How to heal cracked foot and keep your feet healthy again

Cracked foot

Its not uncommon to have Cracked foot with dead, rough, dry skin hanging tough. The skin has few oil glands. Medications such as foot creams and a few other remedies can help bring your foot back to normal. You should be able to trace the cause of your cracked heels too.

Cracked foot

The cracked feet may sometimes be accompanied by an itchy, painful or tight feeling which appears on the heels. There are a few effective yet simple home remedies that may assist.

Causes of cracked foot

1. Medications

Use of diuretics  such as hypertensive drugs and other drugs can cause dry skin on the feet

2. Irritation

from wearing poorly fitting shoe or standing for prolonged periods as well as constant friction on some parts of the feet

All of the above can cause cracked foot along with the few below

3. Body wash and foot creams

Most products that are meant to pamper certain parts of the body could cone off so strongly and give a harsh or contrary effects. Even the foot reacts badly to harsh products

4. Harsh chemicals from certain products

Can quickly sap moisture from the feet quickly irritating it overtime. Even your soap. Remember the skin of the foot has fewer oil glands

5. Lack of moisture

The feet has fewer oil glands than other parts of the body yet some people have this oils than the other. If you somehow have fewer oil glands, When it becomes worse, the effect is a cracked, rough, dry, flaky feet or heel naturally.

6. Heat/Humidity

Wearing certain shoes in hotter temperatures for a longer time can draw moisture from the foot leading to rough, cracked heels.

7. Certain medical conditions


People with this condition may find their feet dry due to inability of the thyroid glands to regulate sweat glands.

Athletes foot

This fungal infection leaves a scaly rash underneath the foot and between toes and could extend to other body parts.


This chronic autoimmune condition leaves scaly patches in places of the body including the feet.


Prolonged and uncontrolled cases of diabetes causes damage to the peripheral nerves:(Neuropathy) causing difficulty in the nerves that regulate oil and moisture to feet causing cracked foot.


Eczema leaves the skin with dry, itchy, crusty patches on the skin and can occur in every part of the body including the feet. Knowing how to get rid of eczema could help alleviate your cracked foot.


Any remedy for cracked feet will have an intention to take off the flaky patches that have built up overtime on the feet.


Exfoliation is not just for the skin of the body, you can exfoliate with home remedies from the comfort of your home and bathroom kitchen using brushes, foot scrubs or electronic callus remover.

Tip.: Mix honey, sugar and warm water to make a liquid foot scrub or go for

Chemical exfoliators

Preferably go for foot peel lotions in stores containing alpha-hydroxyl acid, Lactic acid and glycolic acid. Foot peels are made specially for the feet and come in lotion thin liquid.

Caution: Use a foot peel mild enough to be suitable for facial use

Pumice stone or foot file

Step 2; Soak feet in warm water(15 minutes) preferably or for a while till foot is soft with the dead skin soaked

Step 3: Go ahead and squeeze in lemon juices(Optional). Ignore this step if your skin is extra sensitive to lemon.

Step 4; Wet pumice stone or foot file with warm water

Step 5; Gently rub the pumice stone in a circular motion or use the foot file in a back and forth movement

Step 6; Rinse off dead skin cells from feet. Repeat step 3 if needed

Step 7; Pat feet dry with clean towels

Step 8; Moisturize feet with oil, lotion or creams.

Moisturizing a cracked feet can help lessen dry skin on the feet and prevent new dead, hanging skin. Moisturize even after filing foot or using a pumice stone or after exfoliation.

N:B: Avoid moisturizers with artificial colors, fragrances, alcohol etc.

Go for moisturizers with emollients( e.g: plant based oil and butters), humectants like hyaluronic acid, urea or olive oil. Or go for occlusive like coconut oil, lanolin and petroleum jelly

Wear gel lined socks

Go for ones containing natural oils and vitamins. Wear them to bed to help hydrate and repair dry feet.

Prevention of cracked foot

  • Don’t rub feet after daily shower with a towel. Pat dry instead.
  • Avoid lotions,body washes, moisturizers etc that contains colors, alcohol, fragrances and other irritants.
  • Keep feet clean and moisturize always
  • Use warm water to soak foot instead of hot or cold water
  • Wear properly fitting shoes

N:B: When you notice a dry foot, treat the foot well to heal to avoid an open crack on the feet that makes your foot vulnerable to infections.

Do not add lemon to foot soaks if you have open cuts, sores etc or experience redness and irritation.

Do not use razors or scrappers to scrape foot at home to avoid foot damage or risk other medical issues.

According to Ndtv, soaking your foot in warm, soapy water containing 500ml full cream milk, olive oil and ylan- ylang essential oils for more than 10 minutes till foot softens, then filing with a pumice stone could do just magic to bringing your cracked foot whole again.

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Cracked foot
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