Cloudy urine: Causes and remedies

Cloudy urine: What makes my urine cloudy, should I be worried?. Answer; A cloudy urine may not mean a medical emergency but may indicate a medical problem.

Causes of cloudy urine


Dark cloudy urine may be a result of not taking enough fluids causing your body to hold on to much water during dehydration. Symptoms like dry mouth, confusion, dizziness, infrequent urination, headache, extreme thirst along with a very dark and clouded urine may be signs of dehydration getting severe.

-Urinary tract infection( UTI)

UTI are common in women than in men and happens when bacteria grows out of control. In this process, the body produces white blood cells to fight them and thus excretes them in urine making a cloudy or milky appearance. UTI carries symptoms like

  • *Burning sensation while urinating
  • Pelvic pain in women
  • *Constant need to urinate but in small amounts
  • *Low or mild back pains
  • *Strong foul smelling urine
  • *Urine that appears cloudy, milky, brown, red or pink.

Get treated immediately to prevent complications leading to sepsis, pregnancy complication, kidney damage or infections.

-Sexually transmitted infections(STIs)

Gonorrhea, chlamydia and other STIs causes white blood cells response which gets excreted in urine creating a cloudy appearance. STIs come with vaginal or penile discharge that mixes with urine to make it cloudy.

Other symptoms are

  • *Pelvic pain in men or women
  • Genital pain and itching
  • *Rash, warts or blisters
  • *Burning during urination
  • *Pain during or after sex.

Antibiotics may help treat STIs to avoid complications.

-Kidney stones

Abnormal deposits of minerals and salts in urinary tract are kidney stones. They sense infection and blockages. Cloudy urine may just be a sign of kidney stones along with symptoms as

  • *Pain while returning
  • Intense pain below ribs on side or back
  • *Pink, red, brown urine
  • *Foul smelling urine
  • *Pain that comes in waves
  • *Pain in groin area and lower abdomen.

Drink lots of fluids so kidney stones could flush on it’s own. Larger stones may require medical attention or surgery. Infections can go with antibiotics. When kidneys don’t work properly, waste products build up disrupts delicate balance of salt and mineral in blood streams causing changes in function of kidney and urine appearance or smell. Most cases of chronic kidney disease are caused by diabetes and hypertension.

Symptoms of kidney failures include

  • *Nausea
  • * vomitting
  • *Headaches
  • * Loss of appetite
  • *Itchiness
  • *Fatigue
  • during the day and insomnia at night
  • *Weight loss
  • *Stomach problem
  • *Little to no urine production
  • *Pain and stiffness in joints
  • *Muscle cramps, weakness or numbness
  • *Leg and ankle swelling
  • *Confusion

Treatments may include hemodialysis or kidney transplant.


High sugar in blood of diabetes patients stresses the kidneys leading to kidney disease which alters appearance and odor of urine due to proteins

Symptoms of diabetes includes

  • *Excessive thirst
  • *Slow healing
  • *Frequent urination and infections
  • *Fatigue
    *weight loss

Type 2 diabetes can be managed with diets, weight loss and medications. Type 1 diabetes requires insulin.

-Prostrate problems

Prostasis can be caused by infections or other causes. It can be acute( sudden) or chronic( Ongoing). White blood cells and penile discharge or pus can cause cloudy urine in the process.

Other symptoms include

  • Urgency to urinate
  • *Frequent urinations especially at night
  • *Dribbling urinations or hesitation to urinate
  • *Painful ejaculation and pain in genitals
  • *Flu like symptoms
  • *Pain in groin, abdomen or lower back.

Prostrasis may get better without treatments. Doctors may recommend medications.
Non steroidal and anti-inflamatory drugs(NSAIDs) may be used to clear the infection.


Foods like milk and milk products contains calcium phosphate which is filtered as phosphorus out of the blood, turning urine to cloudy. Phosphate in urine may also signal other medical conditions.


Preeclampsia is a dangerous pregnancy complication which causes protein in urine. High levels of proteins may cause cloudy urine.

Contact your doctor if you suspect that you have a clouded urine from the above cause during pregnancy because preeclampsia is life threatening. Urinary or vaginal infections can lead to premature labor or low birth weight and other serious infections and complications.


When the vulva and vagina are inflamed due to bacteria infections resulting from viruses and fungi, the urine becomes cloudy.
The vulva and vagina can also react to fabric softeners, soaps and detergents even without the presence of infections causing cloudy urine.

Do you get

  • Fishy odor that worsens after sex
  • *Thin, pale, watery discharge
  • *Foul, smelly vaginal discharge
  • *Itchiness around vulva
  • *Discolored cottage like discharge
  • *Painful urination

Then you may want to see a doctor to determine if you have an infection and if it is viral, bacterial or fungal before recommending antibiotics, antifungal or antiviral medications to clear up symptoms and treat vulvovaginitis.

N/B: Common causes of cloudy urine are UTIs and mild dehydration. Visit your doctor to detect other reasons for cloudy urine to begin treatment and avoid further complications.

-Retrograde ejaculation

During orgasm in a man, semen travels through penis out of the body. Semen backs up into the bladder causing dry orgasm without any fluid. The urine after this orgasm contains semen which causes it to become cloudy. Nerve problems from multiple sclerosis, (MS),diabetes, medicines and inability of muscle at opening of bladder to close tightly enough, all of this may cause retrograde ejaculation.

It doesn’t need doctor’s appointment unless you cannot get your partner pregnant.

-Blood in urine

Blood can stain urine when you have enlarged prostrate, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and rarely cancer in the urinary tract. When blood stains urine, it becomes red, pink or brown from yellow. If you have pain, fever or any other symptom accompanying your cloudy urine or detecting blood stains in urine, call your doctor.

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