Dark circles; causes and remedies

Dark circles

Ever looked your make up free reflection in the mirror only to discover a darker area around your eye? Dark circles can make you look tired, dull and have a less bright appearance. The question will then be how to get rid of dark circles.

Dark circles can appear like a darker skin with a visible hyper pigmented area on the eye and around it but mostly on the lower eye lid.

Dark circles

Dark circles can affect men and women alike giving a much older look.

I remember those times when the only question of concern a family member of mine asks is how to get rid of dark circles and we were stuck.

Worthy of note is that they can even pose a considerable challenge when attempting to get rid of it.

Who can get dark cycles?

People of all type, race, age and color can have dark circles but the set of people below are more predisposed to them.

Read below to know how to get rid of dark circles from preventing them if you can.

  • – Those who eat junks
  • – Those who smoke and drink
  • -African and African Americans
  • -Stressed people
  • -People with genetic predisposition to hyperpigmentation ( Periorbital hyperpigmentation)
  • – As we grow older dark circles become more common.

Causes of dark circles

While you are asking how to get rid of eye circles, you also must be asking what causes it.

– Eye strain

When the blood vessels on your eyes enlarge due to extreme use, eg; From staring on your computer and television screen for much longer, the skin around your eyes darkens in response.

So it is best, to not overdo any activity with your eye.


When the body lacks adequate water, all functions of the body begin to decline.

Even an important organ of sight like the eye becomes affected causing a dull look on the skin beneath the eye.

So, drink more water if you care to avoid dark circles.


You may be young and having dark circles, you are not alone on this.

While other factors can cause dark circles, genetics plays another good role on here.

There is little or no control over our genes.

There is a likelihood to have dark circles if there is a family history of dark circle.

That means, if a member of your family once had dark circle then you are prone to carrying it even from a tender age and may become tender age.

-Medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that predispose one to dark circles.

E.g., those with thyroid issues can expect to have dark circles below the eye.


Age comes with a whole lot of undesirable and unpleasant age spots and effects. This tends to remind us of the passing of our young days.

As you grow old your skin looses fat, thins out and looses elasticity due to production of less collagen.

All of this causes the blood vessels beneath the skin to become more visible.
This causes the darkening of the skin below the eyelids.

In the process, dark circles become visible.


Anemia can also cause dark circles


Stress causes dark circles.

-Smoking and drinking

This two have never been good habits and can worsen the skin with dark circles.

-Sun exposure

Too much exposure to the sun is damaging and destructive to the skin.

Overexposure to the sun causes the skin to produce melanin, a pigment that gives the skin it’s color

Too much of this melanin pigment around the eye can cause darkening and what we call dark circle in effect.

– Allergies

When the body reacts to an allergic reaction from what we consume or use on the skin.
Many times the symptoms may not be the regular you know.

When you react to allergies, your body releases histamines which causes dilation of blood vessels.

This becomes more visible giving a darker skin appearance around the eye which we know as dark circles.

-Body response

Too much of anything, even the good can breed negative results.

When you sleep too much, when you starve the body of sleep, when you alter your sleep routines too much, when you become too fatigued, all of these causes dark circles.

Tip; Give the body minimal rest and be consistent.

How go treat dark circles

This section answers your question on how to get rid of dark circles.

Treating dark circles will be possible when you know the underlying cause.

A few home remedies can prevent dark circles from growing worse but we will begin with the medical remedies and move to the other remedies.

These remedies help from time to time

  • – Get hyaluronic tissue filler to conceal those blood vessels and pigment causing discoloration around the eyes.
  • -Get a medic to inject pigment into the thin skin areas through a medical tatoo
  • -Chemical peels to peel pigmented skin areas
  • -Get laser surgery

A laser surgery can enhance skin appearance even around the eye

  • -Go for excess fat removal

Puffy eye or eye bags can worsen appearance of dark circles but removing fats through medical procedure can reveal a more smoother skin.

  • -Take enough vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts collagen production for skin elasticity which prevents discoloration.

Use beauty products high in vitamin C or take them orally.

  • -Use skin care products with retinoid

Retinoid must be used with care and must be used on recommendations after discussing with a health professional, doctor or skin care expert.

Retinoid improve the appearance of dark circles by promoting collagen promotion .
Retinoid inhibits melanin production thus reducing skin pigmentation.

  • You can use retinoid eye cream.

Natural remedies for dark eye circles.

I used to say in all my post and I’d reiterate, i like everything natural

There are a few pros and cons of each method used for treatment.

The first answer I get when I ruminate on how to get rid of dark circles is a natural remedy.

The remedies i will list below have helped and proved effective from time to time when ever these dark circles appear.

– Use tea bags

Tea contains antioxidants that help shrink the blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation and reduce the retention on the skin.

Tip; Do not throw away your tea bags after making your green or black tea.

  • Put the tea bags in the refrigerator to chill
  • Remove them and place directly on your eyes in a circular motion with your eyes closed.
  • Rinse the eyes with lukewarm water and leave.

I use this method, though i do not wash off and go to bed that way.

-Use cold compress

While I love natural methods, I am so selective of the ones i spend my time on

My love for cold weathers and anything chill in life makes me not wait to be reminded before I use the cold compress method

Tip; I put some eyes cube on a clean cloth or towel and rub repeatedly around the eye.

I also use a chilled bottled water directly on the eye in the absence of ice cubes and it helps.

-Drink more water for uniform complexion or appearance

– Be consistent in your good routines
Plan your sleep time well, sleep minimally and stick to a sleep routine.

– Minimize skin exposure

– Use a pillow

You do not want concentration of blood around the eyes so sleep with your head elevated on a pillow.

-Use refrigerated cucumber slices

Cucumbers are mild astringents with skin lightening properties.

When chill can help lessen swelling and puffy eyes in addition to lightening the skin area with dark circle.

-Exercise regularly

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Exercise improves dull complexion and gives a brighter appearance.

– Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits for a good skin

  • -Massage some water based moisturizers consistently on the skin
  • – Use a concealer

This is in no way a treatment but a quick life saver from the worst dark eye circles when they prove stubborn.

Concealers can conceal dark spots and restore confidence immediately.

  • Remember to use other remedies for permanent solutions when you take the make up off.

N/B; In all of these remedies, patience and discipline is needed.

There is no magical overnight cure. Better still use a holistic approach and a combination of different remedies.

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Dark circles
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