Foamy urine; Causes and Remedies

Foamy urine

Foamy urine; What causes and how do I make it stop? Answer; if your urine is foamy it may just have happened due to hitting the toilet too fast or urinating on a soapy toilet thereby stirring waters and in most cases it could be an indication of a medical condition when it is accompanied with other symptoms. Medications too can cause bubbly urine that foams. But then from the most weird health conditions to even the seemingly embarrassing ones like butt acnes, all has to be treated with care.

Foamy Urine

Causes of foamy urine


Is your urine dark and concentrated then it may indicate that you need more fluids to dilute their substances in urine. Such urine may appear foamy.


High blood sugar in diabetic patients may cause foamy urine due to high proteins and blood glucose molecules which poses challenge to kidney in filtering molecules correctly allowing proteins to escape in urine. Along with foamy urine, uncontrolled diabetes may come with symptoms as

  • *Itchy skin
  • *Constant feeling of thirst
  • *Dry mouth
  • *Blurred vision
  • *Unexplained hunger and fatigue
  • *Frequent need to urinate


Involves taking urine samples to determine protein levels then compares amount of albumin, primary protein in blood to the amount of creatinine(another waste product) test to assess blood glucose levels or indications of kidney functions may help.

Imaging such as MRI scan may help also.

-Kidney disease

Kidney damage or disease can leak proteins from kidney to urine in a situation known as proteinuria meaning (protein in the urine). This extra protein causes urine to foam reducing urine’s surface tension. Proteinuria can be an early sign of kidney disease and come with symptoms as

  • *Swelling
  • *Itchy skin
  • *Nausea
  • *Vomiting
  • *Shortness of breath
  • *Frequent urination
  • *Unexplained fatigue.

Any of the above signs or a family history of kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or retrograde ejaculation with continuous foamy urine, then see a doctor.


Treatments depends on underlying causes
*prescription of oral medications or insulin injections may reduce blood glucose levels for people with diabetes.

  • *Drinking more fluids will help urine get clearer incase of dehydration.
  • *Positive lifestyle changes like exercise, eating low sodium diets and healthy foods( Fruits and

vegetables) along with managing blood sugar levels, quitting smoking and drinking may help make things better.

N/B: Presence of soap or toilet cleaning chemicals in toilet bowl can also cause it asides releasing fast, forced and quick urine.

Tip: If foamy urine accompanies other symptoms then see your doctor quick.

*Taking medicines like phenazopyridine also causes foamy urine for people who take it to treat UTIs.

N/B: Retrograde ejaculation which is when semen backs up in bladder instead of being released through penis also causes it.
-Too much protein( Albumin) in urine causes foamy urine.

How do you know if your foamy urine is caused by a medical condition?

Look for symptoms such as

  • -Signs of damaged kidneys resulting in swollen hands, face feet and abdomen.
  • -Trouble sleeping
  • -Vomiting
  • -Loss of appetite
  • -Fatigue
  • -Dark colored urine
  • -Changes in amount of urine you produce
  • -Having difficulty getting your female partner pregnant

Plus a foamy urine. See your doctor immediately in such case.

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Foamy urine
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