair or be proud of its curls.

If you must blow dry, avoid excess combing:

This two must not go hand in hand. It is disastrous to hair growth and health.

Avoid shampoo with sulphur and lye

The two chemicals posing as compulsory ingredients in shampoo, most soaps and washing products are really damaging and too harsh for the hair. Avoid products with them.

Avoid soaps with fragrance and color if you wash hair with soaps

Go for odorless, colorless soaps if you opt to wash your hair with soaps. So many good hairs are damaged because they want their hair to smell good and are attracted to the color on the soap they buy.

Be mindful of labels and the type of shampoo and conditioner you use on hair.

Most so called natural hair shampoo, hair wash, hair masks and conditions just do more harm than good even worse than not using one at all. Seek the help of a specialist when shopping for hair care products.

Eat healthy diets

The effect of healthy diets cannot be overemphasizes. Your hair eats food too and it is what you eat that reflects on it. Go for fruits and vegetables consistently and balance it up with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from different classes of food.

Drink enough fluids

The body needs fluids to function maximally. You do not want a dehydrated scalp. Drinking water in adequate quantity will help to keep you moisturized all over and flush toxins that would ordinarily float on your system and damage collagen and hair growth

Eat fruits and vegetables

You cannot skip this step if you must radiate good health in its entirety.

Avoid hairstyles that hold the hair tightly from the scalp

Any hair do should be loose enough to not be felt. Loosen it when it pains you, when it steals your sleep because it will steal your edges and break your crown too if it stays

Don’t de tangle hair forcefully:

You have a curly hair style or your recent hair do you Loosened left curls and de tangled ends on your hair. Its best you first use your fingers or some stick combs to gently de tangle the hair or risk pulling from the roots. You risk damage.

Do overuse an hairstyle:

Some people are so careful and meticulous that they can use a particular hairstyle for up to three months and more and assume because it still looks neat, then its still safe. It will end up tangling up from the roots causing breakage and thinning.

Avoid hot curls

Hot curls are beautiful and sexy but damaging to the fragile hair. If possible, avoid it

Don’t watch dirt cloud your hair excessively:

I recommend you wash your hair at least once or twice every month. When dirt’s cloud in the hair to the scalp excessively,  it does nothing good than breaking it and limiting its growth

Avoid too much washing of hair

Anything in excess ruins. Its good to be hygiene conscious and one way for personal hygiene is washing the hair yet too much of it or anything like washing more than once every week may just be too strenuous on your hair type and texture.

Allow air into your head:

You want to protect the hair from quickly getting spoilt or you are around the house and want some freedom, as you don’t want hair strands all over the house or your shoulders. What do you wear over the head in the process! Most people wear thick nets to protect the hair styling. Yes you may succeed in protecting the hair from spoiling but your natural hair can get damaged from the roots from excess heat.

Don’t expose hair to too much cold, moisture and humidity.

Cover the hair when there is excess cold and open the hair when everywhere is hot so it can breathe. Even the hair can suffocate from extreme temperatures.

N:B The watchword here is moderation. Anything in excess stresses the air including temperatures.

Be mindful of DIY mixture you apply:

It can make or mar your hair. That it worked for the other person doesn’t mean it will work for you. So many DIY’s are gotten through series and batches of trial and error methods without deep scientific researches. You could be doing more harm than good to your hair crown

Go for moisturizing hair lotions:

There are a thousand and one hair products in the market. You could be lost or stuck in making choices. If you must read labels, go for moisturizing hair creams that locks moisture minimally to the hair. Moisturize the hair at all times. Dryness causes breakage

Take off the wet towels after drying

To avoid the hair sipping dampness, suffocating and stretching beyond limits.

Manage stress

Take rests once in a while or when you discover some difference else every of you becomes affected.

Avoid elastic bands or head ties

They can destroy your edges without warning. You can even fill its impact on your hair upon wearing it instantly

Take lots of fluids.

Dehydration is a terrible thing and can cause dryness even in the scalp. When your hair lacks moisture from its roots, it can be prone to breakage. So one natural cure to your hair is to increase fluid intake.

Eat green leaves, fruits and vegetables

This point has been over beaten with the many mentions in almost all health posts but the benefits cannot be eroded. Increase your green leaves and fruits intake for a strong, healthy hair free if breakage.

Why do i have hair breakage
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