Foods for a bigger butt; 11 butt enhancing foods

Foods for a bigger butt

Women who want to stay beautiful think of how to get a bigger butt. Foods like Greek yoghurt, quinoa, chicken breast, flax seeds and many more listed below can get you a bigger butt when mixed with other efforts. Though spot reducing or adding fat is a myth yet anatomy and lifestyle changes along with food changes can greatly impact it.

Its the dream of many to have an hour glass shape with a very pronounced butt behind. Efforts to achieve this aim may elude you but we bring to you the right foods to eat in larger quantities to make your butt more visible and pronounced.

Pumpkin seeds

Great for building the butt, contains fiber, iron, phosphorus, protein, magnesium, aids muscle growth, functioning and metabolism. It is very great food for bigger behinds


Contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps reduce inflammation and aid increase in muscle growth, volume and strength in your behind

Greek yoghurt

Phosphorus, vitamin B 12, riboflavin and calcium aids muscle growth and enlarges the glutes

Nuts( nut butter)

Peanut butter contains essential nutrients like vitamins  E, potassium, magnesium and is a great source of protein which aids muscle growth and definition of hip and bum

Chicken breast

Contains vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and high source of quality protein. Aids energy production and great source of protein. Increases lean body mass


Provides the muscle with amino acids especially after exercise. Strengthens and enhances muscles which is essential to grow the behind


Contains healthy fats, protein, fibers etc. Reduces muscle damage and inflammation. Involved in muscle contraction and growth

Brown rice

Extra source of protein and branched chain amino acid. Quick source of energy. Great for muscle synthesis and prevents loss of muscle on hips and bum


High in protein and essential amino acids. High in complex carbs and provides extra energy to the body thus reducing muscle damage


Contains phosphorus, riboflavin and vitamin B which aids in stimulating muscle growth on the overall body and as you know you need to build the muscle of your behind

Flax seeds

Phosphorous, vitamins, magnesium, plant based protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Very great source of healthy fats.

Extra tip; all you hear, know that exercise and consumption of dietary protein is the best way to achieve your aim of growing body mass, muscle mass and growing a biggest hip and bum healthily. Foods serve different purposes even food habits to look younger. 

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Foods for a bigger butt
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