Dark underarms

How to lighten dark underarms

Dark underarms; What causes it, remedies and prevention. If you’re curious, you must know that dark underarms are caused by various factors.

I was once a victim of dark underarms, Lol. So many skin problems and imperfections waiting to be sorted. If you are on this boat, then i guess you must know disheartening it can be to think of having to ignore the sexy gown you had planned to rock all because of your fear of exposing your dark underarms or saggy skin. You must know that embarrassing feeling you get when people sight an underarm or armpit visibly darker than other parts of the body. There are a variety of factors causing darkening of the underarms.

Causes of dark underarms


Razor blades are abrasive causing irritation and dark underarms even though it seemed to be the most common and quickest form of getting rid of armpit hair.
Quick fix; Use laser hair removal instead.


Wearing tight clothes which allows your arm rub frequently against your armpit can cause dark underarm due to friction caused.
Quick fix; Wear loose or comfortable, skin friendly fabric.

-Antiperspirants and deodorants
The presence of alcohol combined with other harmful ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants can cause dark underarms.

Quick fixes; Use alcohol free deodorant and antiperspirant.

-Dead skin cells;

Every part of the skin accumulates dead skin cells and may need extra measures like exfoliation to help get rid of them in some parts of the body.

Quick fixes; Exfoliate

  • -Hyper pigmentation due to increased melanin production causes melasma( darker patches in skin)
  • *Erythrasma( Bacterial infection)
  • Quick fixes; Topical erythromycin or clindamycin or antibiotics like penicillin can help.
  • -Smokers melanosis( Hyper pigmentation caused by smoking)
    Quick fix: Quit smoking.

Addison’s disease( Damaged adrenal glands)

Acanthosis nigricans( A sign of abnormal hormone levels, obesity, diabetes e.t.c.

Remedies for dark underarms

  • -Use loofah to remove dirt. Exfoliate often.
  • -Use lotions containing tretinoin, corticosteroids, kojic acid etc.
  • -Use dermabrasion and micro dermabrassion to cleanse the skin.
  • -Use chemical peels with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids to cleanse skin.
  • -Use laser therapy to remove pigment.

Home remedies

  • -Use rose water and baking soda: Mix evenly, apply and wash off after 10 minutes to leave the armpit clean.
  • -Use Turmeric; it contains antibacterial properties and has great skin healing and lightening agents. It also brightens and relieves itching.
    Mix honey, milk and turmeric. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash off.
    if you are using tumeric alone, make a paste with water and wash off after 30 minutes.
  • -Get lemon juice from freshly cut lemon on your armpit. Wash off with water after a few minutes and mosturize. It is a natural skin lightening agent
  • -Rub cucumber slices often and rinse off after 10 minutes to calm the area.
  • -Rub potato slices on armpit or squeeze grated potato to apply juice to armpit. Take off and rinse after 10 minutes of applying with a cotton ball. It is very effective in reducing patchinesd and itching and can be used for sensitive skin type.
  • -Massage coconut oil into armpit and wash with mild soap after 15 minutes.
  • -Use tea tree oil with water and use a spray bottle to get the liquid on your armpit. It lightens underarm.
  • -Aloe Vera; Cut fresh leave of aloe Vera to extract the juice and massage to underarm. Let it dry and wash off. It has antibacterial properties and lightens the skin.
  • -Use apple cider vinega( ACV); It is an astringent which unclogs pores, contains amino acids and lactic acids and gets rid of dead cells, leaving a smooth skin. Soak cotton ball on ACV mixed with water and dab on armpit. Wash off after 10 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

N/B; Go for safer means of lightening underarms and use preventive measures after knowing the underlying cause of your dark underarms. Speak to your skin care expert for best solution.

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How to lighten dark underarms
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