Ear ache home remedy

Itchy ears

Ear ache home remedy; What causes it and how do I treat it? This question comes readily to mind when the ear aches. Ear aches are treatable. Children and adult alike can suffer from ear aches or pain. I have experienced it a few times while I battled sinus infections and I tell you, the feeling isn’t pleasant.
Ear aches are mostly caused by injury or infection to the ear and be rest assured of finding some ear ache home remedy around you.


– Middle ear infections

Tubes in middle ear can be blocked by cold, allergies or sinus infections, as a result the ear becomes infected due to fluid build up.
Quick fix: After determining causes of infection, antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestant allergy treatment or nasal steroid may be recommended by a doctor.

N/B: Middle ear infection can cause hearing loss.

-Ear wax

When the ear wax gets blocked or trapped due to excess clean up or use of wrong objects in cleaning the ear, it causes pain when the ear wax hardens.

Quick fix: Doctor can help get the ear wax out or recommend an over the counter remedy to treat it.

-Air pressure

Your ear might hurt while on air plane or elevator. This happens when the ear fails to keep balance due to changes in air pressure.

  • Quick fixes;
    Chew gum on plane or suck hard on candy, yawn or swallow something during plane or elevator take off or landing.
  • Avoid cold areas and air travels during times of allergic symptoms or sinus infections etc.
  • Pinch your nose after taking a deep breath and try to blow air out of your nose.

-Swimmers ear

Ear infection can begin when water gets trapped in ear canal and begin to breed germs causing redness, ear itch and swell and may leak pus along with ear aches as you pull the ear lobes.

  1. Sore throat along with ear ache could mean an infection like tonsillitis or pharyngitis.
  2. Tooth abscess cavities and impacted molars can cause ear pain.
  3. Tumors or infections including shingles or cellulitis can cause ear pains.
  4. Skin infection around the ear can cause ear ache.
  5. Allergic reactions from ear rings, shampoo, soaps etc. can cause ear aches.
  6. Chronic conditions like temporomandibular joint( TMJ) dysfunction can cause ear ache.

-Referred pain

  • Pain in other parts of the body including breast pain may impact the ear causing ear ache.
  • Perforated ear drums could cause ear ache too
  • Eczema in ear canal can cause it too.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia( Chronic facial nerve pain) can contribute to ear ache too.
  • Step throat can cause ear ache.
  • Arthritis affecting the jaw can cause ear ache
  • When soap, shampoo water, cotton swab or foreign objects get trapped in there, expect the ear to ache too.

Ear ache home remedy

  • Heat from electric heating pad or hot pad can reduce pain and inflammation. When the throat, ear or neck is touched with the not so hot pad it helps to relieve the pain.
  • Use cold pack by wrapping ice on a clean towel or paper pack and hold it to the ear for dome time.

N/B: Do not use the ice directly on the skin. Alternate between hot and cold pads for effective relief.


Massaging areas like the neck, jaw or surrounding muscles applies pressure on the affected part thus relieving ear ache and draining excess fluids from the ear.

Ear drops

Can reduce pressure caused by fluids and ear wax. Speak to a doctor before using on a child. Adults can use it for just a few days.

  • Use antibiotics to relieve ear aches
  • Use non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) to reduce ear aches temporarily. E.g. Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen etc.
    NB: speak to your doctor before administering to children and babies under 2 years of age.
  • Cook garlic cooked with mustard or sesame oil till brown, strain liquid and let cool before using as ear drops. Allow for some time and let it flow out of the ear.
  • Use onion heated in microwave. Strain it’s liquid and use as ear drops. Allow it for some time and let it flow out of the ear.
  • Sucking hard on candy and cough drops may help relieve ear ache and get you feeling better.
  • Using breast milk as ear drops helps to relieve symptoms according to research.
  • Dry ear after bathing or swimming
  • Keep foreign objects out of ear.

When to see a doctor

Severe ear ache accompanied by dropping of facial muscle, severe pain, bad head ache, dizziness, blood or pus oozing from ear, swelling around ear should get you calling your doctor.

Ear ache symptoms

  • Ear pain
  • Impaired hearing
  • Fluid drainage from ear

Children symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Muffled hearing or difficulty responding to sounds.
  3. Difficulty sleeping
  4. Sense of fullness in ear
  5. Tugging or pulling ear.
  6. Crying or being irritable than normal.
  7. Ear pain
  8. Headache.

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Itchy ears
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